Gadgets for kids abound at the 107th American International Toy Fair

Uploaded by networkworld on 18.02.2010

Toy manufacturers from all over the world were in New York this week for the American
International Toy Fair to show off the latest kids' gadgets.
Kids who like creepy crawlies can look forward to picking up a Hexbug, a robotic bug with
sensors. Hexbugs avoid objects and loud noises, so if the Hexbug is crawling towards you,
clapping or putting something in its path will cause it to change direction.
For kids not content to play on the ground, there's Airhogs, a spinning disk that keeps
itself aloft. But rather than just hover, the Airhog Vectron Wave UFO has sensors underneath
that know if it's near a surface. That means that putting your hand under the Vectron will
cause it to go higher or come down lower.
Andrew Wagar Airhogs
"The infrared sensor automatically senses objects below it so it will hover above. Then
you grab the antenna when you want to stop."
If music is more their thing, kids can use Beamz, a music system that utilizes lasers
for music creation. Kids can select a base track, and then pass their hands through lasers
to change the notes.
Bob Flowers Beamz Interactive
"I set a rhythm track which synchronizes all six beams. I can decide then when to break
each beam by passing my hand through it and it plays back pre-recorded samples."
For something a little more mobile, ThinkGeek is offering a shirt with a guitar built into
it. Anyone donning the shirt just uses a magnetic pick to play notes right off the shirt. There's
also a matching drum shirt if you want to start a band.
And we've all heard of Lego, but Uberstix is looking to become the next popular construction
toy. The plastic pieces snap together to form very intricate designs like monorails or flying
With reporting by Joab Jackson in New York City, I'm Justin Meisinger, IDG News Service.