Wielerland - Design & 29er

Uploaded by specialized411 on 11.02.2010

America is the birthplace of the mountain bike
and important developments still come from there.
At Specialized in Morgan Hill,
designers and engineers sit around the table every day
to discuss and improve each other's ideas.
New designs,
new carbon techniques,
the evolution doesn't slow down.
And that family wants one thing.
To design the best and most beautiful bike.
That is the focus.
Beauty and functionality.
And did it work? Judge for yourself.
This is the latest model Specialized has come up with.
The Stumpjumper 29er.
A full carbon mountainbike with much bigger wheels than your average ATB.
Thanks to those bigger wheels, tree roots are more easily taken.
You ride better on muddy trails
and you can pick up more speed on long stretches.
Into the wild.
In the hills of Morgan Hill the Stumpjumper 29er is at home.
The switch from 26" to 29" is quickly made.
The mountain bike hotshots are also rapidly being convinced
of the advantages of 29" wheels.
Especially in combination with the now popular single speed,
no gears, simply back to basics single speed.