Summoner Showcase -- Issue #26

Uploaded by RiotGamesInc on 29.04.2011

Thursday, never looking back! It's Friday, Summoners!
Europe, hello on this lovely Saturday!
I'm not speaking other languages this time.
This week, the submissions rained in and they were great!
There is so much fan-talent dedicated to League of Legends!
This week is a community-picked all star showing of League of Legends awesomeness!
Your Passive is finding talent and enthusiasm in the community.
Get ready for the Summoner's Choice.
We're not going to start off slow, no no.
We're coming at you with a Ryze Statue by Gateau Sec.
Gateau means cake.
I'll give you a moment to pick your jaw up off the ground.
When asked "Why Ryze?" Gateau said he was iconic and had interesting ab muscles. I agree.
If you like DeviantArt, there's a lot of LoL fans and they created an art meme.
It's an art survey where people can vent what they love or hate, via paintbrushes.
Instead of raging, some people make art!
It's a blank template so anyone can participate.
So hop in and rage!
Combining fluff with function, Mantisnk and his girlfriend have created a Plushie Rammus.
It's a toy! It's a skin!
It's a cuddly Armordillo and I want it.
Brain hurting! Too much genius!
Great idea and even better execution.
The Button Masherz made their own Literal Video, and they have good taste for using our Season One trailer.
I want a literal Showcase now!
Girl suspended in the landscape, is it dusty in the distance?
Green screen failure!
Ultra-flat hair!
Theirs was better. Watch it.
Elementalism, your friends must love you and League of Legends!
Your birthday party was so cool!
Cosplaying guests? A Baron Nashor pinata?
My friend's birthday was on Easter, we dressed him up as a carrot.
Happy birthday, Elementalism! And next year, invite me!
This week is done! Over!
We want more. Give it to us.
Submit your entries to, you know that.
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And click LIKE.
Until next time
Host a party! And invite me!
And sew a plushie!
And we'll see you next week!