The Minecraft Gamer: Meet Chimneyswift11 - D-trix Presents Dance Showdown

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So my name is ChimneySwift11.
Sometimes people call me Chim.
My YouTube channel is
I'm 24-years-old, and I do "Mindcraft" video game
commentaries mostly.
I do some other games as well.
Do you mind?
I'm trying to record here, frickin' zombie.
But yeah, I like to have fun with video
games on the interwebs.
I started my channel in February 2011.
By summer of 2011, I had probably about 10,000
subscribers or so.
This year things just exploded, and
now I have over 530,000.
Over 145 million total views.
Gaining over 2,000 new subscribers a day, so it's
really fun.
It's pretty mind-blowing when I think of it, especially the
last six months or so.
I don't even really know why, honestly.
Usually I do about one to three a day.
So don't ask me to do math, because I suck at math.
But what's that, like 21 a week?
So it's a lot.
It's a lot of work.
There wasn't a viral video, there wasn't something that I
did that I felt that I could point to and
be like that's it.
I have no idea--
dry brush, I guess?
It just lit up?
I'm actually in the process of building a new
computer right now.
So it's got 16 gigs of RAM, two 23-inch 3D monitors,
GTX680 graphics card with a 4 gigabyte memory, quad-core,
overclocked processor from Intel.
So it's going to be pretty beast.
I don't dance at all, so I'm really nervous.
I mean, I try and embrace everything that I do with a
smile and just try to have a good time.
I actually had the privilege of playing soccer in college
my junior and senior year.
I'm used to being coached.
And just hopefully relying on my athletic talents to try and
carry me through some of those tougher dance moves, I guess,
that I might be seeing this week.
I really haven't had, I don't think, any of this type of
dance experience before.
I wish I could do the Charleston.
But I don't think I have the flexibility to do that.
And I recently got engaged.
She's currently in med school.
So one thing that I love is making peanut butter and jelly
And you've to get your peanut butter.
If you get the healthy kind, you have to stir it because
the oil is a mess.
It's just a complete and utter mess.
So then you're going to just glob it all
over your bread here.
And then you're going to get some jelly.
So open that sucker up.
So we're going to spread the jelly on here.
The grand finale comes where you put both halves together.
It's a match made in heaven.
And you do that, and then you just enjoy.
America, I love you.
There's a lot on the line.
And I'm very, very competitive.
But I'm going to try and let my dancing do the talking.
I'm ChimneySwift11.
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