[Real JJ] JJ Project - EP#2 Autograph Party for Fans

Uploaded by JJprojectOfficial on 12.06.2012

It’s been almost 2 weeks right?
I mean, we get to meet our fans in about 2 weeks since our first album release.
We did not expect to see the fans this soon after release.
As the chance approached us this quickly, we will work harder today in appreciating mind.
Hi, I’m JB, the leader and vocal of the team.
Hi, I am Jr., the rapper and the cute one @ JJ Project.
I am very nervous about the first autograph meeting with the fans,
but please enjoy.
Yeah, that’s right.
I am nervous as well…but I will do my best today, so let’s enjoy the meeting all together!
Thank you~
Yes, your name is?
Thank you~
Oh, put it on me?
My name in Chinese character?
JinYoung Oppa!!!!
We were J!J! Proejct.Thank you.
I am very thankful to have our first fan meeting today,
and I appreciate large number of fans that joined us today.
As many people cheered for us, it reminded me of how we can do this better.
Thank you very much again and we will continue to entertain you guys.
We are JJ Proejct. Check it out~
Yeah, we had our first official fan meeting today,
and I was surprised to see how many people are interested in us and was inspired to work harder.
We do not want to disappoint our first precious fans on the stage, and want to entertain them.
Though it was our first meeting, it was very fun.
Each moment of communicating with the fans was very meaningful to me, and I am truly thankful to all my fans.
We as JJ Project will work even harder, grow up each time, be thankful to the fans, and love you guys.
Thank you.