Foxconn NetBox (English subtitles)

Uploaded by irkutsk2mailru on 21.01.2011

Good time of the day! That is TechnoKitchen again.
Today we are going to review NetBox by Foxconn.
What is NetBox? It is just like a netbook without screen, keyboard and touchpad.
But with many USB interfaces.
This model has 6.
2 on the front panel and 4 on the back
The back panel also has a connector for a WI-Fi antenna,
DVI and HDMI interfaces,
gigabit LAN port, lineout and DC-in.
On the front panel you will find microphone and headphones jacks, card reader,
USB ports we mentioned already, sleep button and power button.
There's no Reset button, but it has embedded speaker and activity light.
Two core Intel Atom 330 is inside this NetBox.
Its clock is 1.66 GHz.
9400M is used as embedded graphics core.
It gets power from a 65W external power supply,
so its power consuming is small, just a bit higher than an LCD has.
Its price in Russia starts from 6500 roubles.
But don't forget that you will also need a HDD and memory made for notebooks.
Without the cover we can see the HDD and memory we installed,
Wi-Fi module and the CPU cooler are also here.
The device is manufactured in black and white colors. Its surface is glossy and attracts all finger prints.
Netbox size is similar to 3.5" HDD.
The package includes a stand for vertical positioning.
You can also put the NetBox on the back of your LCD screen, the adaptor for it is included in package is well.
The soft padding prevents scratching of the device.
As a result it won't take any place at your desktop.
The package includes a CD with a free Linux based OS,
Fox OS, that includes a video player, web-browser and supports work with documents via Open Office.
You can install Windows XP to get more features, all drivers for it are included.
The device is quiet, noise level at 1m distance is 30.2 Db.
The CPU is powerful enough for Full HD movies playback.
Its load is about 67-78%
The load is only 6-13% during DVD-movies playback.
Netbox let you connect external speakers and has its own quite powerful embedded speaker.
Its graphics let play simple games. Quake 3 Arena shows 70-90 fps at the highest quality settings.
Netbox is made for users who want a small PC without overpaying for a small netbook screen. They prefer work with a dedicated big LCD screen, keyboard and mouse.
Under high load the device is quite hot, but not too much.
NetBox by Foxconn is a light, quiet and almost invisible PC for your home.
That's why it gets the golden award.
The company is going to announce new generation of NetBoxes in 2011. We anticipate reviewing the new models.
Thank you for watching us and see you next time!