Crafts for Kids: How to Make Air Toys : How to Fold a Toy Parachute: Part 2

Uploaded by expertvillage on 18.01.2008

Hi I'm Katalin the inventor of creative English. This is my daughter and this is my son. Hello
I'm Barbara and this is my little brother Lotsy. We are here on behalf of Expert Village.
Today we are going to show you a few games around air. We are going to start with a parachute.
Now, let's fold it from one corner to the opposite corner. Ok brilliant! Now you have
a triangle here don't you. Press it on again. Obviously you can't press it on so hard here
because you have to seal a tape on the sides but don't worry about it. Ok very good. Now open it up again and let's
do it to the other direction. This is going to be the last bit. Ok and press it on again,
very good. Great brilliant! If you open it up you will get a star. Can you show it? You
will get a star in the middle of your tissue paper.