Marion man claims $1 million Powerball prize

Uploaded by IALottery on 10.03.2011

TERRY RICH: With me is Eric Shaffer,
Iowa's newest millionaire. And Eric
just won a uh..... (laughs, clapping)
ERIC SHAFFER: I usually go to the front
porch to get the Gazette and read the
paper with my breakfast and check my
numbers and then throw the paper away.
And I just noticed that the numbers
looked pretty familiar this morning. So I
threw the paper away and I was going to check
the numbers later, maybe thinking I matched
two or three or maybe four. And before
I went to work I decided to just look
at my tickets to make sure and all five hit!
ERIC: I thought I had won $400,000. I went to
the store where I always play the lotto and
where I always pick up a USA today and a soda
and she was actually on the phone with the
lotto commission. And they said they sold
the $1 million winner and I'm in line
going, "No, I won $400,000." So I didn't
think they sold two tickets at the same
store so then I just inquired, you know, "Did
you sell a million dollars?" She goes, "Yeah!"
So I handed her my ticket, she checked it,
she goes, "No, you won $1 million!"
TERRY: What was your feeling at that point?
ERIC: I was happier!
ERIC: My wife called the school and wanted them
to announce over the intercom that Derek and
Kara's dad won a million dollars.
ERIC: I actually got a call from one of my
secretaries asking why I wasn't at work.
It was about 8:15 and she said, "You
weren't slated to be out on the road today."
And I go, "Yeah, I'm taking the day
off. I have to go to Des Moines." I did tell
her. Yeah. Now my phone hasn't stopped ringing.
ERIC: Half of it's going to retirement for sure.
Kids' college, pay off my house, that kind of
stuff. The usual. Wife needs a new car.
TERRY: Our newest millionaire from the
state of Iowa, Eric Shaffer. Congratulations!