Me Grimlock Vlogging About TV, Episode 35: "Take Off That Silly-Ass Hat!" (01/10/2012)

Uploaded by TVCriticGrimlock on 10.01.2012

Pittsburgh Steelers lost to Denver Broncos in AFC wild-card playoff game on Sunday. Me
Grimlock noticed that in news clip of post-game press conference, Steelers quarterback Ben
Roethlisberger spoke to reporters in douchey hat.
Yeah, that douchey hat doing wonders for your current image makeover, Roethlisberger.
Unless you Jimmy Jam or Terry Lewis or you starring in some dinner-theater production
of Guys and Dolls, take off that silly-ass hat!
Look what happened when Maria Bello put on fedora and Dylan McDermott put on fedora!
Maria Bello not got job anymore and now Dylan McDermott not got job anymore either!
Now he at home crying while masturbating!
Me Grimlock ending vlog!