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got another episode of Black atheist of Atlanta
where conversations rules the nation & we use information
and we use information to back it up
coming with problems and solutions from a non
non religious basically spooky
when he introduced mine
generally comrade
bob carlson brother
black african problem
well organized not
the that organized
who heads the greater the risk still
we will make sure attributes props should be
got information would go up or down
we there
outcome with scout was thought that blacks are were thrilled that you
was going on
yet today this week i want to deal with
last week we talked about
we talked about communism we talked about capitalism
three functioning
uh... economical systems which work in the world today
systems that we're record
mildred america of the stock market was really a question of cuba or
you know recessed so
we took those systems in week critique them over him depended on
and uh...
this week i want to do with the
administrations because i know you had a problem in our states and he had a
problem with the dale
yet roles communists administrations
in administration c
uh... casa
i know you you know happened people i just mentioned
and serve them
cardinal bernardin fixing that problem administration now you know
explain some of you know
calendars and you know serving you know i know
uh... so different africa
and that i worked with
uh... issue cc
student and calamity to me
and we were inform hand-in-hand with people like
uh... fanny lou haymer elevate cool
mon qui g_m_ forman
soap become accurately trip uh...
and that's just to name a few
uh... through this frightful does human rights and civil rights
we hear too
talk about how people hungry
and be and exploded in the worst where was this labor
so we went out we were folks at best that would be like martin came
and we fought with martin ki
and we began to go out and fight for african rights a bright lights
to force them to pay a certain byu
moved in to stop the rotation
it was the african governments
bespoke group for squirming puma in ghana
my miles and came to you
uh... the moon but in the combo
and of leaders wilco liberation rose
incentives country
and climbing coleman different african leaders
lexical touring guinea embarrassed america so badly
went on push themselves the pay is what they call the civil rights bail
because the race question how you go congress' african frames and got black
people have to be pinch that united states
going back to and saying yes two white people
ambien nation hong and murdered in the streets
and they force united states
and some civil rights voter tries you
finale that mouse a tone
in china
he was how he spoke up for us because the chinese revolution when they get
power the one thing to do is focus on princess in the united states
and he wrote a book called spectrum of black power
wins and robin williams
why it
wilson issues in prison
it we could escape to places like cuba are channa they would on earth and put
us on the radio
uh... television an arsonist kill the world how the united states was treating
those and mirrors
hiring revolution became hinterland with the revolution
himself in central america
wiki dale with nicaragua's revolution
which rooms was taken to a simple will
and others in the south and central america
and wielding power struggle which has struggled africa's liberation
with just after
wid b
universal uh... by uh... sacred to requirement puma
that ideologically gathers for gave us some intellectual direction we you know
movement one of the things that all of them
heading tom was a great leadership
marcus garvey me an example at the polls albertson
and they say it
did you fight for freedom
but are all freedom is based on my enduring half
so we came to my grams position
we would never be free unfit africa's free
africa's outmoded
africa samantha ancestors
and is main
is rich with downs and goldenthal
yesterday miss rich which you call you experiences you history
to you
look that way in the mail we gold that way
we'll always be slaves and always have a slave mentality
and we have to stop the forces that come to africa to steal out down the single
all these uh... saying forces still with us from africa and put us in slavery and
that would be too p percent united state france britain germany
that as they occur metric system
whole captains rich get richer and poor people so aspect and that was left for
the uh... one were to put us all together all
throughout the world of the word is called pan africans and dozens means
african worldwide so-called black unity into we hang out there
that would be a me imo
image you more the or
on net terms
uh... asap
if you are and i don't think so he got it over the bar point five million i
just want to put that out there
and so we see these european or chinese where they have revolution
they want to kill happening it forty for me
that's the reality of that masks and revolution people on here
when he stopped on local forty five million all people
uh... i think some type of stuff that you know something suddenly right but
that doesn't european mine
hillary then you get to call to because what we're talking about coltie
that bubble brings table
so that's a big europeans understand called his european comfortable
and filed
we're gonna find out how these europeans think how important qualities
this is all the bases of coal to learning
people treat remember and deal with ideas
that grants and the plot acceptance
of symbolic meaning
and at the problems preferred please
the files culture is ideas baseball called to learning symbols
quotas have been characterized as that's of control mechanisms
resales rules instructions
what computer engineers call programs
for the governing in behaviors cdb program for your call said these
programs are brought by people
uh... inc
and particular tradition
people grassley internalized right
previously established system of being
simple users cultures certain
bob their world
expressed their feelings
and make their judgments
this system helped out their behavior
and perception
multi laps
so we understand that european according to the book built at the problem
that meeting with all
they understand called today kitty
bake bake they know it was you know form called him
uh... role
picked up the hill
real sixty
so what i advocated
going back to your traditional
after culture
of government systems
and definitely some baby obligate traditional acting
government assistance
based on tactical f problem mentions
governing system is
as applied
marked yet define maps
by the people
basically people were democratically late
let's go
you have a republic
government which chief of state who's not
you we have a the opera c
covered by behind guides repeated theocracy
government by it
and we got monarchy absolute power one person
dictatorship government parts one person
or click
that parliament
which is england he had nobillity clergy and kinds
called together law what's like are
legislative system like the congress in the senate
and listing engine executive in tradition which is here in america get
legislative which christensen
and make them all dition
which the disney nine judges from interpret the constitution
you got the executive which is the administration who forces the loss of my
we talk about
we talk about
different form
and sell what i want to do today here we've been
reconnaissance and
the banglr
this morning and elsewhere
or to compare all the systems and disney's condemnation
uh... known romance what's going on today so i don't know how can you get
off scot-free just come only come only thing i would do it
black afropop
but i think blacks are killed by a person when you wouldn't use
you've got no system enlisted destroyer united milton restore on uh... one and
so on that actually falls into the uh... your you crack hip-hop
jacobsen is
yet the opera c
united are also so you can use that finished
so that that democracy was feeling about it
you gotta republicans have done my cheapest am monarchy
you have to see which is governed by
uh... monarchy absolute probably talk about anarchy which is not good
dictatorship government
and are
to one person or click
that parliament which is a nobility you get the clergy commons call together
like there
or you can do
yeah movement in american students and those of the congressman's
and that we opposed to it but uh...
method of buckingham shrine
uh... knows now mention handle indecent your
mean exclude
definition of government
by divine
so we'd
yes he made an update
e reform
will not only that you have a it was
occupied with the most mob
he said he went one guy and he was
so he was force allowing him sayin one gussa force locally so i guess it
the actress uh... all day today
spouse inadvertently first block no soon
to knowledge
high noon
uh... sandwich it's simply the most opposition in the sun
that's when the fed
how disposition
hitler's s_s_ deported back to ben
uh... black man and now the family abuse
gene therapy
okay we talked about on mountain
and how he was trying to re that enemy
they have greeted
when the priesthood is start to get a little corrupted usana freedom all that
okay so well
divine american context of what
voles simple just rulers
bhosle how many of the people disabuse will be built
also to people
right sort of got them to give some simple things or better or worse
uh... question which wasn't always no state all proper right the final say on
distribution right and use of resources
was responsible not to the states that the a mistake and that is not state all
properties doesn't happen
the final say on this tuebingen
and use of resources was responsible not to the state but to the people
the system make last as we start our vocabulary so flimsy these doesn't make
no probative or the one
two people
no dolls sex
socialism or capitalism no built explosive one bullet and abused
dual sex
warship that was introduced act and you won't have to be able to get hold on
your initial give me a little while many many actresses stockings
where were and can't seem to be incharge of the markets
economic powers and then
land transfer right
through america on it
the government's certain always follows
and the companies
religious system so when they put in a government system they first big put
immigrant legends
we talk about
european capitalism or socialism or communism remember they give you
religion inmate right behind a counter government says no you're going to be
basil what
so my question him muhurtham okay how long can unite ultimately caledonian
kamalo accelerometer that out because there's matters as they delay and do not
right to the government has better appear this is the darkest somehow
affect your actions governed by bargains with the perils
wasn't that good
or outlook to double double album estimate and of course not mess with
that every part of the contact us
black connected
when an ac
this is going to window at the i_r_s_ it quicker callahan although we have a lot
of my job i can help
for voter on work
then navigable network certainly that they say that they'd become popular
proving candid
right i don't think i thought that they could but i think he has got to be with
some school dr dot right here right now if you know that was so how does that
work on tuesday morning guest kasich dressed
socialist ideology usage leadership with which socialist ideology
i_q_ socialism when sex
so is
you know uh... saikat so-called role mail image it's everyone produces at
work so we get away from
uh... what it calls
withhold ed
the sexism to did
i think
yankee roles thank you women
it careerone them with with the animals uh... and side
so under the traditional africa communism
those equality
uh... and no play
interest over the people
that people would always do
uh... massive little roles as well take her to come in is really one of things
of course with the language
because if
women would lead to something women were romeo if we're talking about which are
queen of speaking
which obviously that being straight with realism sort all to strictly wednesday's
that's why i say so it's a risky strategy roll call waikiki committee
will help you
will have to do is stop define so
by europeans that maddie are within the system
based on
i know democracy works on majority right
a majority of people in terms of my house
miami behaving cage
wasn't you know i don't mix of religion so we need to meet russian polls
relational people
any collins hostility
yeltsin because that's what you have wars or like muslims christians and i'd
come in with you know any type of
inside of the just met any type of behavior is going to cost us seventy so
what we need to do is concentrate only
like i said economical systems
like i said i like the democracy but we'll all you know coming so i i can
respond last services of hypocrisy fragmented delivery
also before
we africans handle religion
from thousands and thousands of years
uh... call
and we had
two major invasion
who've already and islam's and body inhaled cultural
at language and dress
and they began to dominate africans
and even take out a name and put us in slavery
and make in africans who was a decade into this world
main of the and begin to act in the eighties
apparent and c_n_n_ call
as most important emotions dominate
and begin to undermanned are called him
and we can see that today where they have no warranty on book too
and africans this come any in
under the so-called islamic cultural
destroyed and came down
tim book to was one of the most
orders educational centers in the world
and the you're kristin
ground-to-air for perot
in the name of jesus and the name of the battle
and in the name of religion bringing you in meals 'em
internet have group
and killing as bad a medium stephen there is a need to get their hands own
including those and bring us over here
and in the name of crusades in religion
you about
and so that's behavior
toward human beings immediately in the name of jesus in the name of the baffle
and didn't have been hypocrites
stated at the state
the name of the first ratio
was called that's the issue
birmingham on my back in the document password i think the mistakes are always
very clear that
first of all
uni governing principles in all the regulations have to have to be
now but i mean come somewhere out there a lot of people
remember some of the word to use my carmel mean you're terrorist we need to
follow the rules and regulations now you probably didn't want to i call it a
acting governing system sometime people need to be done palomino home ok
reenactment additional acting seven right
the family got himself rent you would need to make it to be able to the sleeve
that they take it home totally canteen furthest from the blackjack the general
anticipating equipment or the subject matter
of acting governing systems and we talk about people sex governing systems meet
on the other work welfare okay can i start date
gondoliers was apparatus and the queen mother seems to have jurisdiction ana
all quote
overwhelming connected with proper standards and also cases
distance between teeth in his wives she appeared to have
distant distance
also in certain cases where males
and against
it it was antes ivey is still the practice
being made bob both parties is says do you have cases
transferred from the team
to queens mothers cork
went against the status of really wanted to look pretty
use money to buy they say the queen mother
the queen mother head and still ahead
and ever lesson to great problem right
baker enforced although all one
she attended ceremonies connected with the birth
and peering
and is
or was
personally connected
with no morals right
opinionated about that
rules and regulations setback culture it's very hard in support of governor
yes madam imagine c lastest going real fact you going to be nag afropop we said
it would information would go into the packers
a penny
okay in a pack of any people make the mistake this study
in egypt outside i'm not even abdullah study easier
right my parents are pumped and that
you tell me some studying myself before he died after power
used only eight was a big names total pattern any
you think is the legend
but no money for so long dot
up way up at they want no talent lastingly throughput is that
writer we had a third batman
what you see right now to see the court system now these are a superior court
people make a mistake i think it is religion opus is how you judges self
right can you see the federal my dot the woman she says that as the judge okay
you got that court recorder bryant holo
the court record recording that's right dot correct these this is
quoting events right
then what you have ears yet the cheap justice sitting on the panel
okay we all know enacted this travel
buchwald if the republicans the woman in the mail fits on a
so why it is our first fundamental understanding right of the judicial
system which is part of the government says bud it changes his flag-product
with which i don't have a problem with that government system i have a problem
kidneys its
with the content of that
acknowledges because quest my question is what about what about side of
that's presented
like say you know afew actively go according to that
there would have to happen is will have to have wars enforcement of that lol
uh... the whole thing was with specialists also was
that is a part of the people with direct
uh... we don't believe in what was going to a ministration normal summer break-up
right through the senate
they took it entered into a state capitalism so if you go to a whole
political study but what i'm saying is this
if we come with cultural view
a county-wide called review bhakti
uh... and our kids
national scope of your bus has also you know we derive from africa but it would
come uh... one specific called for byu what specific religious view what he
wants pacific political view
we stand a chance of alienating and isolated of ac
nod governmental he documented fulbright's cholesterols abaixo develops
a says he's glad dishonest and i don't know wilson that's fine
is start
because it's like i said you know it's that way i requesting oka erupted you
right after that appointed mate
you have
people majority them
people shanghai pledge yeah i agree with doctor lee right after majority leader
majority it feels like i'm doing a great book that i have to do that when i'm
making is that
just like to say that you cannot
uh... we're not monovalent repulse dislike
he begins at home
after people come from a things that are now waiting i'm probably going to be
italics but it got blown out of languages as i've gotten with a couple
of times and so what else
please rotten
isms exactly if u install one coaching them readers definition what passes
because they were present form of government that takes a look at least a
characteristics in that all who wants a political economical and social
opposition is forcibly suppressed to maintain the status quo
yet justice tonight then yet united crops and that if you're a bit e-ticket
shot him holds
one type of cultural or hillary of tonight
readable record bus ticket dot
yourself activa called julia he'd that spot check
but what happens in a dole fax
all rat apple
five that opera
weirdo libra dot mentioned you prepared as a priest innocently automatically set
out to be ours you know depreciated over to get them out of the muslims when you
say freeze anything that i can tell you right now i think that the allies calmly
opening also
i think bold grateful
thankful african culture
and we in with the roll call from and that uh... african called with dad and
and bela gulab and even though a lot of those usually do not some poor relieved
that the square
what we were trying to do you it kal
and look at the african colton and what we were able to accomplish indu
and be a lot printed
and hold it together
thousands and thousands and thousands and thousands of years
is that
and if that's what
they have suppressed in those is our culture
and may does not have knowledge
orbit african coastal
recalls cloth wrote
gives a weapon anna african cultural
used a weapon
that would consolidate os
brain goes back together in united news and make a full list
demanding most steady african culture
and all of which you described here today
is just different acts bakes
of african corporate given different and it's not a business day voted not going
to ask the question i think that's the biggest thing you know
we have to click is what's coming up what your because we're not going to see
you can also block the baghdad conference in everything
we're gonna have to have something simpler
to default what do you have to call to because what happens is in us coming
from a lot of up
religious misunderstanding
will take one culture which i think that the supreme down a quarter of africa's
it africa was aka a country
so we have to be a closet just like mommy cartoons or
who's known in this format world is an animal cell
yourself who was a muslim who has so much influence uh... in in india molly
india medicare part of that even when he made his heart maka here so much work
which is
that he destabilize the whole market
rule because he was a muslim do we
extramarital advocates for you
so we have to say that we have to yet but he was a black man meaning i i i i
don't have to decide to go to the adequacy that's a look at that time paul
vercammen damn government cozumel it wasn't all that out turbidity review
in arizona state
market moves the
without that negative all laffer curve that art of puppet for us
but it's a lot of ethical and a will still
uh... was revisionism on
you work for air reports there quote from in africa which is a negative
effect me over house script donation because he has a question
what he said a lot of soliciting old because of the islamic status
we can't monopolize that we have to be open enough to take every if it was like
like bombing in oklahoma city you attended every day we had to put on the
border like i told us about us it is it productivity uh... not productivity
counterproductive point he was suffering
right from info riadi complex
do you accept islam which is saying is is that with which offended that actor
actress festive
the muslims comment
i now accept their system
that means what about with practicing act out the within thirty days what came
definitely some from america for parents and for a whole lot and prasad complex
so back to top at the body's own out recognize right
at two thousand defeat
recounting bc right buildup although a system of governing but just as and
quote supreme court you've got to you gotta bellow right here
with tears page of three straight by makeup that caller please
he's working teammate recent academic or it
your map attention
your factors
your biologist your baptist absent at oklahoma holocaust advocacy right
high-level doctorate degrees recollected along that what they're black holster
the empress deck did not accept
my as assistant so badly dot we got and also i think for within your had no no
that state
f optics separately
optical government-backed shrimp also do you disagree with sickle cell
christians na na na offered it's not going to okay so you don't agree with
alec zacharolli reciprocity how long have talked about
hyman ability with you on the most important that outlet now
uh... family community and environment do you agree with the quality of if
you're not a whole bunch of it will tell you now ballot smith bathroom window
shopping etc outright dismissed
and ought to do that on the black
and army
one of leeds uk one of my naked it doesn't wield anyway end to end up here
crack anyway annual deductible afterwards salons checkmate blast
at antibiotic women about what help i'd report on its own
this is the sort characteristic blacks a wide
as a orthodox possible industry a lot of the board or are
hut every right progress toward tonight as an advocate by militant book
outcome was the
more productions
visa passed out
what because
we don't like what i don't like it and use in just a
universalmccann talk about that it will not popular with utilities it now
traditional beside
birthday website which is a colleague of the company all active people activities
outbreak we would not be so no socialism
to say what we're gonna expand what what we're going to school when you put
attack use it with the true
we with title on it
yes lost because it because the boxer peaceful whistler
input hope political also upload right it municipality uh... makes
both of them african people hypothesis politics obtained you kalkaska attempt
to help her because of the klaas
abducted puma helicopter you computer with you know
we have to be reacted will take forget
now god people planetside company anna active sub-saharan active people but
that comment
stop popped off
is about the operas from their geographical location limit cultural
influences are from eight one two four
so somebody on the other side of ethical who it may not come in contact with
those people may not copy deliverables principles may not call it that we'll
get into a movie theater project outside of that
out indoor what's been taken prozac talked about you because i think he's
entitled outside outside of that plan identity five decide about way just
wanted to ask what they did not go to the uh... toledo we go to south africa
in the same time without resorting will go back
do you mean attending a whole after target practice not
iden pau lucknow dot on ca
it these uh... with alexander uh... if u
uh... so u destruction of blacks will ever since that's when and that uh... he
talked about
uh... africa wrote
head a single constitution
and and that
leaders in africa road we called him a uh... a what have you they were all
right and they are all come from the same sources
right you know you may call him a uh... you were frantically some of their
attitude of religion
it was packed in north africa south africa east africa
and one thing you know he had in common
is if you are african
and i'll comment about the caitlin and i think i admit that they noted we've seen
sort of like no correlation
will do
my religion is the files you notice and someone comes with not without when i
say if i could become religion
when i was when he says but because it was here with the universal principles
and the ideology everybody can agree with that even that even asking
christians after muslims
can agree with those universal praise with what we knew slap attacking award
today because it becomes an ideology or philosophy but at the ology and when you
would foresee and make that the statement was white with black sim city
because fascism so what i'm saying is we can be so narrow minded that we're gonna
stop this apple to wait out who was my hat that's not true tell at this time as
well as the plane well i i think that that is what i was as hazardous outfit
different picking my thinking is that lightning which include items like
critical of unctad went forward
unit market hard have one st that on that back
hit despite outside alaska has acted articulate bright if you have you been
notes that used is discussing thank you
that one
we're talking to them millions of people at you right and we don't want to get a
call from umass fails talking about mad and what have you if you don't know what
we're talking about always saying
is that there's a african cultural
and we definitely it didn't but we called two different things we had
african called we called two different things and even after this of files on
ten thousand
african languages if they are all african yes they are all come from our
uh... the language don't have to
nevada's but they can unite us
and what we're saying
is that we have to bring people
we have different aspects about half of them colter
and this is a genius
and reserve that for the people
that we have come together with different forms of
regions in what had within us
but they are african religion
we have found the language in explaining to your wife or your mobile
how nice and sweet deal
enough thousand different ways and make good
so we have to go ahead managing used
it doesn't mean that we would have added cost you might call it marriott over you
you called the yorba over a year you're called it voodoo over here
but it was all one
of the applicant call
and investors tomatoes
who we are today
and that was no contradiction
soda african cultures was rich
and that's what all of us
have been involved in
uh... the knowledge of a uh... african cultural and that's what we have to come
back to
because that we know and look at african cultural
with local african history
with oma african ancestry and going back to another thing
our religion are african
always put
that though
over everything and ancestors kept ancestors
are gone
yo mama your great mama your grandmama you're great regret mama
and although we did we
and we say grounds
in africa
the nothin but and stresses that do you do that
among the people that we elevate the sometime we've become queen off sometime
when you do great
they've lack of martin chemo marcus garvey we may even one day elevate these
me and you know these are people like rental anymore
uh... harriet tubman women elevate them and they'd be out of god's out what
we're saying that these people are ones that gathers
and patrick suggests
love each other and work together and that's what we're saying now weenie
to fight to get all the work together
the caustic innovators
they have invaded ocean influence those
hate among ourselves
right among failed hearing you'll for you
and it on what we can come together
dominated with the applicant cultural and fat personality and leave and make
it down critics and and and this is the thing with all due respect
bob watson two-third online
would be great
play would anybody i don't believe in that
you uh... uh... african centralized
making without it being explained i don't believe in africa is a is is is
right now
play more fight for the united states about
right now would retreat
apostasy even
we stayed ancestors became on dot ca whatever we would love melody
out on the religious personally
i was only wasn't it doesn't matter is it not even rick regardless of what we
saw a borderline these are guys these are soon to say just we take we fall
into a trap that we've always fall into an esl looking to an individual
so when you see the flaw that individual we become disillusioned with whatever
movement that that individual represent
norwood wheat wheat wheat wheat dot became ill with malcolm x_ it would
albert was brought to the nation is what the doctors with nationalism what
outlook toward is his message
not so more in individual not so much is defying the individual not so much is
raising the individual two-way apply to all of the messiah or divert the one
sort or anything but the message that the individual brought what we're going
to happen is my opinion
what i suggest that we do
deserved to be what people about the safety of the country is we have to be
we're gonna have to listen to the uh... african nationalist christians
happy that she was most of that it you have that in your what it probably
liberation about people
you should be allowed to bring your own dabba actionable work and that we take
from that and we look for that obama if we push
once it was like at one time
if you're aware that she can you not have again
egregious colony right you know that's a so i think that are called to
and i'm uh... afro-centric
uh... is their responsibility to break that down into a social economic
political realistic that was brothers and sisters and don't get how about red
ball that would end affirmative procedures
and striations
there's a lot of muslim brothers
no i don't think there's a lot of might christian brothers and sisters thing
about you because you know i don't know teknokrat oscar no thank you michael i
don't know exactly what i saw one of the what i'm saying is that
we need to start
housing frictional required brothers and sisters cuz
the system our people as black nurse's i don't think that's also what i'm saying
is that all of our or our respect
obviously first and they have great respect the religion
uh... lined up israelis all day everyday you'll need to look at it if you look up
dot google
ancient governments
my god
agent all the dynasty come under kiki oc were simply solar thompson says no i
don't think that one of the headphones please about respect at midnight
because we can get that without single like giving up and uh... without talking
over each of you know what it meant i want to talk about the white pent-up
make a point that works and write but we got some people had three possible
talking honestly unilateral s_n_l_ who runs a little without bringing or
tobacco about the future what i'll gladly take working system miami is not
the uniting or sonar funds and have
people that are identified and you've got the majority of people who were in
my as a religion and religious with rates also so so i'm not going to talk a
little bit nicer asleep door that's still what the accounts
thursday what tools of the shuttle is that what aside says that the
technologies that the defense this is a lot of fun or alcoholism and villages
eliot at rosalindfranklin yet and that's not what i can tell us what hahahaha but
wait a bit of a different about theater
karadjic sciences
and would say is that we have to take the power of this from all that
uh... revisions
that you records all worlds
use deposit for me toward
and come together
in fact that's what may happen say
you're don't brady religion to be but we come together the fight for
unity of africa two feet of home recovery could be big enough to take
dedicate demands that people
anderson cooper called akan saya system and i want to make this point before i
your head
me a nightmare commits who was the islamic insecure career was islamic
martin luther king climbing both christians
uh... two boys with the atheist spastic tour it was a devout muslim
you got me a little bit about moves them but they all came together in full
whether unity and the liberation of effort to himalayas plumbing
that in cuba lactis left not long ago
you get people down at a practice revisions from all the world
and that army of thousand of religion
they have total freedom of religion
but they all come together
defied flow
of socialists and the dog info
to hit the world
make medicine for the world to do
who's that were
wrote in to bring justice for the world
and nobody little that unit and nobody's indium
for the region that the practice
and that you did it is based on your experience if you have some away
experience tradition i have a good man dot the you practice that nephew maps
and i don't mean to elect tradition africa of course
you could be a few do was with the eighties right here requirement cuomo's
favor to end what day
they look each other and they fought together
for the liberation of africa so it's not about religion
is about argue for pan african ism argue for the liberation of the mayor's are
you working
to organize africa large you belong to organization trend fetal re r_u_ trended
stop all the jess's
there are people free time world at war
or that a god yet
you know your great grandfather
i'm looking at right now it checkmate
now website egotistical dot because all all
we don't have hotel ganged up huge i don't think your forces negra
wasn't going back to top the wife if so but there have been gone and it is one
of the famous classic technique was a best password to get this it's because
always always negro ransacked when you make that broad none of the guys that
are not the catalogs aliphatic their mindset about little why l
he says has gone down
you might like it was uh... why i think i have nothing to kupperman asking and
let the proviso albert in people's religion pineda travian every cabinet is
what i'm saying is that what gets me about afro-centric his so when are you
inordinate michael research in all of that we have a copy of a respected their
elders as well
you've just used an auditor dot barc dot okay come as a result of a child out of
the other hand where next week that i think i want to use that word up and i'm
saying that uh... ancestors had respect
his nfl
and look to and uh... excesses dad
and directors
and i thought that what i want to add to that point i want to make
is there
excesses the assets that we have for the day
we looked at that u
we explained that europe this is a uh... within the reindeer
uh... and all at with bob bassett we will start spoke it
less than it was hiding in the scientific and could we thought it was
not we will still be baldwin will still be worse than the scientific panel
partisan a new solo probably happy book out uses as part of the subtitles out
definitely that's my boy had a black babies there so we're going to dinner
will follow information
you told me that i did not respect christians and moslems
nobody respects the applicant saying in this world
out here
dingbat assets of the make the respect ako i did not respect within islam
you invite them into all family they do not respect black afropop you know and
i'm noah they do not respect black adhesive stated on the stand would leave
so a lot of helping i'd i respected
i don't care about the president but they need to get some spent time on
enabled the coastal well easily
you instead
technology seemed identity debate october regional because i'm still group
uh... first
i don't think hope
exit hope i wasn't actually golf equipment
we spend too much is subcontinent c
uh... is deployed like how well until about abutment she said at the top
of academics that was a significant
are you willing to allow baker suggested at the time about active grandmother
without her hahahahahahahahaha i would tell our african
if people are getting with them
understand c
al decided the best w one hot spot off-budget ultimately pallidotomy little
young everyone except the elder explained it
yourself came in
he understand a dynamic process
balancing force webiste
who'll certainly didn't leave itself not only going to be growing available and
are not as religious alone heeding the great we did was he combined all-party
heartbeat index rested in a dot like mad
ancestor held up a wiesel album and that's the point she would not allow
miss educational blacks i'd make the point of wait a minute
people profit help
into you go back to me but i think i packed my cap right
they've moved but all the best legal some mild people that have been
politically is one how old republican appointees island mode because i'm
looking at me because we can see it discusses to the cows come home when you
talk about
it christians and muslims
the muscles out produced the advocates of jewish people because we're still
call doubles who gives them a call to listen
alluded to a social economic political
cultural is a copy of the examination of dennis at yahoo technology and watch the
cost would be a brief because it doesn't just indeed
it doesn't just you would call to you cannot return to the call to but we
don't have a if we don't have a soulful economic system and it needs a producer
that he's a dip distribution the goods
that we could have all the polls we won't which a lot of apple's ichat
we'll look at look at it does say he's ordinary black greed by ethics adult
solidify their base directed that go back as soon as weekend
the but with uh...
or says that
and that too
it looked at the end says that me
worldnet is mom and dad at my mom great grandma but we need to look at that
one bank values and they were gathers and show us and bring us close together
make us look at your quintiles
so government about or other or work with the court in place
next week
we don't finish up particularly government starts with the british
worthy i would want to play pretty when complete please he's working systems
that right because you're pretty coordinator academic recap
i'd wisdom is that still at the voluntary in about news identifiable
julia i'm you haven't got a little bit of adult last about it
and you call the white house mate distortion what fact backed down on top
also to rapidly com too
leaked on their dot
mahalo that if it was a the actually or is that we think about that debate at
twelve days
well angioplasties only seconds ago will
most b_-three mostly realize there are problems radar south africa must be free
and that as captain art
distortion hoping u'd
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