Casting "Scary Smash" - Written By A Kid Ep 1 Behind The Scenes

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DANIEL STRANGE: Casting for the internet is not as easy as
casting for a feature film.
You can't just pick up the phone to A-list list talent
and be like this is going to make a million bucks.
Because it's not.

I was having lunch with the fabulous and very talented
Kate Micucci, and I was telling
her about this project.
And she was like, oh, that sounds fun.
And I was like, oh, yeah, then you should be in it.
That's not exactly the right way to cast somebody, just
because you're sort of putting them on the spot.
You should be in this thing.
And then they're like what can she say?
We're having lunch together.
We just sat down to eat.
No, Dan, I'm not going to do it.
And then the rest of the meal is like--
So she said yes.
But then she was good and kind enough to follow through and
come out to the garage where we have the green screen set
up and shoot for a couple hours.
And it was a blast.
We put some music on, and we just laughed and took a bunch
of goofy photographs.
And it was great.
MALE SPEAKER: Was there a leader of the SWAT team?
A captain?
BOY: Yes.
MALE SPEAKER: What was his name?
BOY: Gerald.
DANIEL STRANGE: Casting Gerald was tricky because we wanted
someone in that role that when people saw it they were like,
I can't believe so-and-so is playing Gerald.
And Kim was like, well, you know, Joss Whedon
knows a lot of people.
We could ask him for recommendations.
And I was like yeah.
Wait a second.
What about Joss Whedon as Gerald?
What if we cast him as an action lead?
I don't think anybody's done that before.
Is that crazy?
That seems crazy.
It's crazy.
I'm not even going to mention it to Kim.
And then a couple days later, I got an email from Kim, "What
about Joss?" Which proved two things to me.
One, both Kim and I are crazy.
And two, we should probably ask Joss.
So we asked him.
And he said yes.
I don't know why.
I don't know why Joss Whedon said yes.

When Kate and I were shooting, there was a lot of squatting.
So basically three hours of squatting, which hurts a lot,
a lot more than you would think it would.
I was doing a lot of the squatting because I'm a body
double for the SQUAT team.
And when I went to bed that night I literally couldn't
fall asleep because I was in so much pain.
We sent the rough cut to Joss.
And we said, here's the thing.
We would love for you to do this.
It's really fun.
It'll be super easy.
Come in, get some photographs taken, no squatting necessary.
And he writes back, I'll do it on one condition.
If Kate gets to do all her own squatting, so do
I. Them's my terms.

And the last bit of casting was Dave Foley,
who played the milkman.
Like so many people, I grew up watching Kids in the Hall and
thinking it was so funny.
And then he shows up, and he's just really easygoing, super
pleasant, just there to have a good time.
It was great.

The best directors are the ones who are there
to get the job done.
And that's the reason that you hire them.
And if they aren't going to do the job, then they shouldn't
be the director in the first place.
So like, oh, yeah, it's really cool that so-and-so is here
and that I've seen everything that they've done.
But at the same time, I've got 10 minutes, and I
need to get this shot.
So I'm going to focus on that, and that's what
I'm going to do.
Because that's my job.
And then it's usually when I'm driving home that I realize
that was amazing.
JOSS WHEDON: I'm on top of the monster, and
I'm pulling the sword.
JOSS WHEDON: Can I pull it out with my left hand?
That's all right?
FELICIA DAY: So three YouTube commenters will be like now
he's left-handed.
JOSS WHEDON: What the hell?
They had me till then.