Know Your Feminist

Uploaded by EssenceOfThought on 12.05.2012

Greetings there people of youtube. It’s EssenceOfThought here, I just wanted to do
a video which should hopefully clear up some matters when referring to the Feminist movement
as I have felt there are many myths and misconceptions about Feminists. One issue is that all Feminists
are one and the same. In this video I will talk about three of the largest Feminist groups,
and mention one other. The group I wish to start with is the most common type of Feminism.
Liberal Feminism. Now, a Liberal Feminist is a Feminist who believes that our current
laws and gender scripts are to blame for current gender inequalities. Liberal Feminism is a
sub group of the Post-Modernist sociological ideology in the way that it no longer feels
we should sacrifice the rights of certain demographics just to appeal to various Dark
Age ideas. Though it is true all Post-modernists are Liberal Feminists, not all liberal Feminists
are Post-Modernist. Reason being that Post-modernism is equality along the board, for ethnicity,
gender, religion and sexual orientation. However, the majority often agree with these goals
also. Liberal Feminism, the same as Post Modernism share what is known as a March Of Progress
view. This is that equality will be gained through the changing of laws which will in
turn affect the way that society thinks. Whilst Liberal Feminists agree that things have improved,
they are not quite satisfied yet, and with an average twenty % pay gap for the same position,
who can truly blame them? However, they also acknowledge equality on the other side. They
see that laws which give women full rights over children automatically in a divorce to
be reinforcing gender scripts, i.e what a women’s role and a man’s role is meant
to be. Moving on to Radical Feminism. Now, they’re not as all bad as that sounds. You
see, Radical Feminism has a rather broad range. The overall belief is that man is the enemy
and can never change his ways. Now, the methods on dealing with this differ. One side of the
Radical Feminists, we’ll call them the Lesser Radical Feminists believe the only way to
solve this is to segregate society into genders and live in totally isolated environments.
Move from a patriarchal society to a matriarchal one. They believe the lesbianism is the only
way. This is all coming from a College level Sociology textbook by the way, written by
the exam creators themselves and I believe is checked by the British Sociological Association.
As for the most extreme of Radical Feminists, often referred to as Fem-Nazi’s on the internet,
well need I say more? However, these are the minority that exist in what is already another
minority. Sadly these are the people who often get talked about the most. Let’s move onto
a lesser known group of Feminists as we have some time. Marxist Feminists. As the name
entails, they believe much of the same ideology as Marxism, that the working man is the slave
of the state. However, they go one step further and say that the working man’s wife is the
slave of the working man who is the slave of the state. They see the Capitalist state
as the issue, and that through their creation women have been turned into three main operators.
One, women reproduce the labour force. Hey, they need workers. Two, women act as a safety
valve when their husband returns to work, taking anger which would otherwise be targeted
at the state. Frans Ansley summed it up as “Takers Of Shit” It was one of those times
I could swear in my exam and still got an A. Finally, women are a reserve army of cheap
labour. This was seen in World War Two when men were away fighting, women were relied
upon for a large part to work in the factories. They can be called upon whenever required
and then disbanded later when they are no longer needed. There are many other types
of Feminism. One group, Black Feminism believes that whilst white women are getting equality
they’ve been left behind etc but I do not have time to explain them all. So anyway,
now you know a little bit more about the Feminist movement. If you did not realize, you do not
even have to be a woman to be a liberal feminist. Anyone who believes that gender equality can
be achieved by the changing of laws and wishes this to be so. Have I got news for you. Thank
you all for listening, it has been a pleasure. Please rate and comment, this is EssenceOfThought,