Christian & Oliver Part 61B - 11.09.12

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Flowers for Charlie Schneider. - Hello, thank you.
They were supposed to arrive yesterday, sorry. - No problem. Thank you.
"My dear Charlie..."
The bouquet is from Arno!
"It is about time to thank you...
for always being there for me and that you keep smiling even when I behave like an old pighead.
Your friendship is one of the most beautiful gifts that life has given me."
He is the nicest, craziest guy there is.
Charlie, is everything okay?
There is no reason to be sad.
Arno felt that he would die but he wasn't afraid.
He wasn't really spiritual but...
...he knew, he was sure, that death is not the end but rather the beginning of a new journey.
In fact, he died just like he lived - with strength and love and trusting that everything will be alright.
When I met you I thought you were a square old guy who liked getting all upset about my music.
We were sweating on the stepper.
You were up for every nonsense... and we laughed so much.
Thank you for kicking my ass now and then.
Thank you that...
that you were... my friend.
I will miss you.
What is she doing here, I thought you were closed? - I thought so too.
I hope it's okay that I let her come in, but she looked quite devastated.
Mr. Brandner and Jessica were pretty close.
It is okay, but what exactly is she doing there?
She is saying goodbye.
Grandpa will go crazy when he hears about it. - We have the greatest grandpa in the entire world!
Hi Charlie. We need to talk to grandpa urgently.
Grandpa saved Emilio's Latino butt today, that's great, isn't it?
Is there a reason to celebrate?
Hey friends, what's going on here?
Is it okay if we light a candle for Arno too?
I'm sure Arno would've liked that.
Without him there wouldn't be a pool... or everything around it.
You don't have to do that.
You didn't want to have anything to do with me, have you forgotten?
I slept with your husband.
I destroyed our friendship and your marriage and my relationship.
Yeah, I always ruin everything.
But Arno liked me as I am.
And now he is dead.
I know how much it hurts- - Please leave me alone now.
You have five missed calls.
Andi, it's Arno again. Please, my boy, it is urgent, please call me back, please, as soon as possible.
What's that?
Arno wanted to say goodbye to his loved ones.
We spent a whole night writing these letters,
but I thought it would still be a long time before I had to hand them out.
Yes. The last week must have been incredibly exhausting for you.
Bye. - Bye.
Charlie, there's room for another photo. I didn't want to anticipate with a certain photograph.
To you, my dear.
This is my husband. - Charlie...
I don't know how much longer I can tell you or show you,
but I want you to know how important you were - and are - to me.
I can't understand that there's no man out there who doesn't realize who you are.
Who doesn't see your beauty and your inner values.
I will miss you.
All of us will miss you.