Exam Results Helpline: Student story, Holly Bibby

Uploaded by educationgovuk on 07.08.2012

Hi, my name's Holly. I'm 20 years old
and I've just finished my first year at the University of Kent
studying politics which I finally found out I achieved a 2:1.
Originally I didn't get the A level grades I needed
to study at university the first time around.
Or the second time around but changing my subject choice
and using Clearing I secured my perfect degree
at a really good university last year.
Here's my story.
In August 2009 I discovered that I hadn't got the grades I needed
to get into my first or second choice for politics
after originally deciding to do medicine
which I found that the chemistry and biology just didn't really fit
with the way that I think about things.
So I enrolled in an independent college,
re-sat my English A level
and decided to pick up politics and do that in a year.
I managed to achieve a B,
however it wasn't enough to get into Leeds or Leicester
so I used the Clearing helpline
and managed to get into Kent to do politics
which you also needed AB or ABB.
And I got in through doing BBC
and I think it was probably to do with a combination
of a good personal statement, finally finding something that I'm good at
and definitely the UCAS helpline and Clearing website,
otherwise I would have been stuck and not really known what to do.
It's really nice to know that you have an extra way through.
When I found out about my A levels I was on holiday with my family
which made it even more difficult.
And after three years studying for my A levels
to take better grades, I was really determined to get to university
and not waste another year of waiting to see what I was going to do.
I've just finished my first year.
I'm loving it and I've met some really great friends
and I'm looking forward to moving in with them in September.
I'm so lucky to be studying politics at such a good university
and in such a pretty place.
The course requirements were AAB
and I managed to get through Clearing with BBC.
My advice to other students is if you're thinking about A level choices
choose A levels that you're naturally good at,
maybe based upon your GCSE grades.
And just find something that you're comfortable with
and that you know that you'll enjoy in order to go forward to university
and study something in even greater depth.
Okay, thank you.