Me is a ninja

Uploaded by TFouster on 25.12.2008

Woot, you have turned on subtitles! My voice is sometimes muffled, so you NEED subtitles.
I'm going to have to go for ninja
1. I am Asian
2. I am a ninja
Okay? I became a ninja last year.
Alright, ninjas: They have speed
They have smarts
and they can beat the crap out of anyone!
They can crawl up walls
They can run up walls
and some of them can even ride their bicycles up walls. (How Asian!)
Ninjas are totally awesome
and they can totally beat a pirate
in a 1 on 1 fight.
See, pirates; they have a gun.
So pirate shoots gun at ninja.
Ninja does the Matrix (OMG!).
Then later, the ninja shadow-steps behind the pirate
and snaps his neck!
Then, pirate dies.
Ninjas can also beat pirates in a team battle.
Pirates; they get their ship.
Ninjas are running on the water towards the ship
Then later, right when they are next to the ship
they jump up
and before any pirate notices
they throw their ninja stars
and it hits them on the back of their neck
then all pirates die.
Upon becoming a ninja, one of my favorite moves
is sword thrusting
where I thrust my sword into my victim
and I take it out
then I thrust it back in.
That is the way I like to do it. I am not a back stabber. =P
Then again...
wouldn't ninjas use daggers?
Daggers are so small...
Dagger; sword.
Ninjas use daggers
and everyone else use a sword.
If you don't get it...
forget about it.
Do you know why Asians become ninjas?
Because of... their mom.
Thomas, come here!
Come here Thomas, read this.
Read this; right now; read it.
Oh umm...
It says...
Yeah, it say B+!
How you get B+?!
No one in the family should get B+!!!
Yeah, I know you scared Thomas.
Come here, come here right now.
It's just a B+ Mom.
It's just a B+.
It's just a B+.
Oh yeah, you better be scared
** I know the wall changes color
Ketchup FTW!
If you didn't watch "Dear Sister", then you did not fully understand the reference just now.
Who doesn't like to sword thrust?
Everyone likes to sword thrust.
Every guy should be like, sword thrusting.
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