TL;DR - Driving in Korea

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WooYOungBias asks
How is driving in South Korea
because all my favorite Kpop bands have been in a car accident
For example, recently Miss A this week
It's not good, it's not
Now, we usually say a lot of good things about Korea
but we could honestly say this is the one thing about Korea
that we
OMG you stupid Americans
You go home
You Korea haters~!!
No.1 We are not Americans
No.1 If you have seen our 5 hundred other videos
you'll see that we don't hate Korea
We do hate driving in Korea
I don't think a Korean person who can really deny this
How dare you?
Korea driving is safe and…
we stop at all the red lights
and taxi drivers will never try to kill you
Bus, will never knock down an old lady who are trying to find their seats
Everyone knows this
But something funny about driving you can use it to engage
how new is it somebody to Korea
For example, are you about to cross the one way street?
Do you look in one direction to see if the cars are coming?
Or do you look in both directions if the cars are coming?
If you see in both ways just to see the cars coming in the wrong direction
then you've been in Korea for few weeks
Question no.2
You're waiting at the light to cross
and a little man pops up saying "Hey it's your runaway"
Do you A. Walk across the street merrily as you know it's your runaway to go
or Do you B. Wait 5 to 10 seconds glancing around every single direction
to make sure that no one isn't trying to blow red light and murder you
If you chose A
the chances of you surviving in Korea has significantly decreased
Question no.3
You have just paid to get on the bus
Do you A. look around to find a comfortable seat to sit in
or Do you B. adhere yourself to the first solid object you could find
If you chose A, congratulations you're probably now rolling down the bus in embarrassment
knocking everyone over like bowling pins
I had to catch a little old lady, it's the safest thing
I'm like, "This is your old Korean grandmother and you are gutting it?"
I was like, "I've gotcha"
This few example could be yours, if you visit Korea
low low price of free
You got to win not injury, not death
So,let's begin with our biggest head pin in Korea
Red lights and how ambiguously people treat them
ambiguously???! Let me tell you how F&&^%$#@ they are stopping at red lights
We are not allow to swear on camera!
I'm sure that was beeped out, like magic watch
See?? No one heard what I said
F!#(#$*#(*$( stopping at red lights
Now I'm used to believe at red lights meaning maybe go if you have the chance to go
or when people try to turn right you are trying to walk
and this car like..
well maybe if I creep toward they will split like red sea in Mose
If you are going to make the turn anyway once we passed by
so why don't you wait a second
Just give me the 10 seconds to cross the streets
Even in Bucheon, where isn't busy
moms in strollers, even Spdugy
When we walk across the streets with Spudgy I have to like
form like a body..
car hits me rather than my dog
Whenever we go back to North America for the first couple of days
whenever we're about the cross the streets ..we're like
North American drivers, we don't wanna hear a single complaint about driving in North America
What is crazier is that, we are upset with Korean driving
but what we heard from someone who is from Thailand that
apparently Thailand is worse
Friends from China told us that China is worse than that
I'm like I can't imagine that
I can't imagine what we'll be like living in other country
Second would be taxi driving
There is thing that in Korean culture called "Bbali Bbali"
it means going somewhere quickly like
Korean people are in rush, they are trying to get home
trying to get to work that kind of thing
and no one takes this concept as serious as taxi drivers and buses
Taxi drivers will drive insanely quickly
weave in in traffic
in the highways, it could be raining, snowing, tornadoing, typhooning
That's okay, they are like in 150 km/h
like window wipers are like this and I'm like
It's really really scary
Complaint no.3 that we wanna talk about it today is
Not motorcycle drivers
People takes driving motorcycles seriously but scooters
Especially delivery scooters
Although we were informed that there are laws exist for scooter drivers
but we don't actually believe that
Yah apparently they're are laws
I don't think, I think they are more friendly suggestions
Supposedly you have to wear a helmet in Korea
Motorcycle enthusiast, we are not talking about that
They do wear the padding and the clothing, they know what they are doing
We are talking about delivery boys, listening to musics and wearing flip-flops
He's talking on his phone somehow and driving with one hand and he goes like this
I'm serious, he's bike is like this
Not just the unsafeness of what they are wearing
It's how they are driving
It's like there are no rules for them
they blow through red lights, and they are like
They weave through the traffic and on side walks
And definitely worse for creeping through pedestrian walk way
It's like nothing is sacred
Babies, and people who are crippled with little walkers
They don't care!!!
Now I understand that their jobs give them more pressure that you have to deliver on time
or you would get fired and that would make more difficult for scooter drivers
but still this kind of culture for scooter drivers to drive recklessly to deliver something on time
puts everyone at risk
and now we're about to say something next, something touchy
But when we heard about Nickoon and Daesung's car accident involving scooters
First thing that pop into my mind was it's probably the scooter driver's fault
And this might be a perspective very different from other countries
if we didn't live in Korea and if we didn't know how crazy scooter driving was
We would have thought, "OMG,That's terrible, how could they hit a scooter driver?"
But now we that know how crazy it is, "Yah, that kind of make sense"
We're not saying that it was anyone's fault or
trying to give any verdict on the case just that our first impression was
"Yah,! Probably the scooter driver!"
Long story short that you know that we love tons and tons things about Korea
pros are way way out weighing the cons
But driving is a con
We will never appreciate it and we will never like it
Except for parking!
Korean people are phenomenal at parking
OMG! There is a spot you think that no ways car would fit
and they are like
"I'm gonna back in like a pro"
It's amazing!! They can park it anywhere
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