Lady Daddy 2010 (아빠가 여자를 좋아해) FULL MOVIE (Eng subs)

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Daddy's in a meeting.
Yeah, I'll be home late.
Where's your mom?
She's also in a meeting?
What the hell is she thinking?
No, no.
Say you love daddy.
That's my boy.
Daddy loves you too.
Who was...
I'm sorry.
- Speak damn it! - Sorry.
"Who was that? Your wife?"
Is that too long?
Sorry, I'm sorry.
How many outtakes must it take?
- Get ready. - Okay.
How many times must we
do this? Get ready!
Actors, back to your positions.
We'll go once again. Stand by.
Hey, come over here.
Ji-hyun, you've changed your camera.
- Excuse me. - Sure.
Mom, I'm working right now.
No, I don't need Kimchi.
I'm busy. I'll talk to you later.
Mothers always seem to call when we're busy right?
My mom always calls when I'm busy too.
Quiet on the set!
Everybody, quiet.
Then do I have to get it removed too?
The implants?
Of course.
You will put it back after the surgery, right?
I suggest you talk to
the other doctor about that.
He told me to talk to you about the breast implants.
I told you not to touch them
right after the surgery.
I'm not the one who touched it.
Let's take a look.
Let's see.
Oh... Was just doing a physical examination.
Hurry, we're late.
Let's take 'em both out and inject cogel 250cc.
? Happy Birthday to you.
? Happy Birthday to you.
? Happy Birthday dear Yoo-bin.
? Happy Birthday to you.
? Happy Birthday to you.
Let me take a picture of you.
When I have a child
I'm gonna fill a baseball stadium for his birthday.
But you don't like baseball.
I hate soccer more.
I find time restrictions annoying.
But baseball is also limited to 9 innings.
It can be extended.
So can soccer.
This wasn't what I wanted to talk about.
Yoo-bin, happy birthday.
They must be handing out presents.
Daddy's present.
Wow, that's so cool.
I'm so jealous.
I have something for you.
It's been one year today, since I first met you.
It's the fourth
from the 100 ways
you can sweep
- a regular lady off her feet. - You think I'm regular?
Even this can easily seduce a special lady.
Hold still!
Hold for a sec!
You have the right to remain silent.
What the hell?
Who are you? Wait!
Wait a minute.
Wait, you got it all wrong.
Wait, wait.
What's he done?
He's a murderer.
Very bad guy.
If that's all... Have a nice day.
Hey, leave that
so I can file a report.
We kinda need it for tomorrow's shoot.
I told you to leave it.
If you don't want to be mistaken as a murderer,
you shouldn't carry it in your back seat!
You're right.
I'm sorry.
But we need it for shoot.
Sorry. We'll be careful next time.
Keep up the good work.
Come here and ruin my day!
Do we have to stab this thing?
You think I'd like to stick
a knife in a girl's breasts?
Keep the head steady.
The director's gonna freak if he sees it without the knife.
Why won't this thing go in?
I love you.
I said I love you.
What are you talking about?
It's our anniversary.
The date's ruined
And I thought I should at least confess.
Something about the knife made me feel bold.
But why the hell is this not going in?
Try wiggling it up and down.
Like this?
It's in!
It's in, we did it!
Stop the bleeding!
Yoo-bin! What was...
your birthday wish?
If I tell you will you make it come true?
Tell me. Daddy will do everything you ask.
I want to drive.
Driving? Here!
You're driving.
Not like this but real driving.
Later when you're older
and get a driver's license
daddy will buy you a car.
It's always "later".
Then tell me something other
than driving and I'll do it.
Really. Promise.
Could you find my real father?
This brake feels a little stiff.
Bo-young. Shall we get a new car?
What you think of my skill?
I'm going to play a game.
Don't go that way. Hide behind me.
Grenade in front!
C'mon! Why won't it move?
Jump. C'mon, jump.
Where are they shooting from?
You heard the gunshots from the start.
You should've ran for cover if you've heard a sniper.
But how do you know it's a sniper?
You can only advance if you can tell which gun is being shot.
It's really easy.
AK47 goes
PAMAS goes
AUG goes
Da-da-dang da-dang
UMB goes
Jo-la-gi jo-la-gi
So you're saying...
AK47 goes,
- Dang dang-da-rang? - No.
Du-gu-du-gu-dung du-dung.
PAMAS is Tang-tang-tang?
No. Da-ra-ra-ra tu-ru-ru-ruk.
This is boring! I'm not playing.
Don't you think you're being too easy on him?
That's why he walks all over you.
But it's not like he's asking me to buy him something.
He should be allowed to see him.
His biological dad.
Don't be silly.
You're Yoo-bin's dad.
You're right. I am his dad.
That's why I should
listen to my son's wish.
Let's just drop it.
Yeah, let's.
It's been 9 years.
Nine years and I don't
remember a thing.
I can't remember his face or even his name.
So let's not talk about this again.
Can't I just come in for a glass of water?
Forget it.
You can't just waltz into a single lady's house.
That's precisely the reason I should be invited in.
It's not like I'm gonna
try anything with you.
Of course, I wouldn't mind if something were to happen.
C'mon, can't I get a glass of water?
Today is our anniversary.
It was two days ago.
Our anniversary was two days ago.
See you tomorrow.
Oh, come on.
That means you love me, right?
What does?
That you remembered the
exact day.
Just 'cause I remember stuff
doesn't mean that I love you.
Even if it isn't love yet,
it means that you like me.
I have a good memory, that's all.
Silly man. Should've just stayed.
Oh my god, Blood!
Is that... your blood?
You scared me.
How's your exhibition coming along?
Leave me alone.
Who is this?
I don't know.
Look at him.
Does he have a car?
He does.
Then tell him to buy another!
Man, that was refreshing.
This lady says she wants to take
the car out for the first time.
So I take the lady for a drive.
The river scenery,
the gentle breeze just sets the scene for a kiss.
It's deep and passionate
and the tongue swirls like this.
But the she opens her eyes.
And looks straight at me so I freaked out.
Hold up!
I asked, "why do you kiss with your eyes open?"
She goes, "I wanted to see if you had your eyes open."
Are all girls usually that curious?
Why did you open your eyes?
To see if she had them open.
Does your wife know what you're up to?
You think married men don't have any tongues?
Shut up, freak!
Hey, give me a game item
so I can complete this level.
If I do will you do me a favor?
If I say yes, will you give me an item?
Could you find someone for me online?
Find who?
My real dad.
Be a buddy and do me a favor.
It should be easy. Just punch his name in your computer.
Hey, just make an official report.
Then I'll make sure he gets what he deserves.
He's not a criminal. He's Yoo-bin's dad.
My son's real father.
The human skull is referred to as
the flower of osteology.
23 pieces in total.
Memorize them all.
Superior orbital fissure,
Oculomotor nerve, Trochlear nerve
Abducens nerve, ophthalmic nerve.
Next. SOHN Ji-hyun.
You want to fail?
Where the hell have you been?
Ji-hyun... let's go back inside.
The camera strap.
Does it look better loose,
or wrapped around the wrist?
Guys like you make me sick.
Acting all innocent, delicate and noble.
Why did you come to medical school?
Were you just bored?
I was planning to find him someday.
It's not easy being a dad.
How tragic. I'm not even married yet.
Here, clean panties for each day.
And this.
Write to mommy and daddy.
Give me a minute.
Wait here.
Yoo-bin's dad: SOHN Ji-hyun's location found
What is it?
It's nothing.
Let's see.
What shall we pack next?
What is it? Show me.
I'll show you next time.
Where's swimsuit?
Bo-young! Where's Yoo-bin's swimsuit?
Moving house?
I thought you loved me. Is that all you can do for me?
- You're scaring me. - Cut! Cut! Cut!
You're doing it all wrong!
Here you show a cynical smile.
How about this?
No, that's pathos.
That looks unorthodox.
No, that's avant- garde.
Don't you understand the word cynical?
This is getting nowhere.
- Help her practice. - Yes sir.
Ji-hyun. I found a really nice dog stew restaurant.
Wanna go after work?
I don't eat dog stew.
How about chicken or duck?
I don't like poultry.
I hate stew.
- What about fish or ribs... - We're about to shoot.
Quiet on the set!
Cut one, take one.
Maybe not somewhere tasty.
Let's go to somewhere scenic.
Alright. Somewhere scenic.
By the way, that director looks like a small-time crook.
A small-time crook!
Who was that?
Oh God... I'm sorry.
Yoo-bin. Where's mommy going?
To do volunteer service.
And daddy?
Drink contest in Japan.
Doctor's conference, not a drink contest.
We'll be back in 7 days.
this isn't for shooting people. Understand?
A little help?
? Twinkle, twinkle little star
? How I wonder what you are.
? Up above the world so high...
Hi, Joseph.
What are you doing here?
Yoo-bin's grandfather passed away.
Excuse me.
Yoo-bin, let's go.
What's so important for you to escape like this?
What! You're just gonna leave?
You said you'd give me
the item if I helped you out.
So! What do you think?
Not bad, huh?
Have you ever walked backwards?
No, I haven't.
A man in a desert felt so lonely
so he walked backwards.
At least he had his foot prints to keep him company.
If you want to trust the world walk backwards.
To walk with your back facing the world
shows you want to trust in the world behind you till the very end.
It's a poem.
Oh, really?
Thought the expressions were beautiful.
To want to trust the world behind us.
If only it wasn't such a backstabbing world.
The thing is... I still don't know
What the world behind me
really looks like.
The world behind you is
very beautiful
and radiant.
And is a world where
the two of us are together.
You think so?
It's how it should be.
Won't you make me a cup of tea tonight?
You're not planning anything like last time right?
Of course, I might.
People who don't are perverts.
I don't have any tea.
But aren't you hungry?
I got that as a gift in my freshman year at university.
You can tell just by hearing it?
Of course.
Wait a moment, don't look this way.
Then what about...
this one?
Nikon FM2.
So, each camera has their distinct sound?
Of course. Just like people's voices.
Try this and this.
And this.
Yeah, you're right.
D300s goes Chu-ru-ru-ru-rook.
F90s goes Chu-ra-ra-ra-rak.
D200 goes Chuking-chuking-chuking.
D270s goes Chiking-chiking-chiking.
D60 goes Chukang-chukang-chukang.
D80 goes Chookang-chookang-chookang.
I would hug you
if you weren't holding that knife.
I knew you wouldn't have the courage.
Help yourself!
You boiled these?
That's how you...
Is this how you usually eat?
Your cooking skills are amazing.
It's all about timing with eggs.
I hear that all the time.
I like a woman who can cook.
What kind of man do you like?
someone who I like to look at.
Then take a look.
Who are you?
Who's Yoo-bin?
I am.
Why are you here?
I'm looking for my dad.
What's his address?
I don't know.
But you've definitely got the wrong house.
It's just me living here.
Good night.
From now on I'll tell you
where I am wherever I go.
Even when no-one else knows
I want you to know where I am.
Does this mean...
that you love me?
Stupid man, you should have stayed.
Miss SOHN Ji-hyun?
According to this boy he is SOHN's son.
And we only have two residents by that name.
You Mr. SOHN and... You Miss SOHN.
I knew this day would come!
I don't think he's talking about me.
Hey kid.
Do you know me?
You jerk!
How many times do I have to put up with this?
I must be crazy to live with your cheating ass.
I'm telling you it's not me!
Hey kid. What's your mom's name?
KIM Bo-young.
KIM Bo-young?
Bo-young from Daegu
or Kwangju?
You don't know? How could you not know?
Which one is it? Daegu or Kwangju?
It could be Bo-young from Mokpo.
What have you been up to? You never called.
I just...
travelled and took pictures.
I'm not going back.
If you're kicked out
what fun will school be?
Did your mom tell you?
That your dad's name's SOHN?
Yes, that he went to med school with her.
Then are you...
nine years old?
Did your mom clearly say your dad's name?
What's your blood type?
Are you...
I'm ambidextrous.
But are you really my aunt?
Do I look like your aunt?
By the way,
Do your parents know you're here?
They don't?
What's your mom's phone number?
- Zero one zero... - Zero one zero
I don't know the rest.
Why are you sighing when I'm the one in trouble?
Somehow, it feels personal.
I swear I have a couple
out there that I forgot about.
Hey! It doesn't feel right.
You really can't remember?
He might be, or might not be.
He must be! Listen!
The date fits, his birthday fits.
After that night, you left to
study photography in America.
What am I going to do?
Didn't you sense anything
that he might be your son when you saw him?
Not at all.
You cold bastard!
Then do a DNA test.
What if it shows he's my son?
Ditch him!
It's a little late for you to be his dad.
I must be crazy to ask you for your advice.
There's nothing special about life.
Since things turned out this way...
Buy a car.
I even brought a car for a test drive.
I have the car with me!
You're the only friend
who hasn't bought one.
Then at least buy me dinner!
How could you not buy anything for my sake?
We'll need hair strands of the subjects getting the DNA test.
Have you brought the father's sample with you?
Is my dad coming today?
No, he can't.
Did you tell him that I was here?
It's Yoo-bin.
Your dad might not come.
Why not?
You see...
He has many issues.
And he has to check something.
I'm becoming too fond
of my stepdad.
I told my mom not to marry my stepdad.
I told her to wait for my dad
so we can live together.
What if I like my stepdad more than my real dad?
We don't even know what we look like.
He doesn't know what I look like.
Just a second!
Come here.
Stop crying.
If you don't stop I won't let him see you.
I'll be back after work so stay
here and don't go anywhere Alright?
Working on set isn't as fun as
I imagined when I first started.
What about you?
Just, what was your past like?
Like your memories of high school and university.
I've never heard you talk about your past.
I don't have a past.
Everyone has a past.
Not everyone. Because I didn't exist then.
Moving in?
Here to play?
Yes? What?
You startled me.
Why, is something wrong?
No, it's just... feels like
someone's watching me.
It's this.
Must you put it there?
It's nothing.
Sorry, sorry.
You're good to go.
I told you not to touch
Put everything back.
Who the hell told you you can come here
and make a mess?
Why are you crying?
I'm the one who should be crying.
Why now? Why?
Today's my birthday.
On my ninth birthday my real dad was supposed to come
but he never came.
Mommy is a liar.
My stepdad is also a liar.
I don't have a dad.
I wish I had memories of
my dad like my other friends.
I wish my dad would
also think about me.
That's not how you do it.
I bought that after I got this one.
Also, I used this a long time ago.
These make similar sounds.
These ones are similar to this one.
How so?
This one goes chu-ru-ru-rook.
And this one goes cha-ra-ra-rak.
Then this one?
And this?
When's my dad coming?
I'm really going to cut now.
Let me think about it a bit more.
I don't normally believe in destiny.
But I had my tarot cards read.
You and I are
the perfect union of the queen of cups
and the warrior of water. They told me we are a match made in heaven.
I have something to say.
We should break up.
I think...
I've been too selfish.
I'm sorry.
I have a son.
Yes? Yes, Joon-suh.
What did you want to tell me?
That is... It's just... mean...
Could you do me a favor?
I pioneered this method myself.
Even the Hollywood folk are
queuing up to learn my skills.
No, you shouldn't talk. It'll get messed up.
But is this the only way to deal with it?
I'll take you home every night.
Or you could...
Come stay with me for a while.
I only have one room but it's big.
- No, I think that's not... - And it's cozy.
No, you shouldn't speak.
Put this like this.
You can rub make-up remover
with a latex sponge or tissue.
Oh, speaking of which,
is the girl next door okay now?
Yes, fortunately.
That's a relief.
Those men who harass women at night should
get the death penalty at the very least.
But won't it be hard dressed
like this every night?
Only for a short period.
Until they catch them.
Wait one sec.
This one is Dal-bong.
Carry him.
Like this.
Who is it?
Who is it?
Are you... My dad?
Don't you recognize me?
What do you mean?
Nothing. It's nothing.
Do you know me?
I've heard a lot about you.
Yoo-bin! Where's your mom?
She went to do volunteer medical service on an island.
Your dad?
He gone to drink contest.
What kind of man she's married to?
How did you know I was here?
It was on my stepdad's phone.
When did you mom marry?
A month ago.
I told her not to.
I wanted us to live with you.
Dad! Can't you come and live with us?
No, I can't...
She's already married.
You're too young to understand.
I mean,
daddy's too busy these days.
Are you really my dad?
What? I'm your dad... your real dad.
Then why aren't you crying?
Didn't you miss me?
Why aren't you crying?
What do you think you're doing?
I mean... I'm sorry.
You have breasts?
They're not breasts.
They're... pectoral muscles.
It's because I work out.
Are you good at sports? Of course.
Daddy loves to work out.
Are you good at fighting too?
You shouldn't fight.
Only bad people fight.
What if you fight bad people?
Then you're a good person.
Then doesn't that mean you have to be a good fighter?
Let's sleep.
Good morning.
- Hello? - Hello? Who is this?
It's Yoo-bin.
Who's Yoo-bin?
What do you mean?
Is this not Ji-hyun's house?
Why are you answering the phone?
- I'm dad's son... - Hello?
Who was that?
What's wrong with your voice?
Mom, I'm working. I gotta go.
I told you not to pick up the phone.
The first day you came.
I told you not to answer the phone or go outside.
But it's what aunt told me.
What I mean to say is...
I get
a lot of important business calls so don't answer the phone.
But dad, why do you like women?
What? When did I?
You wear women's clothes and you sound like a woman.
And there are no male objects at home.
You're wrong.
Why wouldn't there be?
Wait here.
See? I have a razor.
They're for shaving legs.
Let's eat.
Would you play with me today?
Alright, let's play.
But what do you want to do?
Can I have this?
Let's go.
Dad! You were lying about working out, right?
No, I worked out.
It's just been a while that's all.
But you sucked today.
You can't fight too, can you?
You've got to have some cash,
you asshole!
Check out the bag.
Dad! Can't you kick their butts?
No, I won't.
But you said good people fight the bad.
Yoo-bin, you wait here.
You're dead if you're hiding it.
Check his pockets.
What the hell?
What are you, Mr. Right?
You just wait. Oops!
- What the hell!? - I'm sorry.
There's a boy called Chul-gun in my class
and he's really bad.
He keeps lifting Na-hyun's skirt and
interrupts her drawing
and bullies her during recess.
Pink panties!
You like this girl, right?
A little.
Did you tell her how you feel?
Not yet.
You should tell her.
Girls dig boys who are brave.
Stand in front of Na-hyun and say,
"Look at me!
Can't you see how I feel about you?"
Pretty cool, huh?
In that case, don't I have
to kick Chul-gun's butt?
Then kick his butt!
It's okay to fight boys who bully girls.
But he's good at fighting.
Can't you teach me how to fight?
Alright, daddy will do
anything you ask.
Maybe not.
Didn't you learn Taekwondo?
But he's a black belt and I'm only white.
Don't worry.
Daddy will teach you how to win a fight.
Let's not do this and go play a game instead.
Fall back.
Hide behind me.
- Oh God, what do I do? - No, not that way!
There's grenade ahead!
Oh no!
Lost again...
Dad, why do you talk like a girl?
When did I?
Where are they shooting from?
Snipers shoot undercover so you don't know where they are.
So you have to hide when you hear a sniper rifle.
Is the one that goes shuki-tang Shuki-tang the sniper rifle?
You can hear the difference?
A little.
You can advance to higher levels
if you can hear the difference.
What else did you hear?
The one that goes
Da-ra-dang da-dang.
That's AUG and one shot will kill you.
Then what about
Ba-ra-rang dung-dung-dung.
What's that?
That's LAG5A1
It's best to attack with a grenade.
Then Da-ra-ra to-ru-ru da-ra-rang.
What's that?
And Du-gu-du-gu-dung dung-dung?
Where do you want to look at?
You disappear as soon
as the shoot ends.
How's your exhibition coming along?
So so.
Years ago, when my uncle
got a private taxi,
he was sweating blood to get it all sorted.
The thing is...
My parents want to see you sometime.
I haven't really thought that far ahead.
What I meant either...
Thank you.
For what?
Don't your parents talk about meeting me?
I see, not yet.
I have to go.
I have something to say.
I'm always grateful.
And I'm sorry.
People who are in love
shouldn't blame each other.
Haven't you seen the film, Love story?
Love means never having to say you're sorry.
Since when did it change?
The translation was incorrect.
even if you do something wrong I won't expect an apology.
No, you don't have to.
Those are for people who love each other.
- Here you go. - Thank you.
DNA test result
Shall we take the shortcut?
Hey wait!
Excuse me but...
Hey, Young-Gwang.
- Yoo-bin, say hello. He's dad's friend. - Hello.
Dad's... friend?
Oh I see!
He's the one you told me.
Your son!
You've grown so big.
Hey kid!
You're dad... is a man.
Let's go.
Here's your fries.
Did you do it?
The test?
You still here?
Yoo-bin, you eat a lot.
Dig in son.
Do you want anything else?
Whatever you want kid.
I'll just get it for you after I do this.
What is this?
You should buy a car.
I told you I can't afford it.
What will happen if I leak your little secret?
You call this... a threat.
I have your wife's number.
And have lots to say to her.
Wouldn't call this a threat.
Hey, I was just kidding.
I'll just go get your chicken.
Excuse me, sir.
My name is PARK Joon-suh.
Do you know SOHN Ji-hyun?
Who are you?
Yeah, I'm PARK Joon-suh.
I'm a colleague of hers.
A close colleague.
I was wondering who...
Who what?
I mean, what's your
relationship with Ji-hyun?
We're high school buddies.
Just friends.
You must have gone to a co-ed school.
Why are you asking me this?
So you're just friends?
You're not a couple or anything, right?
Are you...
My wife sent you, didn't she?
Ji-hyun won't tell me anything.
She says she didn't exist in the past.
So she has no past.
I don't know about anything else but with men,
she's pretty straight forward.
Yeah. Here. Let's drink.
Can you love Ji-hyun
no matter what happens?
Of course!
Oh, dear.
Let's drink.
You see, that's the problem with guys.
They say yes without even
knowing what's what.
I'm different from the others.
That's what they all think.
That they're different but
in reality they're all the same.
Let's drink.
To change this conversation.
If you take a look, these are
the new company models.
Take this model.
It has 340 horsepower and 45 torque.
Did you say 340?
You could call it a monster engine.
It's faster than a regular sports car.
Look here.
The interior is ergonomically designed.
Having fun?
They're pretty.
Which one's your favorite?
This one.
And this one and this one. And that one.
That's a Japanese Wagtail.
In the old days, if this bird made a nest
they believed something good will happen.
And doesn't he look like a tiger?
That one's called a White's Ground Thrush.
This funny looking one's called a Green-backed Heron.
Who's he?
Why did you take it from behind?
It's because...
from behind I can look at him as much as I want.
Why, is he ugly?
No. He's the most good-looking ever.
Then is he an actor?
No, he's just...
kind, warm and a lovable guy.
Some might say.
Look! Isn't it pretty?
It's a Baikal Teal.
But I thought ducks can't fly.
Baikal Teals are the world's smallest and prettiest duck.
I wonder if they're there.
Oh really? Let's go and see them.
We might not be able to see them.
It's hard to see them because they're rare birds.
Still, I want to go.
Let's go during the weekend.
Grab him by the neck.
Bam! Come around
and finish him off. You fall down.
Flip once.
Now, come in.
Come closer. And kick.
Fall down damn it.
That's it.
Is this that hard?
I don't get it.
Show us a re-run.
You see that?
Can't you do that?
That's impossible.
You can do it. Go for it! Go!
Hey, train him up.
Move quickly.
What are you doing? Go with them too.
What's wrong? Go, quick.
Excuse me, sir.
I have a favor to ask.
What is it?
How do you win a fight
against a black-belted one?
Dodge and hit. Dodge and hit.
Dodge and hit. Dodge and hit.
Reach forward.
Left hand at your waist.
Reach forward. More, more.
Hold it! You have to hold it.
One more time, reach.
Very good.
This is Yoo-bin's mom.
How's Yoo-bin doing?
Wait! Sorry.
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
I got this from Joseph the priest.
I think Yoo-bin and this guy are quite close.
In these cases the kidnapper is usually an acquaintance.
Has Yoo-bin had any grudges
against him or have any enemies
Who might want to hurt him
Description of a suspected kidnapper
Excuse me. Have you seen a boy with glasses?
Joon-suh! What am I going to do?
Yoo-bin's gone missing.
Where the hell have you been?
Didn't' I tell you not to leave the house!
Why did you have to scare me like that?
Would you like some tea?
Is this the only chair you have?
The moustache.
Did you grow it?
What are you going to do about Yoo-bin?
What do you mean?
I'll take him with me.
After you, my only son ended up like this.
When I saw Yoo-bin I thought
our lord Jesus has
answered my prayers.
Dad! How could you think that?
Who are you? Ji-hyun, you okay?
Are you the kidnapper?
Where's the boy?
I'm Ji-hyun's father.
It's an honor to meet you sir.
Now that I have an unexpected grandson.
He's not your grandson.
Yoo-bin is...
my son.
Because he's mine
this is none of your business.
No one believes that
you can raise a child in your state.
Don't just believe in Jesus. Try having faith in people.
I'll take care of him.
Yes, I am the one.
I'm Yoo-bin's dad.
It's true.
- Joon-suh, stop. - No, it's okay.
As a responsible man I'II...
No, we will take good
care of him.
Who are you?
It's nice to meet you sir.
My name is PAEK Joon-suh.
I'd like to formally introduce myself.
Joon-suh, let's go.
- Why? - Let go.
Mrs. SOHN!
No, let me go.
In most cases
they call after a day.
So they get the parent
all nervous and scared.
We haven't been home for a week.
That's why the kidnapper will be more stressed.
How frustrating would it be if no one's been answering
the phone for a week? By now, they'll be confused.
Told you I'm not buying!!
It's a real estate agent.
As the leading investigator I have to question you too.
You're not exactly his real father.
So you're also a suspect.
Just write the damn report.
Were you ever annoyed or
angry with Yoo-bin
because he wasn't your real son?
It's not easy to raise someone else's child.
Aren't I right?
Didn't you ever wish
he'd just disappear
because he wasn't your own son?
Whatever others may say he's still my son.
Ever since I first saw him
I never doubted it for a second.
That's what you think.
You're still not his real father. Am I right?
You wanna die?
Are you questioning me?
Not at all, man. We're friends.
Let's go back in. They might call.
That little boy...
He is my son.
When shall I tell you... no...
Should I tell you...
I thought about it a lot.
It's okay.
I'm okay with it.
I'm sorry.
I never meant for this to happen.
Thought you said
that love is
not telling them that they're in the wrong.
I'll be a good father from now on.
I'm the one.
I'm the father of his.
Yes, I know.
I'm saying that I'm Yoo-bin's dad.
You are.
Then... what do you mean?
I never was a man...
I just...
felt trapped inside a man's body.
It's was difficult
became too painful to bear.
I never meant to hide it.
I wanted to tell you.
But I was scared.
Whatever you say
this is your mistake.
You should have told me anyhow.
Go get some rest. I'll wait for the call.
Why did you decide to marry me?
Probably for the same reasons you did.
Because you had no alternatives?
A stable job.
Pretty face.
Had a house.
A car.
You also had Yoo-bin.
Thank you.
This is when you say "I love you"
He's gonna be okay.
He'll be okay.
You never know.
He could be playing a game somewhere.
Da-ru-dang dang-dang Da-ru-dang.
Hey, wake up!
Did they call? Did you hang up? How much did he want?
You can trace ID number, right?
I told you I don't do those kind of favors.
I made Yoo-bin's game ID with my name.
Can't you trace the last place he logged on?
Can you?
How could this happen?
Hey, listen carefully.
SSangyong motors manufactures a car called Musso.
And it has Mercedes Benz engines.
Engines are the heart of a car,
so it's heart is a Benz.
Would you call it a Musso or a Benz?
No, you're missing the point.
What's the most important part of the car?
It's design.
It's the engine! It's heart!
So what are you trying to say?
The heart may be a Benz,
but the exterior is a Musso.
People shouldn't be like that.
It's because we're human.
Not animals but human.
We have a choice.
You really loved this person.
Later you found out that this person wasn't this.
But this.
Right now she's this.
But she was this is her past.
No, she was trapped in this.
You loved her thinking she was this.
But you're saying you can't love her because she's this.
What does this look like?
A soju glass.
Does it still look like a soju glass to you?
The important thing is
what's inside it
not what it looks like.
Whatever others may say
her heart hasn't changed.
She's always been a Benz.
Now that we've come to this...
How about you buying a new car,
I already filled out the form.
You just need to sign here and here.
Just need to sign these three boxes.
Look where you're signing.
Maybe not "therefore".
Open bracket JUN Dong-gun close bracket,
The defendant kidnapped
CHA Yoo-bin to steal 170 dollars?
Are you crazy?
Do I look like a kidnapper?
He just asked me to help him get out of English camp.
Answer with either "yes" or "no".
Fucking asshole! Next.
After you kidnapped him,
you took his game item worth 120,000 dollars
Give me a break!
That's in game currency so it's only 20 dollars in reality.
Yoo-bin told me he was
going to look for his dad.
What? SOHN Ji-hyun?
- Who lives in Dunchon-dong? - Yes, Yes!
Anybody home?
Of course, they're not home.
Who am I kidding?
Dad, do the ducks really come here?
Nope. We have to wait.
I see.
DNA test result 99.99% Positive match
What? You've found them?
Alright. Hey! We found them!
Hey! Watch it!
I'm a bloody detective!
Hey! What are you doing just standing there?
- Hey, come here! - Yes?
You call that a stunt-double?
That moron.
You won't be excused just
because you're shooting.
At least put up a sign when you're filming.
What the hell is this!
God damn it!
Are films now taking over reality?
Ji-hyun has my son Yoo-bin.
Do you know where they might be?
Are you Yoo-bin's mother?
Yes. Tell us where he is.
He's disappeared on us before.
I'm worried he might do something to Yoo-bin.
Ji-hyun isn't a man.
She's a woman.
Sorry, what?
She's the most beautiful woman I know.
Don't call her "him".
I never kept my promise.
But she kept hers.
When no-one else know where she's gone to
she told me she'd let me know.
So, just give her some time.
This is our problem.
It's between us.
Just like this, okay?
One more time.
One, two, three.
Don't you know daddy's a good fighter!
Yoo-bin! Stop there!
Dad! Look!
Dad! The camera!
Oh, right! The photos! Let's hurry!
When you think about daddy,
do you have happy thoughts?
You see, daddy is...
I mean some people...
sometime find you and leave you
like the ducks you saw today.
Daddy loves Yoo-bin so much.
But daddy has some issues
to resolve.
So I might not be able
to be with you like this.
Would it be okay?
Yes, Yoo-bin? Daddy's out here.
You need to pee?
Yoo-bin, what's wrong?
Where does it hurt?
Your tummy? Here?
Detective's office.
Alright! Alright!
Hey! Ji-hyun's phone's back on!
Yoo-bin! Yoo-bin...
Hold on just a little longer.
Now you want to be his dad?
Do you think that will change anything?
- Bo-young. - Let go.
Bo-young, stop.
How have you been?
Been a long time.
Heard everything from the man
who makes corpses.
Am I dead?
Silly. You don't die of appendix operation.
Don't you die when you remove the appendix?
Yoo-bin, sometimes
some people
have things inside them that shouldn't be there.
And everybody's different,
do you understand?
Remember what I just told
you and don't' forget it.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
We got married.
When are you getting married?
That corpse guy seemed like a nice guy.
I'll just go.
You've raised Yoo-bin well.
I was going to go look for you
once I knew your number.
But the situation wasn't...
Did you get your jaws done?
Are you that insensitive?
Why did you say that?
I dunno.
Girls get extremely sensitive about things like that.
Was it wrong?
Of course.
To tell you the truth,
I never did get over Ji-hyun by now.
I know.
You shouldn't forget people that easily.
Listen... I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have said that.
Keep in touch.
You should be there to watch him grow.
I can tell him you're his aunt.
If I had known about
Yoo-bin back then,
do you think it would've been any different?
But why do I have to be his aunt?
Then that wouldn't be me.
You're Yoo-bin's dad.
I'll talk to him.
Thank you.
- Will you stay a bit longer? - Sure.
Hello, professor. You came.
- Congratulations. - Thank you.
Why didn't you answer the phone?
I was busy.
You could have called to let me know that you were busy.
Thank you so much for coming.
Take this.
What is this?
It's Kimchi and meat.
Your father asked me to take
care of you and gave this.
And you just took it from him?
I called to ask if I should take it or not.
But you weren't answering your phone.
Are you angry at me?
I'm angry.
But not because of you.
Let's go somewhere and talk.
I've got nothing to say.
I love you.
I can!
I can understand you completely.
Love isn't like a puzzle you try to understand.
It's not like math.
Love without understanding doesn't last.
Love isn't a game.
I don't love you.
Look at me!
Can't you see how I feel about you?
Can't you?
Why are you shouting?
What I meant to say was...
The meat might go bad so
you need to keep it in the freezer.
You know.
I don't want to give
you a hard time.
I usually go for curvaceous women.
But to be honest, you're not exactly curvy.
being the eldest son,
mom wanted me to have a boy.
Despite it all, I still love you.
I know how you feel.
I was also the first born son.
You see! We do have something in common!
Let us love.
Let's love each other.
Don't just believe in the world behind you.
But look ahead
and believe in me
Aren't you hungry?
I have boiled eggs.
I'm starving.
- Didn't you miss me? - Nope.
Oh, come on.
Dad. There's something I wanna ask you.
Do you like women too?
Is your mom asleep?
You see. This is just
between us guys
It's universally known that all men like ladies.