Sample Morning Meetings: Group Activity - Toe-to-Toe

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All right. Today we're going to stand up,
on the edge of the rug. Make sure your feet are at the very edge of the rug.
We're going to play the Toe-To-Toe game. (Sounds of approval)
So let's think about what we do
for the Toe-To-Toe game. Raise your hand if you have
one thing that you remember about how we play that game so that it's fun and safe.
Daniel, what's one thing you remember? - Completely silent.
Don't use any words in this one. Lena?
You have to listen to directions,
if you're not, maybe your direction is...
"Go to a partner and touch toes," and you didn't
listen, you're going to touch elbows! (laughter)
Yeah. It's very important to listen
to those directions so that you know what to do. How are we going to move in the circle
so we are safe and not bumping into each other, because there's a lot of people
who move in the circle. Zev? - Go around.
So you're going to move... how? How are you going to move your body?
Slowly? And careful.
Yes. I'm going to give the first direction. Everybody listening?
You're going to go into the circle and find a partner and give them a
high-five. This is your high-five partner. I'm not sure...
How are we doing with numbers? - We have enough.

Everybody have a partner? OK.
Everybody have a partner? OK.
Now... look at this person. This is your high-five partner.
Go to somebody else, and touch elbows.

OK, look at that person.
That's your elbow partner.