Os Barbixas - Improvável - Escolinha Improvável (Bruno Motta, Guilherme Tomé e Daniel Tauszig)

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"Improbable School"!
Everybody plays, three students, one teacher, who will be Andy.
Andy will go there to listen to some music,
because he can't hear what we're setting up.
Cool, Andy can't hear us anymore. We will create the characters.
Raise your hand, I'll listen... You, a profession.
Pharmacist. It can be Daniel.
Mechanic... I guess Elidio looks like a mechanic.
Fashion Designer... That's good. Tomé.
Now we will give those students some traits,
because Andy will have to guess the professions and the traits.
Hyperactive. A 'hyperactive pharmacist'.
Hypochondriac. The 'fashion designer' will be 'hypochondriac'.
And the 'mechanic' 'Masochist'.
He likes to suffer.
Andy will have to guess it by teaching the class. Release him.
I wanna see them doing the 'Zorra Total' style of comedy.
I want the catch phrases, the characters, the moves...
"Improbable School", the class begins now!
Move over...
The window is dirty! The window is dirty!
No? Isn't it dirty? All right! All right!
Let's start the class... Number one!
Johnny Wishbone! I do business with everyone!
Even with Firestone!
Mr. Johnny... There's a country in South America that rivals with Brazil in sports.
Which South American country is this?
- Does it have a car jack? - No car jack.
Then I don't know... I can only guess with a jack!
- That's an F for you! - An F?
An F...
Ah, F...
- Number two! - Sammy Sick, I'm everything I could have been!
- Mr. Sammy... - Keep your distance, teach...
Keep your distance 'cause I'm not okay!
Not okay, teach...
- Mr. Sammy... - By the way, you look so elegant today.
- Mr. Sammy... - This wheel is kinda loose...
- Mr. Sammy... - Could use some screwing...
- Mr. Sammy... Recently, an Asian country has suffered... - Oh, Asia...
Suffered... Ah, suffer...
The country which almost suffered a nuclear tragedy, what is it?
From Asia I got the asian flu, the chicken flu,
that's why I became so cocky, by the way...
But I think the country you're talking about, poor them...
I think it's Japan!
You got an A, miss!
- Miss-ster! - Miss-ster, that's right!
- Sit down. - Scissoring out, teacher...
- Number three! - Yes, yes, yes!
Roberto Rafael, with his fine descriptions, never selling without prescriptions!
One of the most important rates in economy, with eight letters.
I'll give you a hint, because you look kinda nervous. It begins with in...
In... In...
I only know insulin. That's what I know with in.
Have diabetes? No. I'm here just in case.
- That's an F for you. - Oh, F...
That grade wasn't impressive. I'm gonna get an antidepressive!
Number one again!
Johnny is the man! I'm ready to fix your van!
If we have a gene combination with two lowercase letters,
there is a name for this gene. What is it, Johnny?
It's smaller than the other!
It's the 'smaller than the other' gene?
And the other hits the small one?
- Stop it, silly... - Ah... Hit me again!
Come again!
It's a recessive gene, sit down.
That's good.
Number two.
Sammy Sick at your service.
This wheel is really loose, sir...
You're so tacky, with this ridiculous chess pattern shirt,
looks like you don't ever change it...
- Sit down, hypochondriac fashion designer! - Scissoring out!
All right!
- Number three! - Roberto Rafael!
My products never fail! But I don't like if you just come to use the scale!
Am I right?
If it's not right, I fix it!
- I was going to... - How's your diabetes?
I don't know how it is, but here's some free insulin...
Thank you, electrical pharmacist...
- Almost! - I love activities!
How active am I! What was I doing the whole scene? This...
You super active pharmacist!
- What was it? - You super active pharmacist!
- Super active... - Hyperactive!
Stupidity! There's no medicine for that!
- One left. - Hyperactive...
And you, masochist mechanic!
The jokes are like this...
IMPROVÁVEL Probably a good show.