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The actor who had a really good success for his role in Transamerika, Kevin Zeggers,
has now accepted a part in The Colony from director Jeff Renfroe.
Besides Laurence Fishbourne and Bill Paxton as survivors of a futuristic Ice Age.
Zeggers has taken part to The Jane Austen Book Club, a light hearted comedy,
has been busy for two years with the American series Gossip Girl and now
will also appear in the British mini-series Titanic: Blood and Steel.
The screenwriter Chris Weitz has passed with success from one project to another with very different genres.
From American Pie to New Moon, from the Oscar-nomination About A Boy and
A Better Life, also with the same nomination.
Now he has signed on for re-writing Disney's Cinderella.
Also Mark Romanek (Never Let Me Go) is attached to the project.
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