22 Paris Part 3 - Secrets in Plain Sight

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Moving on toward the strange attractor at the end of the axis we finally conclude our
journey through space and time at La Grande Arche.
Contemporaneous with the Louvre pyramid, the Grand Arch was also built at the request of
President Mitterand. This time Mitterand held a national design competition but personally
selected architect Johann Otto von Spreckelsen in the end anyway. Unfortunately Spreckelsen
died before the project was completed. The location of the Grand Arch has a special
relationship to the Arc de Triomphe, the Luxor obelisk, and the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel.
All four monuments are spaced in such a way to create this approximate doubling pattern
suggesting musical octaves. In addition, the Arc de Triomphe is roughly
double the size of the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel, and the Grand Arch is about double
the size of the Arc de Triomphe. In the scaling of the three arches I see three
stargates representing the human, planetary, and stellar bodies, just as we saw symbolized
with cubes in London and DC. Notre Dame cathedral fits perfectly inside
the Grande Arche. I'm guessing this is no accident.
A tune in three octaves if you will; I call it the symphony of the stargates.
The dimensions of the monumental structure are cubic with edge length measuring approximately
110 meters or 360 feet. Researcher Jim Alison realized that 360 feet
is also precisely equal to 210 Egyptian royal cubits, and I see that the office windows
inside the arch are arranged in groups of 210, providing validation of this metrology.
The exterior sides symbolic measure depicts 22/7 in meters. 22/7 is of course an approximation
of Pi. Twelve columns internally support the structure
and a zodiac is literally depicted in the basement floor, making the arch yet another
form of Sun worship. The sides of the monumental Arch actually
contain some 40,000 square meters of office space. Multi-purpose rooms in the basement
measure 400 square meters each. These numbers got me thinking.
40,000 and 400 are very interesting numbers. To appreciate this let's start with the metric
system. The metric system was originally defined by
measuring the Earth. The original Prime Meridian passed through the Paris Observatory and continued
all the way around the earth. This circumference was defined as 40,000 kilometers in the 18th
century and this served to define the metric system.
There are 121 documented bronze medallions marked ARAGO after the French astronomer embedded
in streets and sidewalks in a line crossing Paris. These medallions mark the line of the
Paris Prime Meridian that was used in France for 200 years. This line touches the corner
of one of the Louvre's satellite pyramids. Perhaps this is why the smaller pyramids are
there. The metre is the basic unit of length in science
today. The metre's definition moved from being based in earth measure, to a prototype bar,
to being circularly defined in terms of the speed of light, which is itself measured in
meters/second. Christopher Knight and Alan Butler's book
Who Built the Moon? is really an eye opener. Although I don't agree with their thesis that
the moon is an artificial satellite, they have discovered numbers relating Sun, Moon,
and Earth that are too perfect to be the product of random chance.
For example, consider a solar eclipse. When one happens the Moon completely covers the
Sun disc. The only reason this can occur so precisely is because the Moon is exactly 400
times smaller than the Sun and happens to be 400 times closer than the Sun during the
eclipse. The Earth also turns 400 times faster than the Moon.
The odds of these three seemingly unrelated characteristics would all converge on the
number 400 is literally astronomical. As I already mentioned the Axe Historique
is aligned with the heliacal rising of Sirius, known as the star of Isis. But the Grand Arch
is turned approximately 6 degrees with respect to this axis.
This is of course no accident. Everything has a purpose. Can you imagine the mind-boggling
planning that went into the Grand Arch alone? Groundbreaking architectural design that ties
together layer upon layer of hidden symbolism completing the Hermetic masterpiece that is
Paris. Jim Alison has found what the Grand Arch is
pointing to, are you ready for this...it points to the birthplace of Isis in Dendera Egypt.
This tiny unassuming temple out in back of the larger Hathor temple is known as the traditional
birthplace of Isis. The location of the small cube within the larger enclosure matches the
azimuth where the Grand Arch is facing. Remember that the heliacal rising of Sirius
was the basis of the ancient Egyptian calendar. Well here is where all of that started. This
is where ancient Egyptian priests saw her bright star rising just before the dawn signaling
the beginning of a new year. Isn't it amazing that the Champs-Élysées
and Pennsylvania Avenue share the same astronomical orientation with this tiny backwater in modern
Egypt? Backwater it may be today, but symbolically
its the holiest place in the cult of Isis. Napoleon came here and had a master mason
cut out this massive ceiling from the adjacent temple, and ship it back to Paris. It's called
called the Dendera zodiac, and is now suspended in the Louvre.
As you can see the Dendera zodiac has octagram star symmetry. More than a zodiac, it is a
planisphere showing the whole cosmology as seen through Egyptian eyes.
Another Louvre ceiling that gets to the essence of things is Francois-Edouard Picot's Study
and Genius reveal ancient Egypt and Greece. Hancock and Bauval recognized the importance
of this Hermetic work in their book Talisman. The painting allows the viewer to see Isis
unveiled for Athena. This unveiling references Plutarch's 1st century
description of her temple at Sais where it was inscribed,
"I am all that has been, and is, and shall be. My veil no mortal hath ever raised."
The term Genius in the title is the epithet of the divine messenger Mercury who is introducing
Athena to Isis. I think the Western world, exemplified by
Athena, is being introduced to the older stream of knowledge coming out of Egypt.
As I can attest, the term Study in the title refers to the intensive research required
to uncover the deep Egyptian connections that the elite is so clearly obsessed with.
Returning to Paris let's look at the Grand Arch with fresh eyes. Remember that everything
has a reason. The Grand Arch is in La Defense, the modern section of Paris. Why? We need
a modern mathematical understanding to perceive its deepest symbol and to recognize it for
what it truly is, a three-dimensional shadow of a hypercube.
Come again? What is a hypercube? If the square is 2D, the cube is 3D, and the
hypercube is the 4D equivalent. Here's what a cube looks like when it's being
rotated. Here's what rotating a hypercube looks like in three dimensional projection.
The fourth dimension is hard to imagine because it's literally beyond us.
You might be interested to learn that four spatial dimensions were known far before the
birth of modern science. Here is what St. Bernard de Clairvaux wrote
to his former disciple who became Pope Eugene III:
"What is God? He is length, width, height, and depth."  There are four spatial terms
used. Bernard described the fourth dimension in the 12th century.
St. Paul also described four dimensions in the first century:
"That Christ may dwell in your hearts by faith; that ye, being rooted and grounded in love,
May be able to comprehend with all saints what is the breadth, and length, and depth,
and height; And to know the love of Christ, which passeth knowledge, that ye may be filled
with all the fulness of God" Four centuries before Paul, Plato even described
higher dimensional reality in his allegory of the cave which goes something like this:
We are prisoners chained in a cave and sit facing a blank wall. There's a fire outside
the cave and unseen people are passing in front of it. We see shadows on the wall and
mistake this illusion for reality. I think we are kept in the dark about a great
many things. Notice how the hypercube's shadow in 3D projection
looks like a cube within a cube. This structure is fractal, meaning the same pattern repeats
at different scales. We've seen things like this before in cities,
buildings, and art. Consider the fractal-like City of London within Greater London, Vatican
City within Rome, and the United Nations Headquarters within New York City.
On the scale of a building take a look at the Dome of the Chain standing immediately
outside the Dome of the Rock. It's the same structure repeated in smaller scale, hinting
at a higher dimensional connection for those who have eyes to read the symbolism.
Examples from art are Pomodoro's series of Golden Spheres within Spheres scattered strategically
in the Vatican, UN Headquarters, museums in DC and San Francisco.
The sacred Egyptian cubit is a unit of measure reserved for measuring the Earth. One sacred
cubit is equal to 6 over 5 raised to the fourth power in English feet. Think about it, raising
to the fourth power means the sacred cubit is literally a hypercubit.
Michell and Heath have found there are 10 million hypercubits in the Earth's polar radius
and 63 million hypercubits in its meridian circumference. Now these amazingly round numbers
measure our planet with remarkable accuracy (99.995% for polar radius and 99.5% for meridian
circumference). How can this be?
Some physicists believe the universe is made of 10 dimensional superstrings, but 6 of them
have curled up into unimaginably small size. The four remaining dimensions express the
architecture of the universe. In addition, the Earth is measured by a hypercubit
whose edge length of 6/5 relates macrocosm to microcosm.
The Earth is therefore a hyperdimensional object even though with our normal perception
we experience both the earth and ourselves as being only three dimensional.
Recall how I saw in the union of both Louvre pyramids the knowledge of how energy flows
from the Sun through hyperspace into planetary bodies.
Another projection of the hypercube into two dimensions looks like this. Do you see the
octagram star within? This is where it all comes from. The Sun is a hypercube.
Recall Metatron's Cube. Now that we understand the Grand Arch we perceive Metatron's Cube
as Metatron's Hypercube. This 4D solar symbol appropriately contains the 3D Star Tetrahedron
and the 2D Star of David. We see now why these sacred diagrams are both called stars, because
they are projections of our Sun which is itself a star.
To make all this four dimensional geometry easier to understand it helps to bring it
down a level. Unfolding a square gives you a line. Unfolding
a cardboard cube gives you a cross. Unfolding a hypercube gives you a cross made of cubes.
Salvador Dali started with this idea when he painted the Corpus Hypercubus. He depicts
the crucifixion yes, but what is he really saying? Corpus Hypercubus is the ascended
body as hypercube. In Analytic Cubism, the art movement that
anticipated Dali's Surrealism, Picasso and Braque depicted objects from a multitude of
viewpoints in an effort to see all sides at once. Of all the myriad forms in existence,
why did they choose a cube to symbolize their art movement? Could these Cubists have been
privy to secret knowledge that inspired their attempt to paint the fourth dimension, or
did they follow unconscious synchromystic inspiration? Food for thought.
So now we have the human body, the earth, and the sun symbolized as hypercubes...three
cubes if you want to use a 3D symbol. So which is it? It's actually all of the above.
The human, planetary and stellar scales resonate as a fractal structure within the holographic
universe. In simpler terms, as above, so below.
Metatron's hypercube as Enoch's hypercube reveals the cosmic man. Enoch's triangle had
the ineffable name of God written on it. Here is that name in Hebrew, which is a language
read from right to left. Standing the letters up, we see the depiction
of a man made in God's image. The cosmic man is Plato's world soul, alchemy's Anima Mundi,
and the Kabbalah's Adam Kadmon. Here's a piece of my own artwork showing Adam
Kadmon emerging from the tree of life. If the human body is a temple then this temple
is much more vast and interconnected than we ever imagined. The human energy form resonates
with the esoteric architecture of the universe.