TrollsNews 98 - Justin Bieber vomiting, Ghost returns, and Smiley vs /b/

Uploaded by Trollsnews on 06.10.2012

TrollsNews today Justin Bieber vomits
Ghost returns /b/ in a movie
Good evening and welcome to another episode of TrollsNews, show that brings you all the
important information about trolls or just a random drama on the internet.
The first report of today was brought to you by Grayson Matthew, and it is about Justin
Bieber vomiting during his performance. OF course there are several theories why this
happened, personally I think that he might feel about his music in the same way as we
do, because let's face it, vomiting is usually our reaction as well. The other theory is
that he might have caught a Bieber Fever, which usually causes vomiting and hopefuly
death, so get your shovels ready. It's definitely worth it to follow link in description of
this video, because some of the comments are hilarious.
MonarchNacho brough the next report, which is about possible return of the great host
of capitalist radio - Ghost, on 26th of September he posted on his twitter Ghostpolitics, a
video of Arnold Schwarzenegger saying "I'll be back", this followed by hash tags of TCR,
SeriousBusiness and AreYouSerious, which could really indicate that he's going back to his
broadcasting. We can only hope that if he returns, people will understand that trolling
is an art, and not just fucking spamming the same shit over and over again.
The last report was brought to you by blackcyclops101, apparently in the upcoming movie Smiley there
are several references to /b/, in the description of this video you can even find a part of
the movie where 4chan is definitely mentioned. Of course most of the /b/tards don't really
appreciate the attention, because it most likely means just an influx of more rookie
internet users to the 4chan, which means further corruption of the corruption that we actually
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My name is Vol Jang and that is Steve, stay safe under the youtube bridge.