Survivor Israel VIP S06E13 [w/eng sub]

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Previously on survivor... (the history of Itay S. and Moshe relation)
I did what I did because I want buki here with me
[itay s] natalie was voted out. wow
I hesitated until the last second
- (yulia) You should be thankful you are still here - (itay) I souldn't thank anyone
- buki, I'm talking to her and I have not finished
- you have to appreciate me, you have to respect me - No, you need to understand that I did it... I end up keeping you in the game
[itay s] I don't have to thank anyone that I'm still here
- Natalie would have been grateful if we kept her in. (Itay gets upset about it)
[itay s] yulia and buki suddenly got power
I'm sorry i'm not thankful...
- (yulia) You don't have to 'kiss our feet'
(buki) -I apologized!!
hope island
what a surprise!
- what happened?
natalie tells him what happened
[oshri] I am very surprised to see Natalie, but cool, other people made my job
oshri: you freaked out and broke a good alliance.
- maybe if we had sat and talk about it, all would have developed differently
[oshri] she made a big mistake that cost her the game
[natalie] meeting oshri was not pleasent, there was a tension.
[oshri] natalie didn't made her move because she is a bad person...
[oshri]... she is just a woman, and women are hysterical...
Dang - day 18
[itay] i feel bad that natalie is gone, but at least i still have my good friend moshe.
(some more itay making fun (jokingly) of moshe, and moshe not liking it, but not saying anything to itay's face)
- Come here, moshe come here
[moshe] I have many problems with Itay, he forces me to do things i don't want to do
- where is the machete?
- saved in my ass
[moshe] The last 8 years of my life have been really difficult... talk to me nicely, do not laugh at me
(talking about food, Anna makes fun of anat for not wanting to eat animals)
- "Manicure, pedicure, shower" - you'll give me a heart attack
tree mail: "cooperation is important, fire helps to survive, but it can also burn"
welcome to the reward challenge
- tinium, natalie was voted out last night. - oh what a game.
[itay] i'm happy she's gone. she lied and got what she deserved.
challenge: 4 tribe members will stand and hold a torch
you must hold them with your hands only. the last tribe standing without dropping all the torches - wins reward.
- what's the reward? - this is the best reward in the game yet...
- immunity is up for grabs
- i dont understand, isn't it a reward task? -no, it's immunity.
[anat] immunity now? I don't understand...
in addition, the winning tribe will have a small surprise... but more on that later
17 minutes in, we're still tied.
[itay s] i got worried because my situation in the game is bad, i don't want to go home.
[buki] shut the f*ck up, stop, I'm in the middle, my hands are shaking
- stop singing you idiot...
[buki] Stop with your games, asshole
- buki drops Dangs first torch.
- what are you doing? why? - i got tired of you
25 minutes passed. Tinium in the lead.
[moshe] itay yells at me and it makes me stressed out, i'm not good under pressure.
- moshe drops the torch, him and itay are out.
- (yulia) I can't stand another hour - (buki) neither do I
- come on buki, drop it
don't fall!
buki yells at yulia "don't move or i'll beat you up"
- yulia shut up - buki relax
(buki gets more harsh : "yulia i'll f*ck you up later, I'll break your head" etc.)
[yulia] it's hard to handle buki, but its a game so i keep going.
yulia: you are talking really not nice. buki: you ...
40 minutes passed.
- azam drops his torch.
[anat] I'm just stuck with both hands feeling like Samson...
buki drops... Tinium wins immunity.
buki: if you wouldn't have danced and sang... - buki don't blame anyone.
[buki] we lost because of me... "what a dark life"
[itay s] this is the first time i'm not in control of the game. buki and yulia will vote against me, but I have moshe.
- Dang, you will not have much time for strategy...
- tribal will take place in 2 hours.
- tinium...
you will also go to tribal. you will also vote...
but your vote will give persoanl immunity to someone from Dang.
[itay s] i knew I was screwed, they'll never give me immunity.
(buki says he is sorry about what he said during the challenge. Yulia says she forgive him.)
- so tonight if itay doesnt get immunity, he's out? - yeah
[itay s] this is the situation: moshe and I will vote for yulia or buki, buki and yulia will vote for moshe or I, so it's going to be a tie.
[itay s] Tinium will probably give immunity to yulia.
- who do we want to give immunity to? you have itay and moshe, and then buki and yulia
- the least strong one
- if we want to keep the weakest, it's buki. - so we'll give it to buki?
- (turgi) we should give it to yulia. -why? - cause I can progress with her in the game.
-what do you think azam? - i'm okay with whatever you decide.
- (yulia) how would you feel if Itay is gone? - (moshe) it's complicated...
(moshe talks about morals in the game, yulia trying to tell him it's okay to be a man and make a decision)
- can you make an exception and break your moral promise?
(moshe thinks about it)
- well, I think I need to balance myself in the game
[moshe] she is hinting to me that it would be a good for me without itay here.
- everyone hurts everyone in here, just dont think about it in terms of hurt, it is a game.
[moshe] the message i've got from yulia was that it may be okay to vote out my friend.
itay s: what did yulia tell you? moshe: if I wouldn't mind voting you out
itay: what did you tell her? moshe: that she souldnt ask me such a thing.
moshe: we both agreed that if we had to vote for each other we'll let the other person know.
itay: i can't even think about voting you out.
[moshe] we promised we wouldn't vote for one another. now I have to do the impossible.
[some more itay joking around with moshe ("watch your mouth", "shut your hole"...) moshe not taking it well]
coming up...
welcome to tribal Dang and Tinium.
- tinium, you will vote for immunity for one of Dang's members after that Dang will vote a member out.
- how does it feel to be back here again so soon? moshe?
- i don't like being here. things are happening to me in this game... im 48 and im slowly maturing here...
- i'm nice and well liked but i know I'm not playing the game...
me and Itay S. promised we won't write each other's name, and if we will, we'll let that person know.
- I'm writing his name today
(moshe keep on talking about him and itay being friends and how he is doing it so his family will see he can make moves)
- im the leader now, starting today i am in a alliance with buki and yulia.
(now talking about his and itay relation and how he felt itay makes fun of him)
- you never told me that, I've no idea what I've done... i've only said good things...
(trying to figure out why moshe says/does it, itay doesn't understand and moshe can't explain.. "That is what I feel")
- itay welcomed moshe in the tribe, but he also managed his life.
- We are losers - That's not true, i'm not a loser, you just keep saying that
My heart is broken
- tinium, what do you think about moshe's decision?
- to me it seems that moshe picked the wrong time to be a hero, when his friend needs him.
- I felt that you didn't like Itay's jokes, but that is not the way to fix it, you should talked to him earlier.
- i think moshe got tired of his attitude to life: "I'm funny because i'm a loser"
- if I had to evict someone today, I would evict Moshe. The way he plays does not deserve to win.
- i am mad at itay on a personal level, cause he voted off oshri, but in this case I'm with him. moshe is still here thanks to Itay s.
- If I were in Turgi's tribe, i would try to evict him asap, cause he is not deserving to be here.
- what you did to Anat shocked me, I dont know how she is even sitting near you.
- time to vote, who gets the immunity necklace.
coming up...
tinium had voted... this time you want to see you name...
first vote: itay s.
itay. 2 votes itay s.
- the person who wins the immunity necklace... - itay: no way.... thank you.
- itay s.
- itay s: i didn't want to be evicted like this. - itay t (turgi): you didn't deserve it.
(moshe says he is happy too, now he doesn't have to write itay's name)
moshe: i hope he forgives me...
- time to vote...
[itay s] I love you, you are my friend, you are my friend.
- first vote: moshe.
- moshe. 2 votes for moshe.
- buki. 2 votes moshe, 1 vote buki.
in case of a tie, we'll go to the fire-starting challenge.
- the 8th evictee of survivor VIP is...
- still unknown... (itay s voted for buki)
2 votes moshe, 2 votes buki
the first one to burn the rope stays in the game.
(itay encouraging moshe)
Buki burns the rope, and stays in the game.
moshe, you are evicted and going to hope island.
i feel this game was too cut-throat for me, maybe I leave in good time, cause I failed trying to be cruel... Bye.
itay: you are a hero... I love you and not be mad at you.
- it seems you can't count on anyone... only on yourself...
...and maybe it's for the best.
Dang, Tinium, starting now you are one tribe.
- you made it to the merge
[turgi] this is great, we made it... I reached the merge with my two allies
[anat] it sounds really awesome, nine people are gone and i'm still here
[buki] I'm not the greatest celeb, I don't know how to survive, on day one I was picked last... and I did it
your tribe name is Sanay.
it means glow in Thai.
- i think it's a good time for a party...
- (guy) are you excited Turgi?
- i wasn't so excited when I lost my virginity...
- (Anat) It happend only few days ago so he still remembers it...
- (Ana) you don't have to tell them everything that's going on in the tribe...
- (buki) Seriously?!
(everyone is proud and/or shocked they made it so far...)
What about the music?
Party time!
Party time!
Party time!
Party time!
Party time!
Party time!
Party time!
Party time!
Party time!
Party time!
Party time!
Party time!
Party time!
[yulia] I want to drink, eat and be happy. I just want to relax, I don't care about anything... I'm on holiday
[buki still confused...] I've never seen Ana dance, cause I've never watched Idol... but she can dance...
[buki] turgi dances terrible
guy: i want to add something else, the people you love the most.
coming up...
(love you, miss you, proud of you...)
those were my wife and my middle daughter, im married 24 years.
(hi mommy... miss you.. love you...)
(itay turgi's parents)
(the man's talking in russian accent, everyone looks at Yulia... she is saying "it's not mine..." )
(Ana's parents)
(Yulia's mom)
(itay's still doesn't understand who's parents those were... Ana explains to him and says those with the accents are mine and yulia's)
(Azam's wife and sons)
[azam] i never understood how men can cry on those shows until now
- I've cried in prison and now I'm crying here...
("Hi dad, I really miss you... no I can't do it...")
"i hope you are okay, im having fun..."
[buki] we finally get to see Ori after we keep hearing about her all the time
"oh, i forgot to tell you that I don't love Justin Bieber anymore..."
Sanay tribe, the party is over.
Coming soon on survivor...