Personal Training Manchester - Exercise Strategies for Weight Loss

Uploaded by northwestpt on 03.03.2012

Hi my name is liam thompson and i would like to welcome you to part two in my series
of short videos
now as explained in the first video are used to be a bit overweight myself
and this was
despite exercising five or six times a week
now as we know exercises is one of the most important
factors in in getting healthier
decreasing the stress levels and uh...
losing body fat
but you can over train
and you can train incorrectly
no i was doing lots of cardio playing lots of football and on i was finding that i was
still putting on weight. Now im sure you all know someone who goes to the gym and
and doesn't really get the results that they want this is because of training
and what we need to do is rather than doing slow steady state cardio we need
to look at creating an afterburn effect and the way we do that is by by
metabolic conditioning
know what that does is it
ic it creates muscle soreness decrease lactic acid and it means that you body
is basically going to be burning calories for up to thirty six hours
after exercise
to believe it or not
you can be burning calories while you're asleep
the night after you exercise as well as the night that you did exercise that
this is this is absolutely massive
it means that we can train less it means we can spend more time for families and it
means we can go and do other things that we love 'cause i'm sure not everyone
loves to go to the gym
generally we recommend three forty five minute sessions a week
i generally train in about three times a week myself probably for no longer
than about forty minutes
i dont actually like the gym as much as people think i do being a
fitness person
i want to get in get out get my workout done
and i want to enjoy life like everyone else
so a recommendation is cut down on your cardio little bit and and and and and hit the
weights you've really got be doing body with exercises uh... lot like squats and
and lunges
uh... press ups
all these exercises that are going to be using measure muscle groups
if we can use imagine muscle groups and gonna burn more calories we're going to
burn more body fat
we're gonna get our heart rates up and make us healthier we're going to be less
uh... and of course we're going to be leaner because we're gonna trim up a
little bit as well
so remember dont be spending all your time in the gym
spent some time with uh...
doing other things that you love
we're gonna look in our next video video hot holly sleep can effect by five levels
another other lifestyle factors so thanks for joining us today
and we will see you on video three, thanks