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For us, a dialog is like traveling.
It brings together different worlds.
TAM presents
TAM presents Dialogs
>> Two different visions on the same theme. >> Passion
>> Juliana >> Nanobiologist - I work with genetics.
I’m a geneticist, I work with DNA.
- Adio...
>> Saulo >> Lyrical Singer I’m a lyrical singer and a bass-baritone.
- Hey, Juliana. - Finally. - Finally. - Pleasure to meet you. - Nice to meet you. Shall we sit over there?
- I think we have a lot of things in common, well, I mean we’re passionate.
- Right… Tell me a little about what Passion is like for you in such a technical environment.
- I’m a biologist and for my research I use genetics tools to try to see where in Brazil the animals the police apprehend in São Paulo are being poached from, and try to help get them back to their rightful place.
I have to keep this under control because of my academic side and I also have to be very rational in controlling other passions,
so it’s something that I, as a typical Leo, all or nothing, if I were an opera I’d be “Carmen,”
it’s something I have to control. If I manage to do something I’m proud of, it’s afterward that I sit and say, “now is the time to contemplate.”
- But what about you, how would you interpret it? Because an artist needs passion.
- Passion, for me, is pure emotion. I can often spend an entire day lying down, just listening to music that I will one day sing.
And when that presentation is over, I can look and say “it was good.”
So, for me, passion is something, a state of mind, a kind of contemplation. The more passionate I am, the more admiration I will have, the better I will communicate with my audience.
- I think, for me, that Passion brings realization, movement, it’s everything but contemplation.
- Want to play a game? - Let’s go. - Any note, regardless of the key.
- Is it OK if it has no key or note? - Shall we do this together?
- both sing) Ahhhh…
- Look into the distance…
- both sing) Ahhhh… - Look!
When we talk, we fly together.
- You lasted longer than I did. - Ah, yeah.
- Wow this is so much fun, if it were up to me I’d stay here talking. - It’s great, isn’t it?