2012 Red Dress Fashion Show

Uploaded by NIHOD on 14.02.2012

In 2012, The Heart Truth marked a decade of commitment to women's heart health.
During February's American Heart Month, the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute
(NHLBI) reaffirmed its commitment to increasing awareness about heart disease
among women and helping women take steps to reduce their own personal risk
of developing heart disease.
One of the campaign's signature American Heart Month activities,
the Red Dress Collection Fashion Show, serves as a red alert to women that heart
disease doesn't care what you wear---it's the #1 killer of women.
With the generous support of celebrities and the fashion community, the Red Dress took
center stage on the runway again this February as the national symbol of women
and heart disease awareness.

The Red Dress event is a signature event for us because we have such a large focus on
cardiovascular disease and the science behind cardiovascular disease in order to
improve patient care and outcomes.
So this is a real opportunity for us to connect to women all over the country to
demonstrate that heart disease really is something that they should be aware of.
It's the number one killer of women.
And that we have a role to play in order to prevent that.
My mom's heart is only beating at about 12 percent right now, which is amazing because
she has such a big heart and you just can't believe that she can exude all that love with a
heart that's barely beating.
So I'm here for my mom and to get the message out that this is the
number one killer of women.
For me this event is very meaningful because my mother passed away from heart disease.
So to me any reminder that I can give other women to be aware of their vulnerability and
to take care of their heart health is just an opportunity to be reminded of my
vulnerability, of my family with my mother.
And together --- you know I love women and we have to come together and take care of
each other and remind each other that we need to be healthy and sustain.
You know I think it's important, especially for women to pay
attention to their heart health.
Usually we're use to men of being aware of this, but as stress factors grow and women
work even more and still are mothers and everything that we do, we sometimes neglect
ourselves, and heart health is very important.
My grandfather had a lot of heart problems and my mom had some tough times a few
years ago --- she got very ill.
So I'm very, very versed on everything that can happen.
And I stay very healthy.
I work out a lot.
Try to stay cardio conscious and heart healthy that way.
I eat very healthy.
I've always watched it.
For more information about the Heart Truth campaign visit www- dot-hearttruth-dov-gov.