Business Strategy used by Virgin Airlines, Apple, Tony Robbins & Google

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bjbj,E,E Are you ready? In this video, we are going to reverse-engineer the techniques
used by Apple, Tony Robbins, Palm, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs (Of course that s Apple).
Now the kind of weirdo I am, I tend to analyze super mega successes and I look deep inside
what were the pieces that made them the success that they are today. That is what the whole
domination community is about and that is why you are in this course. So let s steal
the ideas and the principles they have used to become the mega-successes they are today.
The common denominator that we are going to discuss, the major piece of the puzzle of
the domination method is Perspective. That is the business strategy that all of these
people have used. So let s just dive into it. s just get back a little bit and talk
about Walmart and what s Walmart s business strategy is. They talk about low prices Everyday
low prices. It s assumed in our minds that Walmart is the cheapest shop out there. Although
that s not true and we all know that dollar-to-dollar Walmart does not always has the cheapest prices,
but that concept has helped them that they offer better deals than the competitors of
their size. If we compete for lowest price ever, in the longer run, for small businesses
we are almost always going to lose, because we are working on such a small margin, that
if somehow a competitor of ours manages to lower the cost by even a fraction, we have
lost. So going for the cheapest cost ever, does not always work. There is another reason
why the lowest cost does not always work. It s because in our mind it is considered
Cheapy . Let s say if I buy a shirt from Walmart and it has a brand written Walmart Shirt that
is not perceived to be a good shirt, because Walmart does not carry good quality clothing,
shoes and suits. But brand perception or associating a person with a brand in terms of clothing
or shoes, or those kinds of things, it is not really considered to be elite. It is considered
Cheapy , what I call it. Now on the other hand, Apple created their whole brand by charging
premium pricing and when a person has an Apple product, it is considered to be cool. OK!
That is cool, but Google is absolutely free and when we talk about Google or using Google
services, we talk with pride. But we don t always talk with pride for something that
has been bought from Walmart because it is considered to be cheap. s about the perception
how a person is perceived based on the products he is associated with. Are you associating
with a phone that Apple offers or a phone bought from Walmart? So the way you price
your products matters. If you are the lowest-cost-ever, you might attract a lot of people; but you
will probably lose, if your competitor lowers the price of the product that is already the
lowest for you. And you are going to be working with really small margins and one the other
hand you are not going to have a pretty good brand impression and association with people,
in terms of perception of the quality. On the other hand, if you are selling premium
products like really over-priced or high-priced products, they are perceived to be elite.
You can generate additional revenue from your brand name itself. You also have an additional
buffer to work with some experiments. Let s say your marketing campaign did not work
out or some sort of marketing problems arose in your industry or in the economy as a whole,
you have a buffer to play with and you can rely back on, if some kinds of financial crisis
occur. But there is a problem with charging elite prices. Only 5% of the people are really
super-rich. If your prices are really high, so basically you are eliminating 95% of population
who cannot afford your products. But there is a solution and that is the Perspective
Strategy. What is Perspective Strategy? That was the strategy used by Apple, Richard Branson
in his Virgin Airlines, Anthony Robbins and some other products that you are really familiar
with. Now what the perspective strategy says is to position your product in such an angle
that your product is perceived to be of higher value and people like to associate with your
product, service or brand. s start with Apple. Apple is basically in the PC industry but
through their advertising and marketing efforts, they engraved in the consumers minds that,
Hey Dude! This is not a PC. This is a Mac! Basically a Mac is also a personal computer
(PC) but they said no, we are not PCs. This is something else. We are a Mac. Thus they
created a high priced product. The starting price of Mac is higher, we all know that.
They have different colors. Usually computers are black or gray in color, but they created
white-colored computers and they positioned it totally differently so that people say,
OK! This is a Mac and this is a PC! although they are all PCs. They used this strategy
in iPods also. MP3 players were around before iPod was around, but then the way they positioned
the iPods was such a way that anybody who talked about MP3 players, the first thing
that would come to mind was an iPod and not an MP3 player. So when a person or a parent
is asked by their children that I want an MP3 player, the child will never say that
I want an MP3 player mom, I want an iPod. So iPod became a generic phrase that only
identified iPod MP3 player by Apple. t you dare discount this principle of the domination
method, it s really critical. It shaped the way Apple is running today. Again with Blackberry
Blackberry is a totally different animal, the way they are marketed. Although it s just
a freaking phone with certain elements like a big screen, a big keyboard and the ball
that they have in the middle, but basically it was just a phone. But it positioned it
in such a way that it is considered a Blackberry. It was not a phone, I need a Blackberry. So
it s specific and it s specific to that phone. Same is the case with iPad and to somewhat
with Amazon Kindle. It is a kind of a book reader with touch screen and it is a tablet
or computer kind of a thing, but it s a different animal. You know, it s positioned in a different
perspective, and all these products that I am mentioning to you are super-duper successful.
s talk about some other examples. Let s talk about Anthony Robbins for instance. Anthony
Robbins is in the personal development industry and before Anthony was around, there were
other people who were talking about the mindsets, taking the stand and improving the lives.
Jim Rohn was his mentor and he was in the same industry, but the way Anthony Robbins
his personality, his way and his style of speaking and engaging the audience, and doing
those demonstrations and other cool stuff, Anthony Robbins became something totally different
than rest of his competitors. None of his competitors would go over the edge that Anthony
would go to the firework seminars and those stuff. So Anthony Robbins was totally a different
person. He was not really conceived to be in the personal development arena, although
he is and considered by most. When you think about Anthony, he is not one of those other
personal development people. I know you are getting what I am talking about now. Let me
give you my last example. It is about the Virgin Airlines that is introduced by Richard
Branson. Actually I was studying the case studies of different airlines like Delta Airlines,
United Airlines and other airlines out there. I realized that there was a period when airlines
met major financial troubles. Most of these airlines were in negative balance sheets and
negative profits, but Virgin Airlines has been a Mega success. Regardless of all their
competitors were fighting for prices, were trying to cut the costs and trying to survive
and get some profitability, but on the other hand Richard Branson is charging super-duper
prices and getting super successful. He has got the buffer to play with and he has got
elite population 5% of the population and he has repositioned the way a person looks
at the airlines. It s not something like a means of transportation and fast transportation,
it s a luxury. And now he is talking big money. Perspective strategy is the basis of the domination
method. Now who is responsible for implementing the perspective strategy in your business?
Of course it s you! How does the perspective strategy get involved in your marketing and
in your business? It s just a decision that you make that my product or my business is
going to be perceived by other people like this. Let me give you an example to help you
out. Let s say that you are in a custom engraving business. You have a watch or a present and
you get personalized messages written on those gifts that you have. Someone wants to write
Happy Birthday Brother and you write that on the gift. So you have a business. Now you
can position your business in such a way that you are not just perceived to be another engraving
company. You reposition your business and make it a gift industry. You say that if you
have a gift and you want it engraved, come to us and we will engrave it and do some stylish
writings. Now the customers are in the mind set of gifts and when people think about gifts,
they are not really price-conscious down to the nitty-gritties; but when people think
about commodity, they are of course price-shopping. They are comparing apples-to-apples. That
s another advantage that you have when you change the perspective. When people are talking
about iPhones, they are not really comparing prices because they are just talking iPhones-to-iPhones.
They are just one. There are no other people making iPhones, but of course there are exceptions
when other companies come out with similar phones as iPhones. s say if you have a hair
salon, you can reposition your business so that s a personal health center for men or
women or something like that. Then you can have supplementary products or services that
create a perception of elite-ness or something that people would like to associate with,
but you do not have ridiculously high prices. Just like iPhones, iPads and Macs are not
ridiculously high, they are really affordable. They are so affordable that it makes sense
to people to go to a Mac and not to a PC. So sit down, take a piece of paper and think
about the Rule of 20, and jot down all the things that you can think of 20 things at
least, on how you can change the position of your business and just use that communication
throughout your business with your prospects, so that the perception is totally changed.
The way you can dominate the market is by eliminating all the other competitors by changing
the perspective. That is, when you create an iPhone, there is nothing like an iPhone.
So basically you have eliminated all your competitors. When you are in engraving business
and you say that you are the gift shop and you personalize gifts, you have basically
eliminated all the gift shops because you are the Personalizer . Thus you have created
your own category just by changing the perspective. So you can get benefit from people think about
you as elite. You can charge a little bit extra prices and you eliminate a lot of your
competition. Overall people are pulling their hair out and saying, Dude! How is this business
surviving, when the whole industry is dying? That is perspective strategy. |k|k|]|]O]O
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