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Here we are in a home that did not
have a basement egress window installed when it was built.
It was only a few years old, but nevertheless,
a lot of builders wont spring for the extra cost to put one in.
There's three main reasons why you would want to have a basement egress window
in your home.
First, is the safety improvement.
If you have folks sleeping down here, in the events of a fire
tornado or other sorts of natural disasters,
They have an easy path out of the home.
Especially useful if the stairwell is on the opposite side of where the person is sleeping.
Second, look at all the light that it brings in.
It makes the basement feel more livable,
brings in more ventilation
and makes it feel like you aren't in a dungeon when in a basement office,
bedroom or media room.
Finally, an egress window does add resale value to the home.
If you meet all the other requirements for a bedroom
like closet space, ceiling height, square footage
and you have an approved egress window, you can actually market
that space as a basement bedroom!
Now the window system here is actually designed to
work together. These are made by many manufacturers
The actual window frame, window itself, stairwell kit and cover all come packaged as one unit.
These things are great because they are designed for the purpose of egress.
You just simply undue the latches, the window swings out,
I've removed the screen, but the screen is easy
to push right out. Then you hop right out the window,
and climb up the steps. I'm going to show you how that works next.
So let's pretend your just minding your business down in the basement of your home
and all of a sudden you have a fire.
*Alarm Beeps*
And out you come!
Now you saw when I came out the window that
I just simply slid that metal grate off the window well.
I'm a huge fan of these for safety reasons.
You can see, I'm a full sized grown adult,
and I can stand on these and it supports my weight just fine.
These are a great safety feature if you got kids or pets near your home
or clumsy adults, like myself.
That way you won't fall in if you're out working in the yard.
Alright, now that I've had a turn out the window, now it's your turn
So why don't you join me?
Well thanks for watching, we hope you enjoyed this video.
If you'd like to see a pictorial step-by-step
of how you install an egress window, go to this
this link to our blog site and we'll walk you through that.
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Happy Remodeling!