HITMAN 101 - Episode 9: No Rest For The Wicked

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Its one we keep getting dead end cases.
I get it, he's on your shit list.
But it's another thing to
God-damn tie our hands behind our backs.
We're sitting on three unsolved's without a fucking pot to piss in
and none of you lets us in on the fact that we've got a fucking criminal carnival
going on in the city.
You can fuck with him but you can't fucking block the trail of evidence.
I like you Cole.
You swear like a man.
Thank you Captain.
You're not wrong.
Here's what we got.
We sent them all on their way.
Told them to get the fuck out of dodge
or we'd find an excuse to keep 'em inside.
Except for one guy who confessed to killing Diaz,
with a pitchfork.
He's currently getting a much needed evaluation over at creekside.
If you come into this office again with that cavalry attitude,
being that fuck-wad Madsen's partner is gonna feel like a CAKEWALK compared to where you end up.
Good day detective.
Good day.
No rest for the wicked.
We're already on the last one.
We are?
And I was just warming up to the idea of a partner.
Who says this has to be the last time.
I don't sleep with random men.
I seduced them.
And then either use them or kill them.
I use innocence or sexuality as a weapon.
Not sex.
We don't have much time.
Are you really that daft.
Come over here and kiss me.
Sweet fuck all.
Had we been given the chance to interview them ourselves
maybe we'd get somewhere.
There were some heavy hitters that came in,
something being rotten in Denmark is a mother fuck of an understatement.
You're swearing a lot more these days.
I tend to when I'm pissed off.
At least three in here are known contract killers.
Here to take out the jurors.
What do you got?
Remember the disappearing man.
THAT'S the trial our dead jurors all sat on.
Fuck me sideways.
No, fuck ME sideways.
There's shit all on that case.
Like someone tried to erase it off the face of the earth.
We're God-damn lucky the juror list still exists or we'd be nowhere.
You didn't tell Hollis did you?
Of course not.
This is ours.
If there's any chance of bringing it in we're getting the credit.
Trying to remember who worked that case.
Wasn't it Pierce?
Holy shit, I could kiss you!
But I'm not a roofied nineteen year old co-ed related to your superior.
I got no come back.
You never do.
Didn't Pierce lose a battle to the uh, glug-glug?
I knew him way back when.
Guess a visit's in order.
Want me to tag along.
I doubt he'd be happy to see a member of the opposite sex given his current living condition.
Say no more.
So uh,
Eva's back,
and SHE'S a Hitman!
We're partners, maybe more.
I guess
you could say
we just sealed the deal on our partnership.
Which was kind of unexpected seeing as though she made me sleep the night on the couch.
She's still here actually,
having a shower.
I'd join her for round two but,
we really need to get into character.
Seems we're already on the LAST job of the project.
I finally get the girl and,
I don't know how this is going to end.
I need to know everything you know about the trial of Nikoli Korsev.
We're at three jurors dead and counting.
The brothers.
The uh,