UNAIDS World AIDS Campaign 2012 - 60s.flv

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No one ever asks someone with Diabetes or Cancer how they got their disease.
but we ask this of people living with HIV.
If you are afraid of something and continue to pretend it doesn't exist, it will just keep growing without you realizing it.
If a friend told you he was HIV positive, what would you do? -Dr. Wessam El-Beih, UNAIDS Egypt
Ill hug him, Ill help him.
Would you really?
Ofcourse Ill hug him. He is my brother, my friend... forget everything else, he is my friend.
I have to assure him that nothing has changed.
All he really needs is for you to ask him how he's doing... and to access care and treatment free of discrimination.
Don't worry.
A person living with HIV can live among family and friends the same way someone with Diabetes or Cancer does.
I am Menna Shalaby with the World AIDS Campaign.
To know more, call the hotline at 08007008000.
So lets work together to defeat HIV, not the person living with it.
Lets defeat HIV, not the person living with it.