Propellerhead Balance with Reason Essentials

Uploaded by PropellerheadSW on 10.07.2011

We're not doing technology for technology's sake.
We really try to think about how we use it and how it will help.
What we do is try to help people
make as much music as they can and have as much fun as they can doing it.
If we do that through making software or hardware, in a way that's arbitrary.
There's many opportunities coming from this when we make our own stuff we have
everything in between the musician and the software.
We have the whole flow there.
The stuff that is out there didn't really cut it in some of the ways that.....
it just doesn't work the way we think it should work so...
We said: "Let's do our own."
For me it's more a natural step than a big change actually.
We're a software company that's our foundation that's where we come from.
We feel that we can take what we learned from software and apply it to hardware.
We do have a contribution to make here because people are struggling with
simple things like installing and getting stuff up and running
and actually making sure that something is being recorded
and then we haven't even gotten to the parts of sounding good.
Balance is a two channel interface but it has a lot of connectors on it
and there's a reason for that.
In the small home studio we have an audio interface often with an external mixer
and the mixer makes less and less sense nowadays
because we do all the mixing inside the software.
It provides a very close to ideal set of jacks to plug in the stuff that people normally have.
And then you can really easily from the front panel of the interface just decide to record anything.
The interface is one part and the software is another part.
When you get the system together this is when you get everything you need.
Now that we're going to a model where Reason is the recording application
we felt the right thing to do was to slice it up for different types of users.
Reason Essentials was a way for us to take
everything that we really think is the core of Reason
and deliver it in a slightly more accessible package.
Fully capable and you know, no track limits nothing like that.
Reason Essentials gives you the core of what is Reason which is the rack.
Doesn't have all the instruments of the full version but it has a really nice set.
Reason Essentials is designed to be all the stuff that you need
and Reason is all the stuff that you want.
Our philosophy is to help the user right?
They should be focusing on making music, not the technical stuff
that's our opinion but then there is more advanced stuff too it if you want to.
We wanted to make the audio interface help people concentrate on
making a performance when making a recording.
One of the scary things is that you do this performance that is better than you normally do it
and it's distorted.
What if we could capture that?
And then if needed bring it back.
So we invented this feature called Clip Safe.
When you record this interface will record sort of a back up signal for you.
You can think about it like buying insurance,
it's there, most often you won't need it,
but there will be situations you're really, really happy that you had it.
Balance is an audio interface for people who want to focus on creating music.
It's super easy to use.
I've never used an interface that is this easy to use.
It's in our DNA that our stuff must work.
The software will work as usual and the hardware will work with the software.
It's for people that like things that work.