Expedition 34 Thanksgiving Message

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>> Hello, I'm Kevin Ford of Expedition 34.
Our three crewmates, Suni Williams, Yuri Malenchenko,
and Akihiko Hoshide, have just returned to earth
to spend Thanksgiving with their families and friends in Houston.
They were with us for about 4 weeks and now my crewmates,
Oleg Novitskiy, Evgeny Tarelkin,
and I will celebrate thanksgiving onboard the
International Space Station
by celebrating all we have to be thankful for.
And one of the things I would
like to say we're really thankful for, of course outside
of our family and friends, is the support we receive
from earth 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round
from our international flight control team, so thank you
for that support and being with us.
I wanted to show you a little bit about what we'll do onboard
for Thanksgiving Holiday.
Let me put the mic down here in zero gravity for just a second
and pull out a few of the things.
These are some of the foods that we'll share.
We'll have a little Thanksgiving feast onboard and we get food
in all kinds of forms up here.
I'm going to pull things out of these little turkey bag here
in just random order; however,
they float to the top of the bag.
This is not the order I recommend you eat them
in however.
So here's a little cornbread dressing, dehydrated
and ready for rehydration.
We have also some smoked turkey of course
to celebrate the holiday.
Here's a drink that we would consider seasonal;
it's a cranberry peach drink with sweetener.
I will pull out also a Russian can, it's a desert,
[foreign name], and that is an apple desert
which would be very good for the season as well.
Let's see what else we got here.
I found in our stash some baked beans that can just be heated
up in our onboard oven and also some cherry peach cobbler
for dessert.
[ Pause ]
I've got a crane-apple dessert which, of course,
is also very seasonal.
[ Pause ]
And let's see, just a couple more things in the bag here.
[ Pause ]
Here's some more Russian food, it's a puree, [foreign name],
which is...Oh, slukam [assumed spelling]
which is mashed potatoes with onion
which will also be delicious
and all this stuff is definitely going to be eaten
by us on Thanksgiving day.
Of course I'll get enough from my pre-made stew.
And here's a little packet of corn.
Just to show you what these look like, that is still unprepared
that corn right there; it's still in its dried state.
After we hydrate it, it looks something like this.
Just put some hot water in and give it some time and after
about 15 minutes, it's nice and tasty and ready to eat again.
So we have rehydratable food; here's one also,
potatoes au gratin, that's been rehydrated
and will be very delicious on Thanksgiving Day.
So one other favorite of Thanksgiving Day is candied yams
and I've got those here.
And let's see...put these foods down just for a second.
Get them all situated.
And Suni Williams was kind enough to leave onboard
for us some...some marshmallow cream,
so if I combine these candied yams
with this little marshmallow cream,
this is something I think a lot of people
like to do at Thanksgiving time.
So my Russian crewmates are not far away back
in the Russian Segment.
Let me see if I can find them.
[Foreign Language] So just as a final thought,
we'd like to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.
We're working today and tomorrow
and then we'll have Thanksgiving Day off
with the flight control teams.
So Happy Thanksgiving from Expedition 34 and I'll let Oleg
and Evgeny say it in their native language.
>> Hello guys.
Congratulations this Thanksgiving day.
All the best to you.
>> Thanksgiving Day...
>> [Foreign Language] So wish you all a very happy
Thanksgiving from Expedition 34.
>> Good.
>> [Foreign Language]
>> [Foreign Language]...
>> Did you show the menu?
[ Silence ]