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Hi I’m Dr. Lousie Murray You probably know that obesity is an expanding
problem for people. But did you know that being overweight is the most common nutritional
disorder in companion animals like cats and dogs? And just like people, seriously overweight
pets may develop many of the same chronic and sometimes even life-threatening health
conditions. Osteoarthritis, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.
The reasons your pet may be overweight are the same as for people, a combination of genetics
and taking in more calories than are used. And yes, the solution for your pet is also
the same: increase activity levels and lower calorie consumption. It’s important to make
sure your pet still takes in the nutrients he or she needs, even with smaller portions.
Confused about how to do that? A high quality, commercially available pet food formulated
for weight loss or weight management will have instructions on the label. Look for details
on portion size and meal frequency so you can best meet your pet’s needs.
And just as with people, step up physical activity slowly, by doing x or z. Keep any
medical conditions or other physical limitations in mind. You can even check with your vet
to make sure your pet is on the right track.
Eat a healthy, balanced diet, limit those in-between meal snacks, and make sure to be
physically active. That’s hefty advice for your pet, and you too!
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