Israeli Terrorism Against America: David Duke

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Hello this is David Duke In lecturing university students on American
policy in the Mideast I often begin by asking a simple question.
I now ask it to you. What is the only government in the Mideast
that made terrorist attacks against America? It may shock you but the answer is Israel.
Israel has made terrorist attacks against America. Israel has attacked and blown up
American targets. Israel has murdered and maimed Americans.
Most Americans have no Idea that Israel has made terrorist attacks against us. Here are
the facts. The first Israeli terrorist attack occurred
in the 1950s in what is now called the Lavon Affair, the Israeli government sent Jewish
agents in Egypt to blowup American movie theaters and libraries.
Only by a quirk of fate were the lives of Americans saved. A Jewish terrorist's bomb
went off prematurely. His mishap led to the capture of the entire terrorist cell.
This attack was far worse than a single act of terrorism costing some lives and property.
It was meant to lead America into murderous, unjust war against an innocent nation: Egypt.
A war that would have cost the lives of thousands of Americans and cost billions of dollars
Thank God that Israel was caught so red-handed it had to admit that the terrorist attack
came from its own government. However, the Jewish-dominatedmedia in America quickly swept
it under the rug. Did the President order a retaliatory strike against Israel. No, American
just sent Israel more money. Imagine, a nation makes a terrorist attack
on you and you send them more money and more bombs!
Here is picture of a recent award ceremony in Israel, for the Israeli Lavon terrorists
who attacked America. The Israeli President gave them medals and called them heroes!
It was not reported in the American media. Not a person in the media OR government and
media condemned Israel for praising Jewish terrorists who attacked America. Not a soul
in Congress rose in protest! In 1967, Israel made another terrorist attack
against America. On clear day, Israel attacked a fully-marked American intelligence ship,
the USS Liberty. The Liberty was in international waters, flying a huge American flag. It had
been closely monitored for days by Israeli pilots.
In a vicious surprise attack, as our boys were waving to the Israeli fighter pilots,
they began dropping Napalm on them, fired hundreds of rounds of cannon and machine gun
fire upon them, and then they came in with torpedo boats to sink the Liberty and kill
all our boys. The Israelis even machine-gunned the life
rafts the crew had deployed when it looked like the Liberty would sink. The Zionists
tried to kill every American. Egypt was to be blamed, just like the Lavon Affair.
The only thing that saved the Liberty was the bravery of its sailors, who under merciless
Israeli fire, rigged a makeshift antenna to issue an SOS to the sixth fleet that named
Israel as the attacker. That forced them to break off the attack. The Liberty sustained
hundreds of hits from canon and high caliber fire, napalm bombs, and a horrific torpedo
hit. The blood and guts of over 200 Americans were strewn all over the ship, Thirty four
of them lay dead or dying. Over a hundred and seventy one Americans were in agony, many
with crippling and disfiguring wounds, many suffering from horrible burns from the Napalm.
After their mission failed, Israel announced that it was simply a little case of mistaken
identity. Of course, that is patently absurd. Israel
monitored the ship for days. Huge call letters were on the ship, a huge American flag flew
in the stiff breeze. Americans also intercepted Israeli pilot's transmissions proving they
knew the ship was American. The US Secretary of State at the time was
Dean Rusk. In response to the mistake story, He said the evidence was clear that Israel
deliberately attacked us. quote, ".we refused to accept their explanations. I didn't believe
them then, and I don't believe them to this day. The attack was outrageous." Our top military
commander in 1970 was chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Admiral Thomas Moorer. He
was privy to top secret documents he said the Israeli attack was deliberate murder.
His words are worth repeating. "These sailors and Marines were entitled to
our best defense. We gave them no defense. Did our government put Israel's interests
ahead of our own? If so, why? Does our government continue to subordinate American interests
to Israeli interests? . The American people deserve to know the truth
about this attack.It is a duty we owe not only to the brave men of the USS Liberty,
but to every man and woman who is asked to wear the uniform of the United States."
The Jewish lobby prevented any full-scale congressional investigation in the attack.
The Captain of the USS Liberty won America's highest honor, the Congressional Medal of
Honor for his bravery. Instead of it being awarded at the White House with normal pomp
and circumstance, the medal was given quietly at the Naval Yard. The less Americans knew
about this Zionist terror attack, the better for Israel.
So what happened after Israel made this murderous terrorist attack upon America? Did America
send out a retaliatory strike against Tel Aviv? Did we condemn Israel? Did we even stop
sending them billions of our tax dollars? Nope. We just sent Israel more bombs so that
next time they get the notion to attack us, they can kill our boys even more efficiently.
Israeli treachery continues, dozens of Israeli spies have been caught in the United States.
The most famous, was Jonathan Pollard. Even according to the Jewish-descended secretary
of Defense at the time, Casper Weinberger, the Pollard spy case was the most damaging
in the entire history of America. Pollard stole top secret information of American intelligence
operatives and sources in Europe. The Israelis in a supreme act of treachery against America,
sold their names to the Soviets. Israel directly caused the murder and torture of hundreds
of our intelligence agents in Eastern Europe. Some spout that Israel is our only friend
in the Mideast. A friend doesn't make terrorist attacks against you, kill your brave young
men, spy on you and betray. With a friend like that you certainly don't need any enemies.
The only reason we have enemies in the Mideast at all is because of support the terrorist
State of Israel which has brutalized the Palestinians and other peoples of the Mideast for over
half a century. It is not in American interests to support
these Jewish terrorists, a small part of the population of the Mideast, and make enemies
of nations with the energy resources vital to America.
After the attack at Pearl Harbor, any American who gave any material support to Japan would
have been tried and executed. I say that any congressman or senator who
votes for the billions of dollars to be sent to Israel commits treason against the United
States. As is said, "when treason prospers, none dare
call it treason." I dare to call it treason to support a state
that commits terrorism and treachery against America.
We must demand that these traitors be arrested, tried and punished to the full extent of the
law. Zionism and Jewish extremism is a threat not
just to Palestinians, Lebanese, Syrians and Iranians, it is a threat to we the people
of the United States. Why is it that most Americans don't have even
the faintest knowledge about Israeli terrorism? What does this tell you about who controls
the American media and government? But Americans and people all over the world
are finally waking up! Help spread the truth by sending links for
this video to every person you know!