De Zaak van Sam

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It had been a beautiful day. A day like no other.
Franka got my coffee at 10.30. My sandwiches at 1 pm.
And my hot chocolate at 4pm.
Fifteen more minutes and that would have been it for today.
And I, Sam D. Philips, could go home and get a well deserved rest.
At least, that's what I thought.
When it's all behind you, you tell yourself, you had a feeling.
There was something in the air. Something was about to happen...
...that had not happened in a long time
There was a knock on the door.
-There's someone here to see you. - Tell him. I'm busy.
It's okay, Franka.
Sit... down.
-What can I do for you? -It's about my wife. Monica.
She disappeard. I think she's kidnapped.
It's allright. I'll see what I can do. I'll have her back within a week.
Tonight! I want her back tonight!
That's not possible.
Allright, allright. Tonight.
What does she look like?
She's beautiful. Incredible. Her blue.
Her mouth...delicious.
Her hair...blond as the feathers of a newborn chick.
Do you have any idea where she might be?
I think Bernardo Mangano is behind it all. I'm almost certain.
The owner of the Nightclub.
Before midnight, or else...
-What does that 'D' stand for? -Don't know.
That was just great. Antonio Baresi versus Bernardo Mangano.
Would it never end between those two?
The only thing I needed now was my gun. But where was it?
And again there was a parking ticket on my wind shield.
As if that could stop Sam D. Philips.
I had three options, I could go to the nightclub, the shed, or my office.
I still had an open account at the nightclub.
The shed I remembered because of the case of the murdered dockworker ....
... and my office I just left. Not an easy choice.
The nightclub sounded attractive, in spite of the open account.
The last time I visited it, there was a lovely lady singer.
Do you have a membershipcard?
-I don't have a card. -Well, then there's no party.
Is there a party? And it's cancelled because I don't have a card?
Wait a minute. I do have a card. Is this one okay?
It's not a nightclubcard.
How was it possible. Sam D. Philips had forgotten something.
It was never happened to me, although I have been in the... for a long time now.
That was a bad omen.
Franka, where would i be without Franka.
Do you have a membershipcard?
Excuse me... I thought... You see...
...I have this case... I'm looking for...
I came in here and I saw something and...
Go right ahead. But you know, like the saying says:
It takes heat to make fire.
Heads will roll.
-War to the knight. Knife.
Look before you leap!
Home sweet home. Tell me about it.
Hungry, son?
I'm giving a party tonight. A barbecue. All stores are closed.
I passed by, saw the sausage and I thought...
-I'll pay for it. -That's not the point. That sausage..
.. is for Lila Lola.
The singer.
-Do you have a pen? -Here, take these.
-What the hell... -It needs some basil and...
...a pinch of thyme.
-What? -It's just a suggestion.
A suggestion? A suggestion? I'll give you a suggestion!
Try again later when I'm finished.
The most intimate locations can give the greatest revelations.
The men's room seemed a perfect place to get some information.
-That pizza sucks! -The Quatro Stagioni was allright.
-And the service is not bad. -That waitress, what's her name...
-...was a cute little thing. -Sophia?
Give me a break! Your taste in women is as bad as your taste in...
...pizzas. No, I mean, what's her name... Anna. That's it.
-I think Maria is cute. -I beg your pardon?
-I think Maria is cute. -He better not find out about that.
If you lay a finger on his daughter, he'll kill you.
I wouldn't dare.
-You won't tell him, won't you? -Done?
I forgot my hat. Without my hat I felt like a nobody.
Vulnerable. Naked.
I tried the men's room one more time. Maybe I missed something.
You wait!
You like her don't you? Blond hair. Blue eyes.
-She ain't my type, okay? -I saw you looking at her.
-You tried to untie her. -Loosin' it! That rope was too tight.
-Her hands were all blue. -That's the cold.
Of course, in a shed.
The shed.
Typing a code to get in. Ridiculous.
One, two, three, four isn't that difficult to remember.
One, two, three, four. Mind your own business.
I've seen a lot in my life and I know Bernardo Mangano was no...
...sweetheart. But to put women in a shed? Even for me, that's...
...beyond reason.
I tried the men's room one more time. Maybe I missed something.
Do you know that joke about the Polack that goes fishing.
-No, tell me. -One day a Polack goes fishing...
-...throws his rod into the water... Wait a minute. Isn't that the... with the mermaid? -Mermaid?
That Polack goes fishing, doesn't catch anything all day, and then...
-...suddenly he catches a mermaid... -That's not the one!
Anyway, the Polack goes fishing, then a German arrives. No, that's...
...later. Damn! Now I forgot!
Do you want to hear mine?
I wished I could have heard the rest of that joke.
There's not much to laugh about in my profession anyway.
-Tip ? -Oh yes.
Thank you.
The shed, just as it should be dark cold and deserted.
An ideal hideout for a real crook.
That's what he was, Bernardo Mangano, a real crook.
You entered the wrong code. Please try again.
You entered the wrong code again. Are you short of memory?
Or should you just get lost?
The third time better be right!
The shed was exactly like I'd imagined. Dark, cold and deserted.
I didn't know were to start. Then...
I saw the elevator.
Hush! Sit!
Hush! Quiet! It's only me. Sam.
Look, what I've brought you.
Sausage! You like that, don't you?
You sure do like that. Delicious, ain't it?
And the last bite.
Take it easy. I'm here to help you.
-Antonio will be so happy. -What are you rambling. We...
-...haven't got all day. -Yes, we have. Till midnight.
-Who are you? -Sam D.
Sam D. Philips. Privat Investigator.
-What does that 'D' stand for? -Don't know.
-Did Bernardo send you? -Bernardo? Don't make me laugh!
Just untie me!
This is not possible. What a coincidence.
I was here just before you came.
Aren't you happy, Monica?
This is Sylvana.
Bernardo's sister.
If my wife isn't back before midnight.
I will kill here too.
As if my car took up too much space.
Lila Lola was gone. The bar was closed, and the guest had left.
And I...
I had a key.
-I'm looking for a woman. -Of course you are.
-I mean. I'm... -I saw you looking at me.
-I'm looking for Monica. -You're too late.
-Is she... -For two weeks allready.
Tough luck.
There's nothing you can do about it.
Do you have a gun?
Of course I have.
And this one does work?
Hands up!
What the hell...? Who are you? What are you doing here?
I'm looking for Monica Baresi. By order of her husband Antonio.
-What does that 'D' stand for? -Don't know. Goddamned!
Do you want a glass of water?
I want Monica Baresi, now. You're busted Bernardo Mangano.
-Give her back! -Give her back?
-You heard me! -What did Antonio tell you?
-That this bastard kidnapped you. -He'd wish.
I chose to leave him. He's pizzas sucked.
-But you have to come. -Why?
Antonio kidnapped Bernardo's sister.
If I don't bring her back by midnight, he'll kill her.
-And me too. -The son of a bitch!
I suggest a trade.
-No way. She's not going back. -But your sister.
-No, I won't let you go. -I'm afraid you have to.
-We got no time to loose. -I'm coming.
-Are you sure? -Yes.
Who'll take it?
You better take it.
Never wake a sleeping dog. That's what my cook always says.
You better stay here.
Just on time, son.
-I suggest a trade. -And that is...?
What do you think?
-Slut! -Just wait a minute.
Shut up! SHUT UP!
Translation: Jerusha Geelhoed
Who'll take it?
There, you take it.
Never wake a sleeping dog. That's what my cook always says.
You better stay here.
Just on time, son.
-I suggest a trade. -And that is...?
What do you think?
-Slut! -Just wait a minute.
Is that a gun in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
-Bernardo kidnapped me? -Kidnapped is too strong a...
-...statement. -It certainly is!
My marriage to you felt like being a hostage.
Come on! Maybe I'm a little posessive.
Please, put that toy away.
-Why don't we talk about it. -Talk? We never talked. Why now?
You're right. I apologize.
-Good work, son. -That's what I do.
- Sorry, for being so unfriendly. -No problem. I'm used to that.
I know what that 'D' stands for.
Darn good!
Translation: Jerusha Geelhoed