Markeloff Summer Secrets - Episode 2 - The School (with Eng subtitles)

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- There’s the 2nd day with Yegor Markeloff
and today we’ll see a few places where he spent
few years. Certainly I’m talking about his school
and university. Yegor changed a lot of schools; I don’t
know the reason, but maybe he didn’t like them. The
school you see here is the last one, where he was
studying from 9th to 11th grade. Let’s have a look.
Here he comes. That it looks like, here he
was studying proudly. Were you studying well?
- Well, teachers loved me.
- For what?
- I don’t know, just loved. I was nice. The
marks weren’t always excellent but almost
always I behaved well.
- Can we enter?
- Yes, of course.
- So, show us. What could you do there except
hanging on the horizontal bars?
- Well, hang out, simply hang out. Usually
there were fights, as far as possible from windows
and teachers, so they could not see us.
- And where is your cherished place? I mean
- It’s there.
- Everybody has it.
- It was so apparent, that children who smoked
there didn’t go this way, and they passed round
the building. And somebody was on the watch and
informed that the teacher was coming, so that
everybody could escape.
- Was somebody caught?
- Yes, of course. Even I was caught.
- And what happened?
- They called my father and told him that
his son had been smoking. – So what?
- Nice approach.
- Let’s go there first, to another building
where we had our classroom with our class teacher.
We studied Ukrainian language and literature there.
- It was your classroom.
- Yes, we went upstairs and got there, it was cool.
- Tell me, was it your best school?
- Definitely. There were the best people,
friends and everything was really cool here.
- It looks quite interesting. I can’t imagine
how the rest of your schools look like.
- Well, I’ve been studying in the lyceum and
when I entered it, there was a hall like the whole
floor with doors so that was the whole lyceum. Then
I’ve been studying in the ordinary school in my
district, but it was really usual. This one is
considered to be an elite one. Like Top 2 or 3
in Dnepropetrovsk on one level with 23rd and 67th schools.
- This school has number…
- Number 9 with an English bias, and to enter
this school one had to come to our school head and
to make a contribution to the school fund.
- To pay for jalousie.
- Yes. But as we can see everybody has paid for
plastic windows. Because when I was studying here it wasn’t
even a trace of it. But it was an advantage as during
snow fights they were broken at once.
- Oh, really?
- Everything happened.
- That was our school head’s room.
- This one, right?
- Yes, we’ll come in now.
- Listen, were you punished often for some
tricks? Steve Jobs for example set some bombs.
- Yeah, I should tell this story there. It
was such a moment, my class teacher called me
‘cause I had bad marks and I played truant, well I
wasn’t good to say so. And she called my father and
told him that there was such a case, it was terrible,
he must do something to his son, as he was shirking
school, smoking, having bad friends and got bad marks.
– “What? Bad marks? It’s ok. Health is more important.”
After these words the teacher started crying and she is
probably telling this story to every next generation.
Nobody was telling me off right after. As for my mother
she visited this school only once. She was called there
for many times but she was here only once on my diploma
acquisition after the 9th grade. Well,
here we coming.
- Was a canteen your favorite place?
- No
- Oh, really?
- We didn’t have meal here; we went to the supermarket
and bought Snickers, Bounty and lots of stuff there. We didn’t
eat in canteen as it was a total failure. When we came
there and asked for some food it was so gummy, even on the
plate. This is teachers' common room. Here we can see our
school head, I was her favorite.
That’s why I’ve got a pretty good certificate.
- Health is the most important thing. Did you fight
at school?
- Not so much. There was one serious fight;
I even don’t remember it well. We shoved each other for a while,
but usually I’m peaceful.
- And usually at school, were there a lot of fights?
Did you usually meddle in or just ignored them?
- I often separated fighters, but didn’t meddle in.
Even if they happened they weren’t serious, so everything was ok.
- There are classrooms upstairs, there is also a gym,
but I don’t know whether it’s open or not.
- Tell me about your working day at school.
For example you’ve overslept the first lesson and came
to the second, or how it was?
- I had to go here on the minibus if my parents didn’t
gave me a lift. It took approximately 40 min, though
it was so overcrowded that I had to stand in such a pose.
I had to take two minibuses.
- That’s why you always were late?
- No, I was rarely late, and if I was
late it was my decision.
- And did you shirk school?
- Of course.
- A lot? As for me I’ve never done that.
- Before I entered this school I had also never
done that.
- Here’s out canteen. Nothing changed here.
- These flowers were here as well?
- No, I mean tables.
- Yeah, I wouldn’t like to have dinner here too.
- There’s our gym.
- Is it open?
- No, closed.
- I want to tell you about our physical training.
In winter we were here in the gym and when it was warm,
for example in autumn or after April we were walking or
running in central park which was opposite to our school.
- But you liked it, didn’t you? All boys like physical training.
- Yes, I liked it though I often was absent at these lessons.
- Were you in love during your school time, I’m not talking
only about this school?
- Yes, I was in love in my first school in the 3rd
grade. I had a fight because of her as one guy pulled
her hair or hit her, it made me angry and I started the fight.
- Do you communicate with your classmates?
- From which school?
- From this one.
- Yes, of course I met here my best friends. I told
you about them, they have nothing to do with CS, but they
are my best friends. They support me but they also tell me
to leave this stuff.
- But these are few people and what about the rest?
- When I meet them on the street, certainly we can talk.
- And talking about your class, have you had a prestige?
- I had the highest level of prestige.
- Oh, really! Why?
- Because of my company and so on.
- So you were elite.
- Well, yes, we can say so, that’s why I liked my school years.
- Have somebody asked you for help? Were you a class monitor?
- No, never.
- You wasn’t entrust for this?
- No, not so much.
- I always was cool, but my school years are one of the best
periods for me. You can have a look of my school once again.