Mahabharat - Episode 69

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Had I not been Time ...
... I would have run away from ...
... the brave warriors ...
... who are marching towards Kurukshetra
Apart from Balram ...
... and Rukmini's brother Rukhmi ...
... there isn't a single warrior ...
... who is neutral
Man is destined to witness many wars ...
... but none will be as terrible as ...
... the Kurukshetra war
A sea of blood lies ahead of me
I must cross it to get ahead
The flags clutter in the strong wind
The chariot horses neigh
The elephants trumpet
The trees stand by in silence
The wind watches the armies go by
A dark night lies ahead
India, it is thy Fate
Death stands at the Kuru door
The Earth itself is on lire
The Kings of every nation ...
... its Princes and Commanders...
... march towards Kurukshetra
It is a holy war. It is the ultimate war
All the roads lead to the battleground
The air is filled with the sounds of war
Soldiers, elephants and chariots march on
Brave warriors all are bursting with courage
The instruments of war make a terrible noise
The dust rises as if to kiss the skies
It is a holy war. It is the ultimate war
Dhrupad is with his brave sons
There is Prince Uttar with his brave warriors
There is the able archer Sartaki with his army
All swear by the Fire to vanquish the enemy
Prince Sahadev of Magadh with his mighty army
The King of Chedi raises his banner to the sky
It is a holy war. It is the ultimate war
Yuddhistir advances with his weapons
Powerful Bhim wields the mace
Brave Nakul and Sahadev are like Fire itself
Draupadi's live sons, and Subhadra's son Abhimanyu
Young warriors all, but respected by Time itself
Krishna is astride a chariot of white horses
There is famous Arjun with his Gandiva
These are all warriors on the Pandava side
Those on the Kaurav side are no less brave
In a white armour and white chariot ...
... white-haired Bhishma marches on
Behind him is brave Duryodhan ...
... with Sages Drona, Kripa and a mighty army
Marching with him is ace archer Karna ...
... Kripaverma, Ulluk and Yuyutsu
There is also ferocious Ashwathama
Uncle Shakuni marches with an unsheathed sword
There is also Dushasan, an expert of chariot war
The very Earth quakes as they all march by
All the peace proposals which were advanced ...
... have all been unsuccessful
Everyone is ready to kill and to die
There is lire in their eyes and power in their arms
The Conches of war are being blown all over
The air echoes with the sound. The darkness is over
Faith rears up. Warriors are all eager
Time itself has opened ...
... the doors of war
Did you see Commander
We did not inform Yuddhistir ...
... from which direction we would come ...
... but he seems to have found out
Look at the welcome that awaits us
Hail King of Madra!
We welcome you on behalf of our King
How did you know from where we would come?
We did not know this
Hence, a welcome awaits you an every road from Madra
Even your loot soldiers will be taken care of
May I show you to the royal tent?
- Of course - This way
Hail King of Madra!
I'll praise you to King Yuddhistir
Not only will I reward you but so will he
Your happiness is our reward
Did you hear that! That is a true welcome
Look how cleverly he refused a gift
Your happiness is our reward! Very good!
Look! Il we act according to plan then ...
Greetings Prince!
- Has King Shalya come? - Yes sir
He is so happy that he is going to tell Yuddhistir
- Yuddhistir? - Yes, my lord
Did you hear that, Uncle?
Uncle Shalya is going to tell Yuddhistir
An Uncle like his nephews
If you can get him on our side ...
... the Pandavas will be shamed ...
... for all time to come
I am very happy
I'll reward you after I return from war
You have served your county well
Hail Prince!
Ask Brother whom we are waiting for
- You ask - I?
- How can I? I'm younger - And I am older
Arjun wants to ask you something
Why don't you ask, Arjun?
What is there to ask?
We must be waiting with a purpose
I am waiting for Uncle Shalya
We should wait for him
He is to play a significant part in this war
Whom will he kill?
War does not mean only killing
I rarely understand what you are saying
Why blame him for your limitations?
If Krishna says Uncle will play an important role ...
... then he will do so
Does the arrow first pierce the chest or the shield?
It must pierce the shield before the chest
Not necessary, Nakul
Some shields are special!
We should wait for the King of Madra
If you know, why don't you tell us?
Use words like ''if'' with great care ...
... and responsibility
It is a strong word and yet, gentle
It opens the door of possibilities
Every soldier about to wage war ...
... must close the doors of possibilities
We all know the King of Madra well
You are also related to him
There is an Uncle on that side
Whether we have someone like Shakuni or not ...
... we must have an Uncle
Victory to the king!
Should we camp here, my lord?
Has King Yuddhistir allowed us to camp even once?
We cannot insult him by camping here
March on!
Victory to the King!
The Crown Prince of Hastinapur...
... Kuru Prince Duryodhan would like to see you
Why does he want to see me?
I am going to light against him
All right ! Il he is already here ...
... bring him in with respect
As you wish!
Leave us alone!
My respects Uncle!
Welcome to King Yuddhistir's camp!
Yuddhistir’s camp?
Yes! He has not let us camp. At the end of every day ...
... we found his army of servants ready
I have never seen such hospitality
Now that's an injustice!
What injustice?
That Duryodhan should do the service and ...
... Yuddhistir should get the credit
What are you saying?
Service is not done with the fruit in mind
Besides, a family member gets the credit
He is as much Duryodhan's uncle as Nakul's
Isn't it?
Why are you worried?
It remains in the family, doesn't it?
War does not mean that the Pandavas are strangers
Of course not!
You cannot separate water by striking it
Even then ...
... your servants should have told me that ...
... they were your servants
But you did not ask them!
You merely said you were happy with their service ...
... and would tell Yuddhistir about it
But I am going to light for the Pandavas
I am not stopping you from doing so
It was my duty to serve you
I was only doing my duty
Even if it was done unknowingly ...
... I have partaken of your hospitality
I cannot leave without granting you a boon
Ask for something!
Forgive me Uncle
I do not trade my hospitality
I cannot sell my hospitality ...
... even if you pay for it with your boons
Then light me! I cannot remain obliged to you
Forgive me once again
You are my guest
I cannot light you in my own camp
Then you must ask for a boon. Ask!
This is an order, Duryodhan ...
... and you must obey your elders
Now, you must ask for something
Don't worry! He is your uncle like I am
If you wish to give me something...
... then as a blessing ...
... agree to be the chief of Hastinapur's army
Yes, my king
That can't be when Bhishma is there
Then honour me by being my charioteer
Krishna will be Arjun's charioteer
I, too, need a charioteer of that eminence
Who else in the world can it be but you?
Arjun on that side and I on the other
Krishna on one side and you on the other
And the world as witness!
I must prove worthy of Sage Parshuram
I don't want the world to say that ...
... Sage Drona's disciple is better than Parshuram's
Both of us have bows, O King
Both of us have arrows
Both of us are experts at warfare
But he has Krishna as a charioteer ...
... and I don't have one of that eminence
All right, O King of Anga!
I will be your charioteer because ...
... you are the only warrior ...
... who will dare hand over his horses' reins ...
... into the hands of the enemy
I cannot insult you by refusing
King Shalya will be Karna's charioteer?
Yes sir!
He agreed to the proposal in my presence
This will change the very nature of the duel
Apart from Krishna, there is none better than him
He is the best!
I had come to give you this good news
Where's King Shalya now?
He has gone to give Yuddhistir the news
Looks like eventually their warriors will side with us
Only the Pandavas will be left on that side
Allow me to leave now! My respects!
You may not light for the Pandavas ...
... but surely you can bless them
Or are your blessings only for Duryodhan?
I could not even dream that Duryodhan ...
... would ask for such a boon
He knew I was on the Pandavas side
He has acted treacherously
He has violated the limits of hospitality
My blessings will always be with the Pandavas
O Yuddhistir! May you be successful
My strength is with them
My weaponry is with them
My army is with them
But my blessings are with you
My life is for you! Only you!
Uncle! You have shamed us!
Don't leave the path of tolerance
I am not arguing, Brother but ...
... how can I forget that day in the forest ...
... when Mother Kunti told Draupadi to look after me ...
... because I was her favourite son?
How can I forget that Mother ...
... always led me before the the rest of you?
Wasn't I the first to escape from the Wax House?
And my uncle will light all of you!
He will drive Karna's chariot in the duel!
O King of Madra! Before doing that ...
... ask for Mother Kunti's forgiveness
Say that you are not obliged to her
O King of Madra! Today you have ...
... really made us their step brothers
No! You are dearer to me than my own brothers
By saying that you have insulted both our mothers
We are fortunate that both our mothers have ...
... showered us with their love
Our souls are filled with our mothers' love
Do not be angry with Uncle Shalya
He has done what a warrior should
Let me ask you a question!
Will you allow a warrior ...
... indebted to Duryodhan light for you?
Uncle could not remain indebted to him
Grandsire, too, will light on Duryodhan's side
So will Sage Drona! Do they love Duryodhan more?
Do not be so harsh to Uncle Shalya
Go and ask for his forgiveness
And after this day, never again ...
... call yourself a step brother
Forgive me Uncle! I have erred
If Mother knows of this ...
... she will be angry and deny me her love
Should I break my word or my relationship?
That is the dilemma lacing the Soul
The brave embrace one another...
... wondering which to honour
Hail Queen!
Queen Kunti is on her way here
Kunti is coming to see me?
Don't think that ...
... I'll forgive your past harshness ...
... because you have come to meet me now
No! I won't talk to you
What do you think of yourself?
Are you elder to me?
Don't you dare ''sister'' me now
Were you not reminded of me before this?
Are you just?
Why punish me for the crimes of this palace ...
... King Dhritirashtra and Prince Duryodhan
Forgive me, Sister!
I won't forgive you!
As your younger sister...
... it is my right to be forgiven
Then tell Draupadi ...
... to forgive Duryodhan and Dushasan
She is elder to them
You are the eldest, Sister!
Have you forgiven them?
I may forgive both of them but...
... I'll never forgive Karna or Shakuni
Both keep provoking Duryodhan
Karna is indebted to Duryodhan
He is merely tying to pay back the debt
Why are you making excuses for him?
The truth is not making excuses
His very life is devoted to Duryodhan
It is his mission in life
Forget him and his debt
Both of us are caught in a whirlpool
We cannot bless any one of them with victory
Nor can we curse them with defeat
Come Kunti! Let us mourn ...
... the fall of the Bharat dynasty
Give me your word ...
... that you will never curse my sons
A mother can never curse
She can only bless and hope
Today I was scared
Vidur's wile is pious but ...
... she has no courage
That's why I came to you
Only you understand the Language of my tears
Below this bandage ...
... my eyes have the same tears
Our eyes may be separate ...
... but it seems that ...
... our tears are the same
Duryodhan had come to me before going to war
He wanted a blessing for victory
You did not give it, did you?
That's why I wanted your forgiveness
For the first time, he wanted something ...
... and I could not give it
Had you blessed him with victory ...
... all would be lost
But I blessed him with a long life
My motherhood is indebted to you!
My lord!
Why had Kunti come to you
For forgiveness!
For what?
She wanted my forgiveness ...
... for not blessing Duryodhan with victory ...
... when he went to pay obeisance
Why is God testing our motherhood?
God does not confide in me, Gandhari
My lord, with your permission ...
... I would like to request Krishna ...
... to protect my sons
O son of Yashoda and Nand!
I beg for peace
Save India from the sea of blood
A warrior's wile never begs but always gives
Besides, he did come to us as a peace messenger
We refused his offer
We have ourselves invited this war
For the first time in my life ...
... I welcome my Fate
I bow to it!
Why blame Fate
Your Actions are to blame
Why delude yourself?
Recognise yourself!