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We're just arriving to the place where we're gonna celebrate my birthday!!
you'll see it very soon!!
it looks like we're getting to a desert
this year I wanted to do something different
something like to enjoy nature
so I decided to go camping
Do you want to go to the bathroom first or what?
First let's see our spot and then I'll go with Jennie
as you can see Kevin has never gone camping
he wants to bring the A/C, take a shower etc
When you go camping you don't take showers for three days
Did you bring perfume?
Keep an eye, we might get lost in this desert...
Now we're looking for our spot to set up our tent
We arrived, let's get started
I need a bed
Is it water proof in case of rains?
Jennie wants to know if the tent will protect us form the rain, of course it will
I'll take a seat while you put up the tent
No you'll help us
We don't need the chairs yet
Yes, we do.
You're gonna set up a living-room?
Yes, around the bonfire.
That's the bonfire where we're gonna cook and burn marshmallows.
I'll record while you set up everything
Let's read the instructions first, step 1
Take the tent out of the box! lol
Put it by the grass, 'cause if rains will be better
step 1 done, now step 2
We didn't bring a hammer so we are using a piece of wood
Like in ''Lost'' the series..
There's ants here
As you can see we're sweating like pigs
Put your finger , put your finger
It's too windy
Put the finger, put the finger please
She thinks she's so strong
Like in Titanic, she needs to hit exactly in the center
Bring another one.
In less than 30 seconds we set up this tent
Don't think im not helping, I already set it up
but in the video they're pretending they did everything...
and how about this?
that's what happens when you don't read the instructions
let's just improvise something with it
I don't think we need that for the entrance right?
We're done, it's ready yaaay
don't be stupid is not ready yet, is missing one pole
you're not reading this this is in case it rains to protect it.
We're here in the car , 'cause it started to rain and our tent is ready,
our wood for the bonfire is getting wet,
we don't know what to do everything is wet, It's my birthday!
why is happening to us? It's not fair! lol
you can't see it, but we're completely wet
look at my pants, they're all wet
It's like if someone throw us into a pool, thanks God we set up everything
before the storm.
I did set it up!!
"I'll record while you set up the tent"
She swear she did it!
Just in time before the storm and those horrible thunders!
My birthday raining, I don't care, it's all good!
Yaay we got back again!
We just got back from the forest, and I just realized that the tent was
under water. Remember? It was there.
I hate to say this, but I told you guys to put it by the grass...
look what happened! those are the consequences of not listening to me
I told Jennie, we have to set the tent there and look what happened !!
no you didn't!
Yes I did!
We have recorded everything in the video and nobody said to put it by the gras.
"Put it by the grass, 'cause if rains will be better"
look what happened to our beds, there's water all over inside the tent.
But this is not gonna ruin my birthday, 'cause we're gonna have so much fun...
Our friends that we invited they're just walking around the forest, and
they're are not helping at all.
We have videos that shows we brought the wood and these kids got in the car,
they were scared by the thunderstorm!
that's not true, for this cases is good to relax and drink a "Soda"..
There's 2 ways of cooking corn, if you want them soft you have to leave the
they're gonna be all dark and raw.
If you put them without leaves they will taste like gasoline.
What do you think? cooking them with or without leaves?
Look, one side good and the other burned.
They're good.
They're not burned
I have to accept Franko was right, but I had another recipe, it was a gourmet
There's many ways to cook them but this is the one I know.
What're you doing Jennie?
What are you doing! This is not for this, these are for the kebabs..!
Franko is like the politicians, they're always
late and want to justify everything they did wrong.
How old you'll be?
23 yrs old , and I'm so proud to say it!
Look what happens when I'm not here..! What is this?
Jennie that's gonna fall into the coal
Jennie deserves a tattoo in her leg
These smells like gloriaaa... like Gloria Trevi lol
The meat that I use is better
Doesn't look delicious?
What are you trying to do Jennie?
This one felt into the fire and she is gonna go to wash it.
Tastes really good!
We paint our faces for my birthday...
Are we playing clowns or what?
It's an spiritual ritual.
Iorio is eating all the time.
That's true, stop eating.
Juice and water.
Mine has something inside, like a bug.. and now we're gonna eat "bombones"
They're called "smurfs"
No, they're called marshmallows
You just put them in the fire and then you eat them.
They're burned.
They're really tasty (Chocolate, cookie and marshmallow)
The bad energy that you carry is here in the fire, you need to put your mind blank
and do everything i say... and do everything i say..
you're gonna be able to walk inside the fire
and I'll be in the sand so you won't feel it 'cause I said so...
let's start with Franko, put your mind blank.
Take out all bad feelings, bad energy or bad luck if you want to call it like that..
stand up and walk around the bonfire, now close your eyes give me your hand
and I'll guide you ..
Let me make it grow here. Just close your eyes and trust me, I'm your guide,
come this way...
It's hot, I'll be your guide! come.
You can't do it 'cause spiritually woman are more prepared than men.
Can you believe what she is saying?
That's why woman can get pregnant.
While you guys give birth I'll make me some marshmallows..
going to commercial break! and we'll be back with more..
Let's get all concentrate and we are gonna deposit all of our bad energies, thoughts,
wishes, etc. and materialize them in the fire..
"Materialize them in the fire!!??"
My wishes and good thoughts are here. I'm gonna burn them..
"Jennie is about to burn her good thoughts and wishes!!!"
Also my bad habits, bad energies, karma, etc.
Doesn't want to go away !!
Now is my turn.
This is a ritual..blah blah
She's making fun of me! this is a ritual where you write your bad
habits and fears you want to get rid of !!
"We're gonna deposit all of our bad energies,
thoughts, wishes..and materialize them in the fire"
I wrote it here, you won't understand anything.
Let's read it out loud, 'cause I want my friend to release them..
It's written in doctor's handwriting..
Read one at least.
To overcome my fear of heights
Mine is represented in this doll from a country I love..
That's a witchcraft !
No it's not, It's just an unfortunate doll
The doll is dying.
Iorio's bad energy won't go away 'cause the doll is still alive in the fire ..lol
It's a slow death for being such a bitch..
It's time to explore around the forest. It's 12 am or night, whatever you call it.
It's really dark so we're gonna see what animals we can find ..
We need to have a light 'cause we can find turtles, rabbits, deers, raccoons ..
Look how is moving
The deer! I don't want to, I don't want to...
We just saw a raccoon, a deer, a turtle and a rabbit.
For sure there's raccoons all over our tent.
Jennie why are you so afraid of deers?
No It's not the deers..
We're all humans, I'm afraid of heights. she's
She's afraid of animals.
No I'm not scared of deers I'm afraid of other animals.
That's a snake!
No let's go away from here! come on! hurry!
We finally found a bathroom. We've been walking all around...
with no map, It's dark and raining, everybody is sleeping...
And Jennie is hallucinating with snakes etc..
That was a raccoon.
We should go look for it.
No, later while we sleep you'll see a lot of them around our tent.
I'm gonna take you to the animals...
Omg the light... I can't see!
The raccoon is an animal from the forest, especially near the rivers.
If you don't try to catch them or avoid him from running, you're not in risk.
They're not aggressive animals. But they can have rabies.
That would make a bite very dangerous. They'd do it as a defense.
Just minutes away for franko's birthday, and I haven't stop eating ..
What is this? nasty! Whose idea was? I'm gonna kill you.
I'm gonna drink water before breakfast and let's see what happened here
with the animals that were here last night...
Time for breakfast in a beautiful day 'cause today is my official birthday
April 21st
We're gonna eat some eggs.
You cook the eggs with love.
My sausage is really good but theirs is gonna be dark and burned..
bad thing is that he's gonna get sick because he's eating raw sausage
but is good tough, look..
Make a wish!, hope we don't get intoxicated with the cake!
You can't eat the strawberries.
It's time to go back home, so let's put everything back.. stay connected!
I think this will be Kevin's first episode... Who does their make up in the forest ?
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There's no paradise without breast..
Let me blow the candles
Leave me alone Kevin..
When you go camping you don't take a shower
This was my towel, Jennie throw it into the fire.. I couldn't take a shower.
When you go camping you don't take a shower