I@M$@M 8 (eng sub/full)

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Miss Shin.
Hello, Miss Shin.
Oh, hi.
I just randomly bumped into him here.
Your house is nearby, right?
I thought you had a seminar.
The time was changed.
Oh, I see.
Go ahead.
Go home.
Ah, home...
My home?
- I should go. - Go.
So why don't we go inside?
How about getting something to eat?
Why don't we let Eun Byul join us?
Let's go!
What are you going to eat?
Oh, wait.
There's a crack in the glass.
Excuse me.
- Could you give us another glass? - Sure.
A big helping...
Thank you!
I took all the bones out.
Eat up, Miss Shin.
You've been looking weak these days.
You eat a lot as well, Mr. Jang.
Eating with my two teachers like this gives me a huge appetite.
You've always had a huge appetite.
Eun Byul, where do you live?
We'll take you home.
It's okay.
It's not like it's late or anything.
She can go by herself.
We should take her home. She's still young.
It's okay.
Go in.
Go ahead.
We'll see you in first.
She'll go inside. It's her house.
That dog doesn't know its owner.
I'll take you home, Miss Shin.
Who is it?
It's me.
It should've been just the two of us eating, right?
You didn't eat much.
If I knew you didn't like potato stew, we could've gone somewhere else.
Is there something you'd like to tell me?
I just thought you might want to say something to me.
I'd like it if you'd tell me what it is.
And it's okay if it's bad.
I'm really good at waiting and listening.
Miss Shin.
My savings...
I misread the closing date.
I think it might take longer for us to find a place to live.
Mr. Jang.
What does it matter as long as our hearts are aligned?
I never asked for anything more.
All I'm looking at is you.
Is it because of me?
Is it because of me that there's tension between you two?
No, not at all.
Well, what are you going to do now?
About what?
What are you going to do if Miss Shin keeps waltzing over like this?
Waltzing over like what?
Hey, watch how you say things.
Still, there's only so much I can take.
I definitely warned you.
I said you better not let Miss Shin come here.
But what is this?
It's not like it's rocket science.
Hey, what are you talking about?
I'm saying I was almost bitten by a big dog today.
Well, I'm sorry about that.
It's my fault that I'm so nice. That's the problem.
You sure are nice. Really.
Then why don't you let me go?
Don't worry. It'll all turn out the way you want.
So you can't come during vacation?
I think I'm going to be a bit busy because of my part-time job.
What part-time job?
I'll tell you about it later.
I won't be able to see you or Sakang much.
Oh, well. Okay.
What are you doing?
I think I'll want to see you, so I'm taking a picture.
Stop it.
Stop pretending to be shy. It doesn't suit you.
Hey, look. You're really photogenic.
I said stop it.
Come on.
One, two, three.
You scared me. What are you doing?
Look at that picture whenever you want to see me.
Alright. Thanks for caring.
- Give it here. - Why?
- I don't like taking pictures. - I don't want to.
- Give it. - No.
- You look good. Don't worry. - Give it to me.
Sagang, he's trying to take my phone. Help me.
Hey, where are you going?
Why are there so many empty seats?
As you all know, vacation starts this Friday.
Can you even call it a vacation?
Do you know how many extra classes I'm taking this break?
Society is imposing some horrible things on you.
But don't be late to your classes here, either.
And for those students who are working, make sure you bring in your documents.
You know you've got classes here, right? You know.
Keep up the good work.
What are you doing for this vacation?
Well, I'm planning to go overseas for a while.
Do you like to travel?
Not really.
Now I can only see you when school starts again.
I'm a bit sad.
Can you have a drink with me today?
We need to keep things professional.
But students should be on time...
Eun Byul, how dare you take a picture with Mo Se?
What's the password?
I'm going to destroy this thing.
What's this?
Sorry about yesterday. You might be mad, but let's go home together. - SAM
Go home together?
Then, she's living with someone?
What was his name?
SAM! (Teacher)
So is it a teacher?
Something's fishy.
Yeah, Eun Byul. I knew you had some stuff in your closet.
Should I spread some rumors?
Wait. We don't have any evidence yet.
Just wait a bit longer.
Who are you?
Hello, Mr. Jang.
You seems to be a bit tired lately.
Will you be busy until the vacation?
Then we'll be going first. Fighting!
Moo Shin, it's so hot today. Can you take me home?
Chairman Yoo, please wait a minute.
I heard that your testimony can change the verdict this time.
Do you have any comments?
I also heard that you knew officer Choi Sung Ri, is that true?
Are you going to press charges against Jang Seo Dong? Chairman!
It's been hard on you, chairman.
This Jang Seo Dong...
If he's going to confess, then why does he have to involve so many people in this?
So tiring.
Who was the one who said that he shouldn't have messed with chairman to begin with?
That's why he shouldn't have touched a lion's nose while it's asleep.
He wasn't the brightest guy from the start.
Now chairman can finally relax.
There's something that must be done.
Call Eun Byul to meet me for dinner tomorrow, and make a reservation for me as well.
I like that person very much,
but he always makes me feel tired.
A boring and silly person, just like me.
In this scary world, people always take advantage and pick on him.
That's why I feel bad and sad for him.
I used to think as long as we're together,
we can overcome any obstacles that come our way.
We'll live happily and true to ourselves, but...
No matter what, you can't possibly shake hands with your own reflection, right?
Now, I can't see that persons heart anymore.
It's too dark.
Eat some food. It's getting cold.
I don't want that.
I want a big one... really big.
Eun Byul, you like to hang out with Moo Shin?
He's like a bomb that can explode at any time, do you know that?
Are you happy talking bad about the student that you've helped before?
Eun Byul!
I heard that you're a doctor.
Yes, that's right.
How could that be?
If you're a doctor, then you should help people.
But why are you acting like this?
Hey, how old are you? Little kid.
Fine, let that be then.
You're a player.
When was I like that?
Until now, I've never been in love.
Again, again...
Are you boiling a whole chicken? You added too much water.
Why don't you let me help you?
No need.
No, let me see.
I said no need to. Why are you doing this?
Hey kid, I'm not trying to coax you.
but it will be tasteless because you added too much water.
I know how to make this, so you don't need to worry.
- Give it to me. - I've already said no.
- It's hot, hot. - Are you arlight?
Are you alright?
Are you alright? Ice cube, ice cube...
I'm sorry. Does it hurt?
What should I do? Your hands are all red.
How could she vomit in my car?
I'm sorry. I've already cleaned it.
But it's still smells.
I shouldn't have stopped.
Sir. Since it's already like this, please drop her off at home.
Are you alright?
What are you looking for?
Who do you want to call?
Don't call. You don't need to call.
How can you do something so silly? Are you that stupid?
I'm not stupid.
I know what I'm supposed to do.
I'm not stupid.
Should I take you to the hospital?
I'll go there tomorrow morning.
Who asked you to snatch it from me?
I'm not. Thanks to you that I'm like this.
I don't need you to do that for me.
What are you doing?
So itchy.
- Here? - No.
- Here? - No, at the direction of 11 o'clock.
Which way is 11 o'clock?
- Here? - Use some more strength.
Then you can scratch it like this.
Miss Shin.
Let's go home.
You certainly don't look that heavy.
If I knew it would be like this, then I wouldn't have gone.
Teacher Yi San
The number you are calling is not active, please leave a message...
Eun Byul.
Help me, Eun Byul.
What? What do you want to do?
Well... I'll do it myself then.
I won't hold any grudge against the person who caused me to be like this.
Don't worry about me.
I can take care of myself.
Toothbrush, you can help me.
Why is he becoming more like me each day?
Brush it well.
My eyes, my eyes.
I want to blow my nose.
I don't care anymore.
Who is it?
It's me.
Who is at the door?
Ji Sun Ho
Why is Mr. Ji here at this time?
What do you mean?
I took you home last night. Did sleep well?
Miss Shin.
At least have some soup first.
Miss Shin?
Does it really hurt?
I'm starting to question that now.
Take it off.
- Hurry and take it off. - I can't.
I'm home with the teacher right now.
Did I really do that?
Why would I make up something like that?
I really did piggy-back you home.
Oh, oh... my back is still hurting.
Then did I do or say anything inappropriate?
Not at all.
Oh, that's good.
I don't want to consider that a mistake.
You shouldn't hide your feelings, don't you know that?
Stop pretending like you can't remember anything.
Then... did I...
Did you forget that you vomitted on my shirt?
It's an expensive shirt too.
Have you called that person yet?
Who else? You know who.
Did I call him yesterday while I was drunk?
You were drunk, so I called for you.
How could you do something like that?
Who asked you to get drunk and have your phone turned off?
You're not having love problem, are you?
What are you saying? It's not what you think.
That's good then.
From now on, don't think that waiting for someone and getting rejected is a normal thing.
You have no reason to do that again.
Do you understand?
You can stop cleaning and eat, Mr. Jang.
A big headache is out of the way for me now,
and I know we've been neglecting you a lot.
So I got everyone together like this.
I see.
It's nothing fancy, but enjoy.
You know that our Eun Byul is going to study abroad, right?
You're going to send her abroad?
Didn't she tell you?
You'd better work hard until graduation.
We're planning on having her graduate early.
She's taking the early graduation test,
and we want to have her go there by early fall at the latest.
Hey, you better work hard.
You won't know many people in another country.
She'll be going with Mr. Kim.
Did I not tell you that they are already promised to each other?
You did a good job looking after my daughter.
You probably became close with my little Eun Byul.
Where are you going, Eun Byul?
To the bathroom.
Finish your meal, Mr. Jang.
Also, I will transfer the promised amount on the appropriate date,
as long as you work hard until then, ok?
The money?
Eat up.
You're uncomfortable, aren't you?
I'm sorry.
Dad always does things like this anyway.
He wants to speed up your departure.
What's the reason?
I'm not going.
Don't you know your father?
You should know me.
You know that everything always goes according to his plans.
Are you on the same page as my dad?
Don't you have thoughts of your own, Manager Kim?
You're the yes man who always does what my father says.
What happened?
Where is everyone?
I've already said the percent rate for them going to summer school is 0%.
These kids...
are not in my class, right?
I want to be in this class. Please accept me.
Teacher, can you give me Eun Byul's phone number?
This time, you can't call him first.
You must wait patiently until he calls you.
Don't you understand how men think?
Don't you want him?
What should I do if I can't wait?
What if he doesn't call me?
Try to concentrate on doing other things.
What other things?
Are you at home now?
Hey, I can't. They're here now.
How am I supposed to cancel it now?
What? Who are they?
They're three girls in my class.
What's wrong with them?
Only one is ugly, but the other two are okay.
The point is I can't. They're going to kill me.
Hey! Hello!
Hey, what did you say?
They're crazy.
Where would they ever meet anyone like us?
Then do we have to hang out on our own?
Girls, I'm really sorry.
If you just look the other way this once, I'll do anything.
You better get yourself ready.
Drive. Hurry.
Hey, San Tae.
Why aren't you going on the rides?
It's OK.
Isn't that the art teacher and the doctor?
What's that about?
Our homeroom teacher must have been dumped.
She should've set her sight higher to begin with.
Oh, no.
Don't be scared.
When you're stressed out, you should go to an amusement park.
But I'm scared.
What are you doing.
I'm scared.
Alright, hold on.
Fine with me.
Are you alright?
But that's the slowest one.
Are you okay?
Let's go rest in the shade.
Are you dizzy?
I didn't think our art teacher was like that. How horrible.
We'll get back at her for you, Mr. Jang.
The weapon of the 21st century.
It's stronger than the sword and the pen. It's UCC.
Angel So Yi
Hey, Jaesang.
When did you get here?
Where are you?
You're back?
Are you hungry?
Are you okay? Why did you skip school?
Come on and follow me.
What is it?
- Hurry up. - I'm kind of busy now.
Oh, just sit down.
Alright, concentrate.
The smell gets a passing grade.
What did you make?
Fish stew.
Is this thing still alive?
Try it.
This thing that's floating.
Is this plastic?
Okay, open wide.
How is it?
Considering it's your first try...
How is it?
Can you give me some water?
Water? Yes.
Here you go.
Eun Byul, don't cook from now on.
Why? Is it bad?
It tastes like you poured red pepper powder into the Han River.
Eun Byul, it's not that.
Fish stew is something so hard that even some chefs can't get it right.
I spent all afternoon on it.
Why did you get it into your mind to cook?
Oh, Jaesang.
You're nearby? Okay.
Wait a bit. I'll be right there. Just wait a bit.
Going somewhere again?
A friend from the States wants to see me.
He's close, so I'll be right back.
I'm curious.
Tell him to come here.
Are you nuts?
Why? I'll make something good.
No way. No, I won't.
You won't eat my stew.
You won't bring home your friend.
Should I do some acting in front of the camera?
Will you be okay?
Why are you doing this? Come on, let it go just once.
Bring him here now.
If you do, I'll be nice.
Welcome. How much should I put in?
Fill her up.
Chae Moo Shin?
Are you riding this thing again?
- You. - You.
You first.
- You work here? - Yeah.
I thought you'd be busy working.
You're more free than I thought.
Does she know you cruise around like this?
I don't think this is her style.
I think, rather than guys who pretend to be all that,
she likes older guys more.
How much?
18 dollars.
Need a receipt?
Chae Moo Shin, your change!
How long has it been?
The last time I saw you was before I left for the States.
In Sincheon.
- We ate beef ribs. - Next to the train tracks.
And then pork belly.
Why didn't you come out here when there's a guest?
Nice to meet you.
I'm Yi San's fiance, Shin So Yi.
Oh, I see.
I'm Yi Jaesang. I went to school with Yi San.
Excuse me, but how old are you?
You look so young.
You're pretty, and you're young.
You're just this far from my wife.
You really are lucky in the women department.
Would you like a drink as well?
She can't drink.
Why are you arguing already?
- Just one glass. - You should have one.
You're great!
You're an art teacher, I hear.
Then your major was...
My major was...Impressionism.
Wow, you're good with jokes!
So what do you think about Yi San?
Well, he's just someone I want to lean on.
He has been from the start.
You really know how to read people.
Whenever we get into a situation, he's the one who takes care of it.
He's the one who would fix and take care of everything.
Hey, do you remember that time?
We didn't buy train tickets,
so we dodged the conductor and latched on to the train.
- Daecheong Rock. - Right, Daecheong Rock.
And I hurt my leg that time.
We wondered if we should give up goin to the mountain or go to the sea.
We talked about it a lot.
But do you know what we ended up doing?
We went to Mt. Seorak.
How? This guy here carried me.
He said that we decided to go, so we should go.
Did I do that?
He's a really cool guy.
How affectionate!
Have another glass.
It's okay.
You, too.
You're a good drinker.
You must drink a lot.
Thank you so much for having me over.
Next time I come to Korea, you might have a bigger family.
Oh, dear.
Hey, congrats on your marriage.
Take care.
Be careful.
Look at you.
Annoy. Annoy. Annoyance.
Annoy. Annoy. This is annoying.
Are you okay?
Of course I am, honey.
Honey? Whatever.
Stop it already.
And how can someone who's underage drink like that?
I'll be an adult soon
- In a few months. - Good for you.
What if your friend comes back?
We have to walk home like this.
Ahjussi... I mean Yi San.
I guess you had a childhood, too.
Did you think I was born a teacher?
I guess not.
Then when I get as old as you, I guess I'll be an adult, too.
That's right.
Why are you stating the obvious?
Hey, stop it.
Why are you going straight?
Then you'll have to go around...
You should've gone that way.
We might as well go around then.
These are the questions used last year.
Try them out.
You might be missing some.
No way.
SAM, is that our SAM?
Oh my God!
This is huge.
So you're saying they're living together?
I told you there was something going on between them.
Wait a minute.
We don't have any evidence yet.
Want me to go ask?
We need to get some hard evidence, and then blow it up.
Blow what up?
Hyo Bin.
I hear Eun Byul came today.
Mo Se, when you find out about the real Eun Byul,
you'll forget her and only want me.
What are you talking about?
You'll see.
What is it?
This isn't good, not good.
I guess Miss Shin and Mr. Ji were taped going on a date.
It seems someone uploaded it to the school website.
Principal, there is no law saying two teachers can't date.
And we do have a right to be happy.
It's not that big a deal among two adults, right?
If it's just a date, who'd stop them?
But if this kind of thing keeps popping up on our website,
it could have a bad effect on the students.
I'm sorry.
You should've been careful.
Don't you know how tender these years are for our students?
Be careful from now on.
And don't act like that in public places, okay?
We'll be careful from now on.
I'll kill you.
This school's always abuzz with scandals surrounding students and teachers.
I will berate him.
I thought the looks they were giving each other were different.
I knew Mr. Ji would cause trouble the moment he came here.
I mean, to be honest, how sweet is Miss Shin?
Sweet? What are you talking about?
Don't you know that it takes two to tango?
Those two were in on it together.
That Ji Sun Ho set his snake eyes on the innocent Miss Shin.
Hey, Mr. Jang.
You be careful, too.
Just a moment, Mr. Jang.
I don't want there to be a misunderstanding.
What misunderstanding?
I was with Miss Shin because...
There are no misunderstandings on my part.