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nonameanca from the Internets asks
How do Koreans flirt,
and what's appropriate for a girl to do and what's inappropriate?
As for what's inappropriate, that's very easy.
Meow! Meow! Meow!
That is inappropriate. Probably won't help you out
Unless you find a guy like this
Yeah, those were inappropriate, weren't they?
Bad ideas. I don't think anyone would like that in Korea. North America
Maybe in some places in North America
Simon and Martina ville
Virginia...and Virginians.
You're scary.
We don't know a single Virginian
Do you know a Virginian? I don't know any Virginians!
So what's weird about this question is that
it's not that Koreans don't flirt,
It's just that North American style flirting
is so different than Korean style flirting.
It's difficult to say that it's flirting in the same term.
You don't really have that upfront, cocky, pickup line attitude.
As soon as he buy that wine, I just creep up from behind
And ask you what yo interests are. WHO YOU BE WITH
Things that make you smile...what numbers to dial?
I love it when you call me Big Oppa!
Throw your hands in the air,
and do your homework at the hagwons.
Ahem. Yes: there aren't pickup lines like that.
Ok so the first thing that we have to say
is that we didn't actually flirt with any Korean people here
because we're very faithfully married to each other,
so we had to ask our Korean friends
who date Korean people for their input.
And we got their input from both our foreign friends who dated Korean people
and from Korean people dating Korean people.
So say you at the club right,
and you see this real fine honey
and you want to pick her up:
instead of giving her a cheesy pickup line,
you gotta talk about what your social status is.
Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa what just happened to your accent?
It just faded away gangster
Well I'm gradually civilizing myself.
Ok so for example you might say
You look so nice!
I'd love to take you out on a date somewhere nice.
#1 Social status important thing: having a car!
So having a car is really important,
because a lot of girls will want to be seen in a car
with a tall, good looking Korean guy,
but, unfortunately, if you're not a tall Korean guy and you have a car,
that might not work anyways.
So what we've been told is that
this is kind of just for the shallow girls that you see at the club
not that only shallow girls go to clubs
but if you're trying to pick up somebody
for not, like, really a decent relationship
then you gotta talk about your car and your looks and your money and stuff
Like your watch and your expensive tie
You see this bling? No?
I don't have any bling. I'm married!
But is that flaunting social status really that different from North America?
I personally don't think so.
Two shallow people will meet each other via shallow means.
And be shallow together
and be like YEAH WE'VE GOT MONEY.
Let's go do shallow things and we don't really like each other!
However, what is different, is that Korean people
tend to give out phone numbers pretty easily.
because the process afterwards, the text messaging process
is very different than North Americans.
This is really interesting. This is what our friends told us.
So, in North America, you have the 3 or 4 day call rule.
Like, you know, you get someone's number
and you don't call them or text them
after like a couple of days you call them
Here, it's inverted:
for the first three days you have to text message as much as possible.
It should be small talk, like, they said things like
"Oh! It's pretty hot today. I hope you're doing ok"
Or, like "Oh! What's up tonight? Are you hanging out with your friends?"
that kind of, like, small chat.
So if you don't do a lot of text messaging within those three days
It shows that you're not interested
And you don't look like a creepy stalker
because you've been playing the rules of the game accordingly.
Now, stepping away from the club life
say you're not a clubby person
Say you want to ask someone out say,
at like a university or a coffee shop
So, unless you already know the person,
like, they're a friend of yours or something,
or unless you're being set up by somebody
like, on a blind date, it doesn't really happen.
Koreans don't really walk up to strangers
and interact in hopes of forming a better relationship.
It just doesn't seem to happen.
Yeah, it doesn't seem like you can have a one day thing.
Like, you're at a coffee shop and you see this beautiful guy or girl
and you kind of go up and start chatting with them
It just doesn't seem to happen.
It seems like you have to know them
for an extended amount of time first
Ok, so say you've hung out with this person for a long time
And you want to take the relationship to the next level.
That's where the adorable confession comes in.
If you guys read any manga or manhwa
or any drama fans or anything like that
And if you guise have ever been to elementary school as well
Be quiet! It's adorable
The confession is actually really real in Korea
It's really cute! I want to tell you a story from my friend.
So if there's this really cute girl and you like her
and you've talked a lot with her
and you're going on a break between university class
You can get her like a little can of coffee that she might like
and you can like, write a note to her about liking her
and then you can stick it on the coffee can
and leave it at her seat
so that when she comes back she finds this can of coffee
with, like, something on it
That kind of thing is apparently common
with leaving confession notes in lockers and stuff like that.
So there is another subtle way of flirting
which I think exists in North America as well
And that's the concept of, like, taking care of the person
For example, if you're going to class with somebody
and you're getting a coffee to study
you might always offer to pay
or if they look thirsty in class you might always bring them a water
Kind of like that oppa idea,
showing that you're paying attention to them
and that you want to take care of them
So, in other words, you're their Sugar Daddy.
What the? What if I want sugar free cola?
Well then you're their Aspartame daddy.
Causing cancer! Oooh! Brain rot!
Oh! And we forgot to answer the part about girls flirting in Korea
Right. Right! They don't flirt
They're flirted upon
But they don't really flirt.
Now, these were only our small window of experiences
via our friends living in Korea
so if you have other experiences of flirting in Korea
we'd love to know about it in the comment section.
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We totally forgot about the most important pickup line.
Korean men all over Korea do this. It's very common.
Oh yeah. Especially in aprons.
I lied.
Sexy intoxicating music.