Interview with Na`Vi.Zeus before GameGune 2012 (with Eng subtitles)

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- Hi Danil!
- Hi!
- Are you afraid of height?
- Yes, Iíve got one phobia,
Iím afraid of height a little, thatís why Iíll try to concentrate
and give you normal and full answers, but if something happens,
for example if I rush, than you should know itís because of height.
In fact there is a very beautiful view. Maybe Iíll have an inspiration
and Iíll be able to tell you something reasonable this time.
- Yeah, Iíll try to ask you some interesting questions.
So, as you already know we are making an interview
with a Na`Vi leader Danylo ìZeusî Teslenko.
- As I can see you are quite peppy, as far as I know
recently you had a surgery. Tell us what happened.
- It has happened because more than two weeks ago
I ate a water melon and then I had a stomachache.
Later on I felt I should check whether it was appendicitis.
Once I heard a method when you raise your leg and drop it sharply.
- Show it, show it!
- Iíve done it on my bed and I felt an occasional pain,
abnormal sensation. It was already 3 a.m.
I surfed the internet and understood that I shouldnít trifle with this.
I called the emergency. When they came they probed my stomach
for long and in one moment the doctors pushed my right side and loosen it.
There was a strong slap, so I lifted up my eyes to her and said,
ìThis is appendicitis.î ìYeah.î ìWell, I knew that.î
So I packed my things into a suitcase. Then we arrived there,
I was worrying as Iíve never had such serious surgeries in my life.
I was curious about these things.
I remember that I was taken to the operating theater,
I was lying like that and there were such nice nurses
which set my mind at rest. I asked, ìWhat will happen?î
They set a dropping bottle and told me to think of a dream:
beach, girls and so on. Iíve just wanted to think of it,
but I woke up and found that Iím driven to my ward
and theyíve done everything. I felt a certain discomfort
during the first days after the surgery.
But now, thanks God everything is fine.
I think itís good that this happened to me when
I was in my city but not on a tournament for example.
And now I wonít have it at all, so everything is cool.
Now we are practicing.
- Do you feel OK now? Have you got your previous form?
- Not completely, I donít run and jump,
but in general everything is fine.
I had a hard doctor with such a tool, so he has done it well.
- Letís come to the main subject. Now you are the teamís leader.
As I remember on DreamHack you took your role again,
but before it you had taken it only for one tournament.
So now are you felling powers to rule the team again?
- On DreamHack we were good, but we did not defeat Fnatic
and we knew that it was our fault.
To tell the truth they also played good.
As for team leading, I managed it, I coordinated the team well
and I feel I missed this, so I think everything will be fine.
I feel the guys; I feel the team, what I have to say and to do.
We are dealing well at the practice for now.
It happens not so often. All the guys want to get to the Championship.
We should join in the work and weíll be good there.
- Look, during your leadership the team won 4 World Championships,
so why you had to change your role?
- It was a certain crisis in the team, we were losing
because of unknown reasons and I had different tactics
before the World Championship and before the important tournaments as well,
it was like an inspiration, Iíve been thinking about CS for a long time,
Iíve been watching a lot of demos,
I wanted our team to be one step ahead the rivals.
That moment Sergey became the captain ñ it wasnít my crisis, but such daysÖ
- You also have themÖ
- They prove to beÖ Maybe it was something feminine, but itís dangerous.
- The dangerous territory.
- It wasnít going well, I couldnít find good tactics
and we had to change something.
Sergey helped me a lot in that moment, we won IEM,
and we gained the 2nd place in the IEMís finals.
I had a rest, now everything is ok and Iím back.
- We are also glad that you are in.
- The question is: the last season you were victorious
at the beginning of the year, but on the other tournaments
you were only in the top 3ñ what is the secret
of your stability or where did the first places go?
- The secret of stability is our experience.
First of all we are playing with the same lineup
for a long time and itís easy for us to defeat the middle-class teams.
Winning tournaments is always a hard job,
as itís always a team which worked on that more,
which has more desire to win.
Sometimes there are some games which we lost
with a little breakaway - for example Poles on the IEM,
we werenít lucky, or they were stronger and wanted to win more.
Well, I think this way.
- Are you starving for the first places?
- Yes we want to win GameGune very much,
and I understand that there will be a lot of strong teams,
only SK will miss it. I mean top class teams.
- Weíll talk about that, Iíve got an order for questions.
- Everything is accurate.
- You are leaving tomorrow morning.
- Yes, at 5 a.m.
- You attended GameGune in 2010 and in 2011.
I analyzed that and found out that from 4 key matches
you lost 3 times on de_nuke.
Now the system has changed and in the playoff
it will be your favorite best of 3 format.
Did you know about this system before the tournament
was announced, or you learned about that only few days before it?
- We got to know about that only few days before
as GameGune organizers like to smoke something
and they like to have fun when they were thinking about the system.
The first system they suggested was stuff and nonsense.
Like ìOK, letís do 6 maps and remove forge.
We donít like forge! 6 mapsÖ how they will remove them?
Will they remove themÖ? Ok, what we do?î.
They were thinking about that, asked the teams,
they understood that it was bullshit and then they just thought:
ìOk, weíre GameGune and we must have our special featureî.
- They have always had Double Elimination format as their feature.
- Their feature has always been monitors back from 70th
and computers from the same era.
Now I hope it will be ok, as they promised us
to have good computers and monitors.
In general the system is quite good and comfortable for us,
so everything depends on us, my little one.
- As far as I know it will be Olympic system in groups.
- So weíll be like Olympic competitors, itís normal.
- What do you think about this format of group stage
where you need only 2 matches to be the first in the group?
- I think that there will be no problem in the group.
I think weíll do everything fine.
In every group thereís one strong team and others
are middle-class ones and thereíre not so many groups.
And itís very convenient system in the Playoff -
Best of Three Double Elimination.
I think this system will be very convenient for us.
- I heard in wonít be Double, but Single.
- I heard of Double, but it may be Single, I can be wrong.
A very serious man Arseniy told me
that and I trust him for a long tome, but he can be mistaken as well.
- Please, estimate the level of preparation of your team from one to ten.
- I can do it in other way; I can give you percentage as I usually do, from 1 to 100.
- You have your own counter, yeah.
- It is difficult to make forecasts as I can tell you
one thing and it can happen that weíll take the last place.
But in fact I think our chances on the top 3 are 80 %,
as for the 2nd place ñ 60 % and the 1st place ñ 50 %.
It depends a lot on the clutch rounds, nuances in game, important rounds.
If we lose it wonít be with a big score, it can be by chance,
if donít sleep well before, or if we are blunt,
or if we do not do our job for 100%, then these 50 % will be the truth.
I tell this because we are preparing for this championship for 2 weeks,
we are in good shape and not for all championships
weíre coming to practice with such a motivation.
Like playing hard CS, CSDM, 2x2 mixes
and with a great overall desire to gain a victory.
Before this tournament itís like that we are training and preparing for it.
With such approach we usually win or show a good result.
- Is it because players feel that CS is dying,
there are fewer tournaments, with WCG, and ESWC dropouts?
- Well maybe yes, as thereís not so many tournaments now
and because everybody misses the first places and the taste of victory.
When you win youíre doing like that, and you can dance a little,
you have a good moog at once.
- Letís talk about competitors; did SK refuse the participating
as they were not ready? As far as I know M5 wonít be in a full roster.
That way we can say your main rivals will be Fnatic and Poles.
- Nowadays KerchNET is also in a good shape,
we are playing with them and they do well.
The guys pay much attention to CS.
- Is it the first guest tournament for them?
- Maybe, Iím not sure. Stop, they also attended WCGÖ
Oh no, they lost qualifiers. Thereís also Virtus.Pro
who showed a great result on a DreamHack with their shouting.
I know that they also training a lot, so I think they also can surprise us.
- You played for Virtus.Pro, so do you support them?
- Iím not their true fan I know that Ukrainian mercenaries are playing there.
I know all the guys who play there, we are friends.
These guys are from the CIS, so why not to support them?
When we are competitors we are very tough to each other
as it is sports, but when the guys play with another team,
who we must support, Swedes?
Of course we will support our guys.
- Returning to fnatic and ESC how will you estimate
the level of their preparation? They are in fact your main competitors?
- Well yes. But the most of all we were training with Poles
and never with fnatic as they consider us
to be their most dangerous competitor and decide not to practice with us.
They prepare their game to surprise us.
We practiced a lot and I donít know anything about their shape at all.
- What do you think about their new lineup?
- With Martin ´traceª Heldt?
- I think that Gux became MVP on DreamHack
and I think that it could be their small minus because
trace it very strong player and I think he will fit into the team.
They have a strong lineup and they are good players.
They are our main rivals.
- And what about Poles?
- We trained a lot with them and in 80% of matches we defeated them.
We were dominating team during practice.
But it doesnít matter anything as Poles develop
their strategies perfect on the practice
and on the tournaments they are very tough rivals to face.
Several times they came to the tournament in a strange shape
but still won the tournament, so these guys are serious contenders.
It will be not new for this time.
- Yeah, weíll be only waiting for your victory.
Do you have something to say to your fans in conclusion?
- First of all Iíd like to comment the current situation,
there are a lot of question about it, that CS is removed.
I donít think CS:GO is the game that will be successful
and popular is e-Sports and fully replace CS1.6.
As for our team and our organization, we will support CS 1.6
in the nearest future, weíll make tournaments and promote it,
ëcause as Iíve heard it would be CS 2.
This game will be different at all.
While itís still unavailable we should concentrate on CS 1.6 game.
I like it much more over other games that they try to offer ñ
CS: Source, CS:GO, etc. The developers simply cannot
give us anything cool. So, guys, weíll play 1.6, so itís ok.
So stop asking these questions, itís like spam,
ìI canít understand what to do, how to live?
Whether to play this game or try another one?
Danya, tell me please!î and so on.
- You are the master of their destinies.
- Maybe partly. That was the first moment.
As for the second Iíd like to send greetings to everyone.
Iíd like to say that it`s summer now and so on,
the main thing for us is to play well at GameGune
with our tactics and headshots and then to have a good rest with a great mood.
Thank you everybody for everything, I send greetings to you, so see you.
there will be a coverage from GameGune.