The 2012 Enigma by David Wilcock Pt. 09

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there's the chair in there.
You put this little helmet on, this is where you sit.
And, then, it amplifies your psychic ability;
that's what allows him to be able to find the missing mutants
when they go missing; it's what allows them.
Remember that one scene in X-Men where -- one of the whole movies
actually -- the plot is that there is an evil force that can
harness his consciousness to get him to run the chair and
basically kill everybody who's a mutant on the planet with the
psychic amplification?
So this is all based on this real technology.
Now here's what was strange.
This twenty-year loop has a bad side affect.
When the Philadelphia Experiment happened 20 years ago,
there was an enormous amount of energy released.
That energy reflected through the time domain.
It got stuck in the time domain.
An enormous -- almost a nuclear -- release of energy was caused
in the Philadelphia Experiment or the Rainbow Project in 1943.
There's a 20-year harmonic and, during certain,
favorable points in the harmonic,
if you have a huge energy release,
you are going to get another one down here.
And you have a conduit or a gateway between those two areas.
This is bad.
We don't like this.
This is called a rift.
It's very dangerous.
It's very serious.
1943 created a rift forty years later with, 1983 I guess,
somewhere around here.
And 1983 was when a creature got through, August 13, 1983,
and trashed the entire base.
And destroyed the Montauk base and destroyed the chair.
It just so happens that Daniel called in sick and wasn't at
work that day.
So he didn't get mind wiped.
So they didn't erase the memories out of his mind.
So he remembers everything that he learned and everything that
happened when he was working on this base.
Somebody has a question.
I just heard it, in my head.
What kind of creature?
The creature was based on the movie, Forbidden Planet,
which was the monster from the Id.
The secret that Daniel knows because he was in contact with
the guy running the chair, Duncan Cameron,
is that they were very pissed off at these Nazis.
They did not like the Nazis; they didn't like what they were
doing; they thought they had too much power;
they thought the potential to misuse this technology was much
too vast and they said "we need to figure out how to stop this
thing from going on".
They created the monster with their own thought.
The official view is that it is a rift and that some
inter-dimensional monster came through.
The reality is they took advantage of the twenty-year
harmonic, which they knew would have that energy,
and they used it to create that monster to kill the program
and it worked.
So that's the truth.
[inaudible audience question]
What's that?
They would be what they would call in the Stargate SG-1,
the Tok'ra, the inside people who are not going along
with their bosses, but they're rebelling.
The white hats, so to speak.
[Audience: Daniel is the burly guy that you met,
not Dan Burisch?]
Daniel is the burly guy that I met.
He named himself after Daniel in the Stargate series.
Daniel Jackson.
[Audience: Is he okay?]
I'm sure that he's okay now.
He's in seclusion.
I haven't even seen him in two years.
He usually lives out in the middle of nowhere.
He doesn't like a lot of human contact because he's been
psychically trained.
He was measured as a P7.
He had a special psychic gift called a "conduit",
which allowed him to feel other people's emotions and thoughts
very, very strongly.
And, as a conduit, he was able to take, like...okay,
has everybody seen the movie Powder?
He could do just that.
In fact it's possible, because he was the only person they ever
found that could ever do that, it's possible the movie, Powder,
was written about him; I don't know that for a fact,
but it's possible.
He also has some really weird stories.
He said that he was accosted by a grey extraterrestrial when he
was in his remote location and he shot it with a shotgun.
And he said that they found out in these programs that the
extraterrestrial physiology is like a vegetable and not like a
body -- so you can shoot them and they don't get hurt.
This thing -"bang"-- and it just sort of kept walking.
Very weird, huh?
So yea, that's what's so strange was that,
when I was in high school, I wrote a story about a guy who
shoots an extraterrestrial with a shotgun.
And we started to find all these weird correspondences.
The first time I took L.S.D -- and I have done acid;
I did 20-some-odd trips -- I had a very strange experience as I
was coming down the stairs; I was peaking; I was, like,
"What in the world is happening to me"?
I had this feeling that, if I did not create the floor under
my feet with my mind, that I would fall through the floor;
and, so, I'm walking very carefully like this, tripping,
"Oh shit".
It turns out that that's exactly what happened in the Rainbow
Project/Philadelphia Experiment.
It turns out that the people who could remember where they were
before they went into this grey mist of Zero Time didn't get
stuck in the hull of the ship.
But the people who couldn't remember where the ship was,
and couldn't create the ship from memory,
when they got through, they were stuck in the hull -- and died in
many cases; because you can't pull somebody out.
So he said, he has some weird ideas, you know;
he thought that I was connected to the project somehow -- like
my soul was basically helping to relieve the karma of the planet
through this thing that happened.
And I guess this is part of what I have to do is share this with
you -- because, obviously, there's a reason
why I met this guy.
And that's the funny thing too, is you can tell that this is
real because people ask me a question and I pop out with
something new, something new -- because I've had many many hours
of conversation with Daniel.
No, I'm not gay.
No, we're not homosexually involved.
Somebody wrote that on the internet.
It's like: FORGET IT!
I haven't even seen him in two years; we were just friends,
that's all.
Get over it.
And, even if I was gay, which I'm not,
what possible difference would that have to my message or to
the value of the material that I'm sharing with you.
Can I get an "amen" on that?!
[More applause]
I mean really...let's just let go of these ridiculous
prejudices, because everybody has a right to be here.
EVERY soul is precious beyond measure.
I am not a racist.
The DNA level shows us that we are so similar that you cannot
actually tell what somebody's race is from a genetic test.
It is only very very weird special things that they have to
go out of their way to find to look.
But we are 99.9% the same.
It is a smear tactic and it's being used to dumb us down and
to get us fighting with each other,
rather than looking to the source of the problem.
But that's what we are doing.
By shedding light on it, we are helping to understand it.
The reason why I am going to go into rifts and holes in time is
because it has to do with 2012 and it has to do with you
breaking down the conditioning -- let me finish the sentence:
breaking down the conditioning that has kept you from seeing
the greater reality that we live in.
[Inaudible audience question: something about the possibility
of a rift in time happening again.]
Yup, okay.
He asked a good question: which are the apexes of the wave and
the bottoms of the wave is a 20-year cycle,
but especially from top to top.
The 40-year cycle, from 43 to 83, you get this big conduit.
You get this big rift that was created by the Philadelphia
Now, again, it could have been anywhere.
It was the fact that the Philadelphia Experiment was done
when it was; it created a harmonic coupling
forty years later.
That's all.
I don't know for a fact that that was on
the peak of the wave.
He didn't say that.
However, this wave is a sub-harmonic;
it's only a sub-harmonic.
The 2012 wave is much more powerful because, ultimately,
we are dealing with a 26,000-year cycle.
David: Just don't say anything man,
I don't even want to hear it, all right?
Sean David Morton: Then here's my question, all right?
And you can talk as long as you like.
You have a unique perspective on Edgar Cayce.
David: I knew this was going to happen.
I knew it.
This is a psychic premonition.
Sean David Morton:[Inaudible] Edgar Cayce was...okay,
so now you threw me off here...all right so...what was I
talking about?
Oh, yes, 2012.
The idea here is that having a unique perspective on Edgar
Cayce, all right?
Cayce did, I think -- you can correct me if I'm wrong -- he
did a grand total of, I think, only 14 readings that actually
dealt with the future, right?
-- about 14 readings that dealt with the future.
And of those 14 readings, a lot of them were interrupted by his
clients who were...who said "I don't want to know anything
about that, just tell me if my partner's a crook" and things
like that, right?