World record for most sit-ups in 1 hour set by Vlad Jurcik at 60 years old

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ladies and gentlemen, if you've just arrived, right before you is Mr Vladimir Jurcik of
Hectorville, he's attempting to break the one hour maximum sit-ups record. It's a world
record, he's broken it in training and we expect him to break it again today. At 1.30pm
today, we'll have a new world record for maximum sit-ups- pretty amazing for a man of sixty
years of age who's been rehabilitating from a brain injury. Please, give him a round
of applause and let's start a bit of a chant of “Go, Vlad, Go!”
400 sit-ups ladies and gentlemen, in under ten minutes. Very impressive!
To help improve his balance, he started doing sit-ups and found out that the world record
was within his reach. So hopefully today, with your help and pumping, we can get him
over the line and beat that record.
Give him another round guys, you can do it! Go Vlad, you can do it!
He's trying to raise awareness for hearing dogs. This is his dog, Roxy.
Everybody, a round of applause for Vlad Jurcik of Hectorville. 900 sit-ups!
The world record is 2201 in one hour, Vlad's gonna smash that record today.
Go, Vlad, go! Go Vlad!
He's gotta do 2201 in an hour to break the world record.
Go, Vlad, go!
Go, Vlad, go!
Ladies and Gentlemen, if you've just arrived, Mr Vladimir Jurcik here of Hectorville is
attempting to break the world record for maximum sit-ups in 1 hour. That record currently stands
at 2201 sit-ups, held by American, Jim Clark. We're gonna show him what a sixty year old
man who's recovering from a brain injury can do.
Please put your hands together for Vlad, he's doing a terrific job.
[ applause ]
Go Vlad! World-beater!
Go Vlad, do it for Roxy!
500 to do to break the world record!
In training Vlad does 500 sit-ups in 12-13 minutes, we've got exactly 12-13 minutes remaining
so let's give him some pump up.
C'mon Vlad you can do it!
[chanting] Go, Vlad Go!
He's done it!
[ loud applause, whistling, cheering ]
New world record! Yeah! Woo hoo!
2238 - New world record!