Vegetable Ribbon Meatball Recipe : Rolling the Meatballs for Vegetable Ribbon Meatballs

Uploaded by expertvillage on 10.02.2008

Hi, this is Rich Buccola here in NYC and today on behalf of Expert Village I'm going to show
you how to make vegetable ribbon meatballs. I'm just mixing my fresh basil to our turkey
batter here into our mixture and we're actually going to start to roll our meatballs now.
So we're going to start making our meatballs and what I like to do is just to make them
nice bite sizes. You don't want them to be too thick like regular meatballs like I usually
make. You want them to be about a size of quarter I say. You just want them to be bite
size for a pound. You should get anywhere from like 35-40 meatballs so that's we're
looking to get, at least 30-40 meatballs. We're back we have our meatballs nice and
rolled and what we're going to do is take our Hoisin sauce and we're going to take our
Hoisin sauce and put some in a cup, it usually comes out this is a very sweet sauce. What
we're going to do is brush this on our meatballs so we're going to take our brush like so and
we're just going to brush these off, just giving our meatball a good brush. You don't
want to over saturate the meatballs (turkey balls). You just want to give it a little
coating and you only need about a third of a cup to do all these meatballs. Then we're
going to use some more later on after they come out. We're back, we have them all coated
with our Hoisin sauce, we're going to put them in our oven for about 20 minutes at 350.
While this is going on we're going to actually start to boil some water on our sauce pan
so we can put our zucchini and our pepper, squash to soften up. Come back we're making
these beautiful meatballs great starter for any super bowl or any fun time.