Race Seven - TTA - Racing Elite League 2012 - Tierp Arena

Uploaded by TTASweden on 17.09.2012

Welcome to the seventh race of the TTA - Racing Elite League at the all-new Tierp Arena, located 120 kilometers north of Stockholm.
An amazing arena which is part of one of the best drag racing arenas in the world with spectator capacity of over 20 000 people. We will perhaps not get that many today, but a lot of people have made their way here.
The track is newly constructed, 2080 meters in length.
The first work with the track was made early this spring, looking how to get a circuit and I was there to assist with my ideas and thoughts.
They have then worked on different ideas and then constructed a track with limited time and budget. The circuit is ready and it is of varying quality and characteristics. We have got some street circuit feeling, there are some very fast parts of the track and some very slow parts.
We are really close to the barriers at some parts at the same time as we are on an air field. We have got a mix of everything in one track.
A really good lap time at Tierp Arena depends on getting the two chicanes right. The first chicane has got a lowest speed of about 180 km/h and the second chicane is, unfortunately, about cutting the track edge as much as possible.
If you are curious on how Tierp Arena really is, join me for my qualifying lap!
The track starts with the start/finish straight, we hit fourth or fifth gear depending on the exit. The first fast chicane, lowest speed at 180 km/h, really tough!
Down to the second corner, a tight hairpin in first gear. You need to be careful not to brake too late.
Full speed towards the second chicane, fourth gear, brake, down to third, cut a bit of the corner.
A fast left hand corner, down to a hairpin, also taken in first gear. Really important with a good exit.
From second to third gear, back in to the stadium. A really tight left hand corner that gets tighter. The wall feels like it is coming really fast towards you.
Down to the final corner of the track, first gear. Same thing here, important to get the exit right for a good lap.
Lets have a look at the grid with Jocke Mangs in pole position ahead of Linus Ohlsson.
I was perhaps going a bit harder than the others, but I had a really good car, something i haven't had in the previous races. I think I just got it right now, I feel comfortable in the car and I am able to drive with the attack that I am used to. I am so pleased, I have never been this happy. I have taken many poles and wins, but this is the best one damn it.
I had some luck with the yellow flags coming out as Alx crashed. If it had come 30 seconds earlier, I would have missed that lap. It was right on the edge that I managed to set my lap time.
Number 37 Daniel Haglöf in third.
It wasn't too bad as I have a fever and only slept for three hours. So I'll have to be pleased with that.
We were supposed to have Alx Danielsson on a fine fourth position.
Just before the chicane, at 180 km/h, something just threw the back of my car around. It was like both rear wheels came off suddenly. I broke some ribs, but I am okay otherwise. Bad luck as things were going so well, we have been strong all weekend and my driving has been good. Not to forget that the crash is going to cost 200 000 euro.
Richard Göransson in fifth and Fredrik Ekblom in sixth.
It was a tough qualifying session where I touched the wall a bit on lap three and bent the exhaust. We never really got a proper time after that either.
We were right on time at Karlskoga and I was able to set a lap before the red flags then. This time it was the other way around, we didn't get to set our best lap time before the red flags. But I'm not sure we could have gone much further up.
Fredrik Larsson in seventh and Stefan Söderberg in eighth.
The car felt good, but I wasn't able to beat the best times today. I think it partly has to do with the characteristics of the track. There are several places where you can cut the track a lot where I didn't want to risk too much.
The qualifying session was a bit chaotic as Alx had a terrible crash. I was unfortunately on my quick lap when that happened, so it didn't quite turn out as I wanted.
Robert Dahlgren is ninth, Thed Björk only in tenth, Martin Öhlin in eleventh ahead of Mattias Andersson in 12th.
Robin Rudholm in 13th, Viktor Hallrup in 14th and Tommy Rustad at the very back.
It is time for the race! Tierp Arena, the first ever race here. The lights are off and the field is away!
A good start by Mangs and Haglöf, a small mistake by Ohlsson but I think he manages to squeeze in to second.
Göransson is in fourth and Ekblom is in fifth. All cars made it through the first chicane.
Mangs, Ohlsson, Haglöf, Göransson, Ekblom and Larsson tries on the outside of Ekblom.
A clean and nice start.
We are closing in on the second chicane and you really have to commit there. All cars are with us in a long line, like a snake going through the chicane.
A really good start by Jocke Mangs, he got the power down and was able to pull away.
I asked Mangs ahead of the race what he had eaten for breakfast today. But he said, no, nothing special, he didn't sleep to well but the guys in the team made a good job and the pace is there. I'm not sure if that is the best build-up, but it is obviously working.
It is all about making no mistakes for Ohlsson...
And the front rips off Haglöf's car! He must have hit something, because suddenly… There must have been some kind of crack, because they won't come off just like that.
Perhaps he has touched a tyre barrier or perhaps hit the back of Ohlsson.
And the tyres bounces away, someone has hit them quite hard over there.
How much does that affect the car aerodynamically? It must lower the top speed a bit.
Yeah, with this much damage it is just like a cavity which sucks in air. It is almost like an aerodynamical wall. It won't affect the handling that much in the corners, the car looks intact by the splitter, but he is going to lose top speed. The car is going to be hard to handle in the fast corners.
Yellow flags in the chicane because of the tyres.
And we've got an attack from Thed Björk who has climbed a couple of positions.
How is this affecting Haglöf's car aerodynamically?
It does not seem to affect him. He was fastest on track just now, so it does not seem to play too big of a part. The problem is that the motor for the wipers is located right there, we suspect that it has shorted the wiper engine which is why they are on full speed.
Thed Björk has claimed yet another position from tenth to sixth where out-braked Fredrik Larsson after the long straight.
Björk along with Rustad is the driver that has climbed the most positions with four. Öhlin has climbed two with Göransson and Ekblom climbing one each. But Björk and Rustad are the overtaking kings of the field.
And we've got more tyres flying all over the place.
Göransson is about to launch a serious attack on Haglöf.
Björk has just caught Ekblom and that puts pressure on Ekblom to attack Göransson.
And Ekblom tries on the inside of Göransson and he makes a mistake in the braking after the long straight. Ekblom has gained a position!
He made a small mistake just when it felt like he had it under control, perhaps he braked just 20 centimeters too late and Ekblom is there straight away!
I didn't think he was going for it, I thought he was defending from Björk behind. But then Göransson goes wide and Ekblom attacks.
Mangs, Ohlsson, Haglöf, then a gap down to Ekblom who is really fast. Or does Göransson have a problem? Yeah, that must be the case.
He has to let both Björk and Larsson past, there is something not right with car number eight. Dahlgren gets past as well.
I think he has hit a tyre barrier, or something like that. Because the front left light has come loose and we had to get it out.
That is the end of his race.
Daniel Haglöf is going to get a drive through penalty for not performing the start procedure correctly. It is something about the air jacks.
They have apparently had the car on the air jacks for too long. And it seems like he gets a penalty for it. Yes, he enters the pits.
They have had the car up a bit too long, they have a set time when the car must be lowered and the mechanics must get off the grid. After that they are not allowed to touch the car, they can only have one mechanic there to start the engine.
The same thing for Jocke Mangs in the lead! They have done the same thing, they have had the car up for too long apparently. So the leader, Jocke Mangs, gets the same penalty. Lets see when he enters the pits, he has done two laps so far.
Dahlgren spins! He is standing right across the track, but he gets going. Wow, he was almost blocking the track, right after the final corner out on to the start/finish straight.
Lets see if Mangs goes in, could it be that he ignores the penalty? They are speaking to the team.
They look a bit perplexed in the team. They say that they have got no information about the penalty.
What is happening with both of the drive through penalty is that neither of the teams know about the penalty. They saw the sign but there has been no information on the computer screens. The feelings are running hot down here.
Mangs has been disqualified and Haglöf is forced to retire unfortunately
And it gets tight out there and Larsson gains a position past Björk. It is really tough between the two. We've got Larsson up in to fourth right now.
Mangs out brakes him self and Ohlsson gets up in to the lead.
We enter the final lap.
Linus Ohlsson. And David von Schinkel is down in the pits. Ohlsson is the winner of the race.
We won the first race, we have won the penultimate race and as I have understood, we are still in the title fight if things go really well.
It feels just amazing. My second victory in a class with this level of the drivers. Just incredible!
We have done almost everything, but only just not won the drivers championship. It feels amazing to win the team and manufacturers championship.
I think we need to take one point with Ekblom if Ohlsson takes a grand slam and wins the race as well as taking pole and fastest lap. I think we are going to manage that.
I didn't expect this. I didn't know that I was third when crossing the line as Mangs was disqualified.
The feelings are of course mixed. But at the same time, as I said after the qualifying session, this is one of my best race weekends and it still is. My driving is the important thing and if it feels good, then you are always happy as a racing driver.
The decisions that have been taken during the race is not much to comment. If you as me, it is not the right way to decide a race.
Anything can happen in this world apparently. Mangs made a perfect start and headed the field. After a number of laps in to the race, we were supposed to have been notified that he was given a black flag and a drive through. That information chain did not work, but we found that out from the speaker with two laps left as they wondered why we didn't bring him in.
I have done this for too long to not enter the pits if I knew that I had a penalty. I couldn't see the flag at all, the sunlight makes it impossible to see it there and we had problems with the radio unfortunately. It is just bad luck, all of it.
The reason for him being penalized was that the car was not lowered in time for the three minute sign. In our opinion, the actual time and the sign was not synced properly.
I am going to win in Gothenburg.