All Out 2009 - Show Opener

Uploaded by TeamBastos on 30.08.2009

I just feel free when I dance.
Hi, my name is Khoa Dinh and I’m representing Jaedz.
– Well hi, I’m Canuto Diaz, – I’m Kevin Gacrama,
– Hello, I’m Calvin Eata, – I’m Cliff Ledesma,
– Hi, I’m Cynthia Alberto, – Hi, I’m Christopher Herber,
– And we are…
– Hey, I’m Tim Nguyen, – I’m Elise Martinez,
– I’m My Tran, – I’m Jonathan Juntila,
– I’m Franky Lam,
and we’re Body Rock Crew!
– Hi, I’m Jarime Chaco, – I’m Alan Truong,
– I’m Mike Senethavy, – I’m Chelsea Jones,
– I’m Trenton Traback, – I’m Molly Waldner,
– And we’re… – Illovation!
We started dancing everywhere, basically, and—
just from different areas—
We just got together, and here we are.
I started because of my friend in high school.
He just got me into dancing, and, you know,
he started freestyling and whatever, and, right now—
I just started choreo, so here I am.
My story’s kinda funny.
I actually lived in Friendswood and my house got robbed…
… so I had to move,
and when I moved to a different school,
one of my friends told me that she danced,
and I went and danced with her, and that’s how I started.
I was actually engaged, I supposed to be married,
and that didn’t work out,
so the only thing that could possibly get my mind off of it
and, like, make me feel better was to dance,
and that’s how I started dancing, so…
I don’t know. Well, Tim started this group, like—
I don’t know. I was still in school
as a senior at this time, and he basically started our crew by—
He heard about this crawfish festival where there were a few crews dancing,
and he just kinda called us up, me and Jon Jon,
and at the time, there was only five of us.
Like, the original group, it was me, Jon Jon, Tim,
and these two girls that are out of town at the moment.
We’re all interested in dance, but we’re relatively new to it.
Yeah— we want to get better and everything.
I started dancing like five years ago.
Me and Canuto were in the same group, and Chris.
– Yeah, we started together.
Versastyle, represent. Y’all know about that.
The founders’ motive was to basically just promote hip-hop to the youth—
Kinda one of those programs that keeps kids off the streets—
and start one of those up.
– Like this one. – Yeah, we're from the streets.
Together? For about, I guess less than a year.
Nine months, ten months.
Me and him, we started at the same time,
and I remember we would have practice in our friend’s backyard. Yeah.
We owned our high school. We were the best.
I’m just kidding.
Jaedz’s been together actually a short amount of time.
Most of the people that are on Jaedz are really young, still in high school,
so we still have a lot of room in ourselves to,
you know, become better dancers.
When I first performed, I was three, so, it was like,
You get fun, and you’re not even doing the choreography.
You’re just having fun onstage.
And then, my first hip-hop performance was 104.9’s show.
I’ve only been dancing for five or six weeks,
so I haven’t had an actual performance yet,
but with the help of these guys right here, with Illovation—
they’ve helped me out so much in just helping me progress.
It was in 2002, they asked me to—
We were in Toronto,
and we were trying to do something that represents Texas,
so we did a line dance,
and that was when someone first asked me.
So all I had to do was the Achey Breaky Heart—
I was so nervous I threw up.
Just other choreographers that’s, you know, mainstream or famous…
We look up to them— try to practice, try to be as good as them.
Let's have a shoutout to Houston Beltway Lions Club
for hosting this awesome, awesome competition.
I mean, we, you know—
coming from Houston, we really never had
anything big like this before.
This is really big for all the dance crews.
Dancing’s not the biggest thing here.
So, to see something like this and to participate
and to be a part of it is really awesome.
Thanks, this is an opportunity to—
It gave us a lot of experience.
It gave us just—
– It made us grow as a group and— – Big experience.
– Yeah. – To know where we stand,
and now grow as better dancers.
Sam, wherever you are. – Yes, definitely Sam.
My best friends, Jordan Kolar— he helped me bring this together—
and the rest of Illovation, really.
Kevin, Holly, Adam,
everyone who didn’t do it with us this time.
I love you guys.
If you could say something to your competitors,
what would you say to them?
I love you.
Good luck.
– Yeah, good luck. – Yeah, good luck.
– Have fun.
I mean, their game—
Everyone has stepped it up so much.
So, I mean—
Yeah, just big shout out to them.
Just keep doing what you guys do,
and good luck to you in the final competition.
Everybody is sick—
– Yeah, like, I just—I, uh— – Bring it.
– Yeah, just good luck to whoever—
– That wasn’t even a whole sentence!
You know, best of luck to everyone,
and let’s make it a great show. – Yeah!