Elias - PART 1 (English subtitles)

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What were you saying?
Would you like to borrow some ballet shoes?
They do fit better to those delicate feet than skates.
Who do you think you are?
Elias Vikstedt,
Tale's cousin.
And you were... Mari?
No, Sari!
So you're Tale's cousin.
Hey is there any normal men in your family?
Not really.
How about yours? Is your whole family into ballet too?
I've never met anyone who wants so badly to be beaten up.
But you couldn't attack a sad little queer like me, could you?
You're gonna lose your reputation if you start hitting girls.
Gotta go, it was nice talking to you.
Tale, wait!
That was very fairly done.
Like you don't know.
We made a deal to stick together.
Where did they hit you?
No one hit me.
Well, my hockey friends aren't jerks.
I desagree with you.
At least Lari is totally psycho!
Lari's always making jokes,
but it's not like you're gonna cry over it, right?
Of course not. We had a very civilized talk.
So are you saying that you supposedly only talked?
I don't think Lari and his friends are bugging us anymore.
So you don't have to run away anymore.
It is certain then that your mum isn't going to wake up?
I can't go to the hospital any longer.
Mum isn't there anymore.
But how did you like our school?
It's ok. I already met Janne's hockey friends.
Were they horrible to you?
No, it's not like I scare off that easily!
You weren't with them, were you?
Who do you think I am?
Janne wasn't there.
Or Tale.
You friends are quite harmless,
but I don't know how you can stand them.
You just can't understand our humor.
I'm gonna get us something to drink.
You're lucky that Elias came to our school.
Lari's gaydar is now on him.
Why he has to be bullying someone all the time?
What the fuck can I do about it?
I think Elias made a fool out of Lari and now he wants to pay back.
Oh no.
Who know, maybe you get to be a part of it!
Well, Lari's always like that.
He doesn't mean any of it.
Are you sure you have enough strengh to come to school today?
Why wouldn't I?
Well, it's a very hard decision you made, not going to see your mum anymore.
I know this is horrible thing to say, but seeing her makes me feel uneasy.
Mum is clearly already gone.
Just tell me if I can do anything to help you.
Same to you. Tell me right away if Janne's friends are bullying you.
I don't think they're bothering me anymore.
Even though Lari has his eyes on you now?
That guy is digging his own grave
if doesn't understand to leave me alone.
Do you need something else?
Hey, Tale! Tale!
What's up, dude?
Well, um... Nothing really.
I'm sorry if my jokes haven't been that funny. But hey, you have a good sence of humor, right?
Um, yes, those have been just basic jokes really.
I knew you would understand!
Did I get this right, you're cousin is living with you?
Elias, or something like that.
He's my step cousin. And yes, he's living with us.
I'm gonna need your help.
I was planning on doing him a suprise.
You're gonna help an old friend, aren't you?