Pro Basketball team practices with robots ! (short)

Uploaded by basketzap on 12.05.2011

>> NELHOMME : The medical staff asked us to follow a protocol.
with 3 sessions a week,
one on the morning of a home match.
>> NARRATOR : The training consisted in 3 exercises at 3 different paces:
swinging high to low, left to right…
It was shock treatment!
It allowed them to develop their spatial orientation,
their balance and poise, their shooting touch …
as they solicited every single muscle.
>> NELHOMME : We were surprised,
as it allowed us to get the players back on track.
>> NARRATOR : And it works!
The change is radical, the players unrecognizable,
and the results follow suit.
>> NELHOMME : And then we confronted Chalon, the leader, we beat them,
the victory validated the work we’d done,
and we wished to carry on with the Futuroscope.
>> JOUBERT : When I learned that the basketball players
were working with those robots, I wasn’t shocked.
I had already called upon science for my quadruple jump.
When basketball players do likewise, it’s fine with me.
>> NARRATOR : And on the last day of the season, Poitiers punches its ticket for a new season in Pro A.