Индусы жрут лампы! О_оГг [Hindu eat lapms!]

Uploaded by ThisIsHorosho on Nov 25, 2011

Sup, I’m Stas Davidov.
First vid was sent by mexikanec.
The vid itself was uploaded by the Poles to US website, filmed in Ukraine, (in Ukraine?) [psze]
on Finnish cellphone, main character is German pointer. And the vid is called “Russian dog”.
Vodka makes you Russian
I think he knows “fetch bear and balalaika” as well. It’s a russian dog. [John Stereotyponic]
I can’t even imagine how many bottle died while the master was teaching to fetch vodka and not ducks. [the ripper comes suddenly]
However vodka is always by the hand, but you should shoot the fowl [cap'n]
Bringing vodka might even be the only trick this dog knows:
- Thieves! Get ‘em!
- Oh well, screw them!
This is all fake! Bottle just has something delicious rubbed on it! [know teh truth]
Vodka, for example. It’s a russian dog. [Russian dog (Polish)]
And the dog only brings the bottle coz he can’t open it himself. [otherwise he would drink it himself]
Stop! [Warning]
Wait! This guy is surely driving! And now he wants to drink? [0,0 ppm]
So the dog will drive. No, dogs aren’t allowed to drive in Russia.
Only bears are. [from 2011 only with balalayka]
[what a great joke!]
Those guys are nailing it. [the rednecks're becoming clever]
Why are they here? Fishing? Hunting? Who cares - they have vodka! [fishing poles are for pussies]
And this is Horosho!
This vid from RenTV is actively being deleted from YouTube, so we uploaded it separately.
So click this link, i’ll wait for you here.
Just don’t forget to pause me or i’ll get in your way.
And this is Horosho!
Third vid was sent by virtulis123.
One must watch the whole vid to fully grasp it. [link in the description] I’ll try to show you the main highlights.
It’s from “India got talent”. [non American Indian]
Lemme warn you right away. Do NOT try this at home!
Everything you see here is performed by specially trained Indians. [Indian Indians]
Oh, so Indians celebrate Trooper day on the stage? [suddenly]
Can’t inagine what is happening in parks and fountains of Deli.
Awesome suicidal orgy with multiple attempts to destroy a couple of dozen Indians. [ASOWMATDACODI]
What? India has a lot of them [like China], noone will notice.
Jackass is a kiddy sandbox compared to these dudes. [jackass - noobs]
I guess WTF factory opened up in India! [WTF India?]
The main point is - they’re doing it right, India-style! [Not American Indian]
[hardcore stuff]
Song sounds quite patriotic, btw.
Prolly singing about mother, homeland and indian booze.
The worst thing is - i like it. So should i start hitting myself with lamps? [its audiodrug]
[and eating]
Gotta luv the female judge reaction.
Squeeling like me on my first watch. [Gramps]
And here i was thinking that Indians are not surprised by this...
And the amazing thing is when you think that it can’t get any worse, it really gets ridiculous! [CAN]
Indian yoga-builder brigade. Instant building removal [phone 2 zeros 3 zeros 0]
And you thought Tajiks are bad builders? Just look at how much building material these guys wasted!
And they gave them money in the end to stop them from injuring themselves.
And this is Horosho!
And the question was sent to us by LoL5686
And what superhero are you?
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