Na`Vi.DotA teamwipe vs Quantic @ StarLadder

Uploaded by natusvinceretv on Jun 28, 2012

Nice jump-in, Light casts ulti, minus 1, Black hides himself
Windrunner here, Xboct damages a little, Brood dealing damage but Omnis ultimate
SK burrows Black, Black goes down, Xboct simply runs up to the base
Fighting with Link, ultimate - minus Link, minus 3 by NaVi
Great play by NaVi, you can see they feel much more confident in teamfights
Quantic began good, played good, damn...nice tower kill
Yasha appears on AM from nowhere
Quantic play good, Quantic dont make big mista-
Ohhh! What a jump on 2 by Light, Dendi finishes with blast, five dead
How to characterize this game? It would appear that it was secured by Quantic
They lack something...
They had money advantage until the 20th minute, on 21st their mid rax fall...
This is NaVi guys...this is NaVi.